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Proofs of the Afterlife - Scientific Observation of Mediums - Part 1

{written by : Victor Zammit}

Article word count : 810 -- Article Id : 2702
Article active date : 2010-02-07 -- Article views : 9669

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Article is about :
For those of you who are looking for scientific studies and physical proofs to confirm the Afterlife, here is one excellent source that summarizes what are currently available. A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife Irrefutable Objective Evidence.

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“People who have not seen ought not speak on the matter.”
Professor Charles Richet

A medium is a gifted person who communicates with beings from the afterlife and other dimensions. Closed-minded skeptics have generally tried to downplay the achievements of mediums, suggesting that they are all either outright frauds and cheats preying on the gullible or mentally deluded. Whilst there are undoubtedly some who call themselves "mediums" who are honest but less skilled, and some who cheat and lie for commercial purposes, there are also genuine mediums whose results have shocked the world with astonishingly accurate information.

The general impression that materialist critics try to give the public is that all mediums work with vague suggestions, guesswork and astute observation of the client called “cold reading” or by "mass hypnosis" of the audience.

However when one investigates the literature, using the same tests of credibility that historians use to ascertain whether certain events really happened, there is a staggering body of evidence which shows that there have been genuine mediums past and present who have amassed an amazing amount of objective evidence of the survival of the individual personality.

Many types of mediums

Mediumship covers many different types of psychic phenomena. The most common nowdays is mental mediumship where the medium communicates through inner vision or knowing, clairaudience, automatic writing and automatic speech. Trance mediumship occurs when the medium becomes unconscious and a completely different entity takes over the medium"s body temporarily.

There is also physical mediumship which is characterized by rapping, levitation and movement of objects as in the Scole Experiment (see Chap.8)
Some rare physical mediums are able to produce independent direct voice where the voices of departed loved ones speak to the audience independently of the medium’s vocal cords. Rarer still nowadays are materialization mediums in whose presence objects and human and animal spirits actually appear. In transfiguration mediumship ectoplasm is laid over the medium"s face and other faces appear or other parts of the medium"s body appear to change to resemble the communicator.

The Church of England finds mediumship genuine

John G. Fuller, a respected journalist who investigated the evidence on mediumship, points out the problem created by its sheer volume:

On examination, it is so persuasive that it points to a rational conclusion that life is continuous, and that articulate communication is possible. One problem is that the evidence is piled so high that it is boring and tedious to go through it. Like the study of mathematics and chemistry it requires painstaking labour to assess it (Fuller 1987: 67-68).

He points out that it took a committee of the Church of England two years to assess the great volume of the evidence on mediumship. The Committee was specially appointed in 1937 by Archbishop Lang and Archbishop Temple to investigate Spiritualism. Its investigations included sitting with some of the leading mediums in England. At the end of that time, however, seven of the ten members of the Committee—against enormous pressure—came to the conclusion that:

the hypothesis that they (spirit communications) proceed in some cases from discarnate spirits is the true one (Psychic Press 1979).

This report was considered so dangerous by Church conservatives that it was stamped "Private and Confidential" and locked away in Lambeth Palace for 40 years before it was leaked to the media in 1979.

Gifted mediums rare

It is extremely rare indeed to come across a very highly gifted psychic medium. George Meek, the American psychic researcher, spent 16 years traveling to different countries—from 1971 to 1987—trying to find the most gifted mediums in the world. He says that in all that time he found only six superb mediums, none of whom ever advertised their psychic abilities or charged money for their services (Meek 1987: 81-82).

We are told from the afterlife that the motives of a medium are very important to the maintenance and the quality of their mediumship—thus ego and desire to achieve status can actually lead to a reduction of the medium"s powers and to the medium coming into contact with less developed spiritual beings.

Spiritual service
One medium who exemplified the ideal of mediumship as spiritual service was Chico Xavier of Brazil. Although poorly educated and almost blind he was the author of more than 126 spirit-dictated best selling books on a variety of highly specialized and technical subjects. However he renounced the wealth and influence that he was offered and dedicated his life and his mediumship to proving survival and to providing food, clothing and medical assistance for the poor. He was considered by many to be a radical Christian saint—a "one man welfare system"—a man of "almost pathological modesty and humility" (Playfair 1975:27).

The literature of Spiritualism is full of self-published diaries and books attesting to wonderful events that have taken place and are continuing to take place through the work of dedicated mediums.

Author Bio :
Victor Zammit, Copyright 2006 From:

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