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Chakras and Lotuses

{written by : The Circle of Good Will}

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Article is about :
The human etheric body is composed of force currents. In it there are vital centres of energy points. These whirlpools of force called Chakras manifest from the one force known as the primordial nature (Mulaprakriti). The yogis call it Kundalini.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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From the Series „The Lunar Messenger“

Etheric Whirlpools of Force
The state immediately preceding the dense physical existence is the etheric. Science has explored matter enough and now has to turn to this topic increasingly. In some aspects they have already discovered the ether without naming it like that. They will understand that everything is interrelated through forces of light and that the many forms emerge from it.
The human etheric body is composed of force currents. In it there are vital centres of energy points. Just like during a train ride there are many stopping places, a fast train, however, only stops at the bigger points of intersection, the etheric body has six main centres called the six Chakras. Around the individual centres there are further energy centres, and in the head there is a seventh centre, the Sahasrara or Head Chakra. It represents the macrocosm in the microcosm. The intelligences of this Chakra have their correspondences in the cosmos; they don’t belong to the individual.
The six main centres in our body exist along the vertebral column, not on the physical plane like bones, muscles and nerves, but on the etheric and the mental plane. Just as you cannot locate will and comprehension in the physical body, you cannot locate the energy centres in this body. But although these centres aren’t physically visible, we cannot deny their existence, but have to get to know them through their functions.
These whirlpools of force called Chakras manifest from the one force known as the primordial nature (Mulaprakriti). The yogis call it kundalini. The kundalini force comes down from the absolute state and forms units of consciousness. During the descent whirlpools are formed on the etheric plane, the Chakras. Chakras mean energies that move in circles, like wheels. In us these Chakras condense to the glands, hormones, the endocrinal system. The development of an embryo in the womb shows these stages of development. The head centre is the first to form at the time of fertilisation, and it serves as transmitting centre. The vertebral column of the embryo gows from head downward, and at a later date the lower organs are formed. Thus the creative consciousness makes a sojourn down to the base centre called Muladhara to investigate the downward path.

The Seven Centres
The base centre regulates the activity of the physical matter of our body and its bio-chemical processes. Therefore the yoga-scientists call the Muladhara Chakra the Chakra of earth. If our body is becoming bulky or if it is emaciating, it is the activity of the Muladhara Chakra that is responsible. The base centre is described as a flower with four petals.
The sacral centre or Swadhistana Chakra located above it has six petals. It is called Chakra of water and regulates the fluid balance as well as the excretory functions of the body. Diabetes or liver problems are related to this centre, but also sexuality. If it is properly functioning, it establishes the right emotional balance.
The solar plexus centre or Manipuraka Chakra has 10 petals. It corresponds to fire and regulates the heat and combustion processes in the body. In the solar plexus the mind tinged with emotions is located. Here dwells the ordinary man who mainly thinks of himself and always sees himself in the right.
When we think of what others need and work for it, we rise to the heart centre. This centre called Anahata Chakra has 12 petals and is the place from where the life force works. It is responsible for the functioning of the respiratory system and the flow of blood as well as for the process of expansion and contraction. Through this pulsation centre the Divine manifests in us as pure love. Thus the heart is related to the buddhi energy. At a later stage of development the higher heart centre develops above the heart centre as the eight-petalled lotus, the cosmic centre in man.
The throat centre or Visuddhi Chakra with 16 petals is the centre through which the soul as well as the personality expresses. Visuddhi means pure, and if the throat is pure, it can lead us to the awareness of etheric existence. The throat is the pivot which can restructure the lower centres and lift their energies up to the higher centres. This is being achieved by singing of holy sounds. Especially the conscious intonation of OM can purify and transform the body tissues.
The seat of the third eye on the forehead is called Ajna. It is the seat of awareness and of the soul, while the heart is the seat of existence. Below Ajna there is the brow centre, the highest point to which the personality can rise. The Ajna centre has 2 petals with 48 petals each. Ajna signifies order and means that the awareness has the order to manage the whole system and direct the five Chakras under it. Through its effect the mind rises above the state of matter and is made radiant. The Ajna itself is only a centre receptive for the higher Sahasrara centre, from which the light shines forth and enlightens our lives. However, we can hardly recognize anything beyond the Ajna.
The Sahasrara or the thousand petalled lotus of the head centre only works in a very advanced stage. The soul that touches this centre is being lifted up to the state of omni-presence, which is described as “THAT I AM”. The Sahasrara is the Point of Light we invoke with the Gayatri or the Great Invocation. By meditating on it daily, we fill our system with the energy of the soul. The jewel in the centre of the seventh lotus is also called the highest form of Buddha in man.

Activating the Centres The centres below the diaphragm are reflections of the higher centres. The throat centre has its correspondence in the sacral centre. The heart centre reflects in the solar plexus, the Ajna in the base centre. When the three higher centres have become active, the three lower centres are also activated at the same time. It is not allowed to work with the three lower centres directly, because they throw us into confusion and lead us astray.
With most people the etheric centres don’t work as they should do and the vital force is blocked. A bad functioning of the centres has effects on our health. There are blockages not only in the etheric body, but also in the sphere of our emotions and our mind. A rigid, hardened spine also leads to mental hardenings. Better than any kind of sport or physical exercises Yoga Asanas help to keep the spine lissome and thus we can absorb the vital forces much better.
Simple breathing exercises are the most effective way of activating the centres and to fill the body with light and energy. The air should consciously move through the centres, while the mind is engaged with the air and the centres. We visualise that we move with the inhalation down to the base centre, and when exhaling we ascend one centre after the other. With every conscious inhalation the energies from above reach the lower centres, and with every conscious exhalation the soul imprisoned in the lower centres is pulled upwards to the higher centres. The breaths should be slow, soft, deep and uniform. We should travel with the respiration through the centres, but not concentrate on the centres. The more we become conscious of their existence, the more their forces can work through us. These hints are only important for those who work with them on the spiritual path, for all others they remain mere information.

The Garland of Flowers When we are on the path of evolution and ascend again, we don’t return on the same road. Other centres are formed, the lotuses. Chakras represent the self-binding nature, lotuses the principle of unfoldment of the potential. In the East there is the symbol of Padmini for the principle of unfoldment, a beautiful woman sitting on a lotus and carrying lotuses in her hands. The thought in this is to stimulate unfoldment through looking at this symbol. The fully unfolded centres are called a garland of flowers or also represented as six virgins decorating the Mother of the World. When the Mother is bestowing on us the grace of her presence, the “six maidens shower spiritual rains”. (Occult Meditations, 76)

Author Bio :
Sources: K.P. Kumar: Occult Meditations / notes from seminars - E. Krishnamacharya: Master C.V.V.- The World Teacher Trust - Dhanishta, Visakhapatnam, India ( )

The Circle of Good Will works for the spiritual synthesis between East and West, on the basis of the teachings of Eternal Wisdom. Monthly newsletter; Publications; E-Cards; Blog; Website in English, German, French and Spanish.

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