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Conversing With The Collective Consciousness

{written by : Carolyn Page}

Article word count : 563 -- Article Id : 2756
Article active date : 2010-03-23 -- Article views : 7812

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Article is about :
We are spirit and we are perfect. Hard to believe? It was for me too! Some few years after learning of this new understanding I've come to accept the new appreciation of myself as a perfect consciousness happily entertaining myself by having experiences (or illusions) in matter.

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During 2005 (whilst posting on a forum) The C.C. introduced the new understanding. To remind my readers (in short) the new understanding is that we are a collective consciousness enjoying having experiences (or illusions) in matter in order to defray the state of boredom created by our perfection as spirit. Following is a conversation in which I posed a number of my thoughts and questions in order to gain, more fully, an appreciation of the understanding that they were giving.

Current thinking is that there are great and magnificent souls (because of the contribution which they have made to earth and its inhabitants). Are you saying that this is not the case? Are you saying that they do not consider themselves as such? Are you saying that (in spirit terms) we do not have a hierarchy; therefore those individuals do not have this attitude because (in spirit terms) these attitudes do not exist? Are you saying that an individual spirit/soul/cell/consciousness does not alone create great deeds but that these deeds are done as a collective consciousness of spirit and, by reason of human limitation, are seen by humans as to be done by one individual consciousness; thereby creating a hero, so to speak?

So, what is it that we are saying, dear heart? We shall tell you. All of the above, dear heart; you have thought it out well, have you not?

You have placed certain understandings in my mind and they, the questions, are my evaluation of the said understandings.

Good, dear heart, your logic is good. However, dear heart, there is more. Spirit, consciousness, etc., is having an experience in a body. Yes? All get to experience, dear heart; all. Yes? A myth has been perpetuated upon humans, dear one, that a great soul continues his evolution constantly re-incarnating as yet another great soul, dear one. This too is a fallacy.

If what you are saying is true, then everything which we who have been given the standard spiritual understandings (those of us who have been in circles/developmental type groups) are a fallacy?

Indeed, dear heart, a great fallacy perpetuated upon many, dear heart, many; in order for you to have an experience.

And why is it now that this experience is not to continue as it has up to date?

Many shall ask this question, dear heart. We say to them that all things must change. There are new understandings coming, dear heart, of which we cannot speak. Until the old is removed we cannot instigate the new. However, dear one, we can assure you that that which is to come shall be far more interesting, equal, generous, uplifting, etc., etc., than the falsities currently generated.

And how can we be assured that that which is to come will not be a "nonsense" as well?

Trust, dear one, trust. We assure you that the time is now for all falsity to be removed from man"s experience. This (of course) will take much great time to be accepted, dear heart, into the hearts of men. However, dear one, the light workers of the world will begin this acceptance and then the monkey/domino effect shall take place as indeed is the case for all new understandings.

This is going to take some time to sink in.

Indeed, dear heart, indeed. Many blessings, dear one, many blessings.

Author Bio :
Carolyn Page and The Collective Consciousness work as one bringing new understandings of 'life as spirit' to the forefront. Visit her website ABC of Spirit Talk

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