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Working With Auras & Chakras, The Dark Side

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 1776 -- Article Id : 2783
Article active date : 2010-04-12 -- Article views : 9737

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Article is about :
In our previous article about working with auras and chakras we glossed over working with some of the ‘darker’ emotions related to fear, emotions such as anger, envy, and jealousy. We tackle that difficult subject here.

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We replied to a recent email by writing a new article on working with chakras and auras. In that article we glossed over working with some of the ‘darker’ emotions related to fear, emotions such as anger, envy, and jealousy. We cautioned readers not to act hastily when cleansing, aligning, or balancing their chakras because sometimes these potentially dangerous emotions may serve very useful purposes.

Light and dark are popularly perceived as opposing forces, parts of a dynamic, dualistic pair.  Pure light or pure darkness both become meaningless; without their contrasting counterparts, they lack any useful definition.   When working with your Auras and Chakras it is important to consider the value of all of the energies you discover within yourself. All of the energies you discover in your energetic bodies serve useful, functional purposes, regardless of whether they appear to be dark or light. While we prefer to focus on our lighter energies, energies related to universal, unconditional love, the darker energies are equally important. 

It is important to work in balance with both your light and dark energies. We advise working with the lighter energies first, because these energies can help you prepare to deal with the darker sort more successfully. However, working exclusively with the lighter energies will reflexively draw the darker energies to you. Your energetic bodies always seek balance, so working exclusively to build the light energies will automatically also build your dark energies. 

You cannot be an earthly being of only pure light or pure darkness.  If you aspire to be a being of pure light, then you will project your darkness outside of yourself and you may come to believe your own darkness, personified in other people, is your enemy. In this manner, a person aspiring to be purely good may become evil because they learn to attack the darkness they see in others that reflects the darkness they reject within themselves.
Oddly enough, the corollary is true as well; a person desiring to be pure evil will often draw people to themselves who reflect their own rejected inner goodness. 

Both extremes are prone to mistake those people around them who reflect their rejected light or dark qualities as enemies. Both those who wish to be purely good and those who wish to be purely evil may wind up engaged in hostile behavior directed against those people around them who reflect the parts of themselves they have tried to reject.  This makes it seem as if only the dark side can win. Those who see themselves as purely good too often wind up acting in hostile aggressive manners toward anyone they see as evil.  Attacking evil in any form we perceive it, is still an inherently hostile, aggressive, harmful behavior, so the darkness seems to win.
Attacking people who appear to reflect the rejected goodness within ourselves is also hostile, aggressive, harmful behavior. Only by learning to work with our energies in balance can we learn to manifest ourselves in a manner that is truly free of inappropriate hostile, aggressive behavior. 

So when is hostile, aggressive behavior appropriate? Hostile aggressive behavior may be appropriate for the purpose of self-defense. However, in order to know whether you need to defend yourself, you must know yourself very well. Too often people are ignorant of who they really are. It is easy to adopt false beliefs about who we are or how we should behave. 

These false beliefs about ourselves can usually be discovered in our third chakra, the chakra of our intellect and ego. They will appear as dark or muddy, murky blotches. Examining these blotches may reveal structure and detail that are not immediately apparent. These areas of our third chakra are places in our egos where our stories about ourselves are not true.  Our egos love dramatic stories that put ourselves in a ‘good’ light, regardless of whether we are attracted to the darkness or light within ourselves. Our egos are subject to perceiving themselves in terms of conflict, in terms of dramatic stories of ourselves alone against the world. Our egos tend to condition us to perceive ourselves as victims in these dramas; we learn to perceive ourselves as being unfairly maligned. Our egos teach us to feel prosecuted, to see ourselves as the victims of terrible injustices. Whenever we feel any anger, hatred, envy, or jealousy, our own dramas created for us by our fearful egos have trapped us in our own illusions. 

It is important to understand that our egos serve a useful purpose; they are part of our defense mechanisms. However, if we have not been well loved and well nurtured in life we are prone to feel alone; our egos fear to be alone. Our egos respond to compensate for our fears of being alone by creating myths about our personal strengths or virtues in order to make us feel confident in ourselves and more attractive to other people.
We create stories about ourselves that helps us feel more secure.  When these stories are true stories about our real virtues, virtues we practice daily, then we may appear to be in good health, well balanced.  However, when these stories are false stories that defame our true virtues then we may be in peril. We will be prone to experience serious discrepancies called cognitive dissonance that constantly challenge our lies or delusions about ourselves.  Our cognitive defense mechanisms, typically managed by our egos, may respond to cognitive dissonance with denial. We may wind up investing more energy in convincing ourselves of our own false truths. We may then become more imbalanced as a result, the cognitive dissonance typically grows steadily worse.
The energy flowing through our third chakra will become increasingly stagnant in response. This is because we are prone to hold onto our false, idealized beliefs about ourselves, even though we should be letting go of them.
Anytime we hold on to energy in our chakras we create stagnant pools that attract and bind more energy to themselves. In this manner, we may eventually cause our third chakra to shut down, so that only a tiny trickle of energy passes through. We will find it more difficult to analyze new problems or respond to new intellectual challenges because we are investing all of our mental energies maintaining our delusions. Eventually we may have a complete break with reality as a result.  Many people live in a constant state of illusion, deluding themselves as to who they regard themselves as being, both to themselves and to other people around them.  

Working with your chakras and auras can help you find your balance. You can learn to reveal your own illusions to yourself if you are brave enough to admit they must exist.  All outer experiences in your life reflect your inner state of health or well-being. When you attract hostility and aggression to yourself, then these properties must also exist within you.  Working with your chakras and auras helps reveal what is true within yourself by manifesting your inner conflicts in your external relationships with other people.  People who appear to be your enemies may really be your friends, even if they openly declare themselves to be your enemies. Your own self-hatred causes you to perceive those things you hate about yourself in other people, where you may be prone to attack those people in a misdirected effort to attack those inner parts of yourself you hate most. 

By identifying both the light and dark parts of yourself in your chakras and auras you can learn to bring these parts of yourself into balance. You can begin to resolve the tensions, anxieties, and conflicts that any imbalances in your chakras must create.  The more balanced you become, the less drama you are likely to produce in your life. Instead, you will learn to experience more peace and harmony as you become more balanced. 

We recommend cultivating your virtues and aspiring to be more virtuous because your virtues are your true source of strength in life. The power acquired by cultivating your dark side is not strength. All power derives from aggressively manipulating and controlling other people.  To acquire true strength you must temper yourself with discipline.  Any effort to use force to control your environment puts you further out of balance.  The real issues are inside you, in the imbalances of energies in your chakras. Trying to control worldly manifestations of your inner state of being over-extends you. Working with your chakras is the only way to address the real issues within you that are damaging your life. 

All efforts to work with the energies of your chakras within yourself, to temper yourself by controlling your own darkest emotions, build character and strength. These efforts bring you closer into balance with yourself.   By working with your auras and chakras you can learn to find your own unique inner balance. You can learn to develop a consistent inner sense of your own character that is strong enough to meet all challenges in your life with the virtues of love, compassion, nurture, and respect.  Your dark side defines you. Without your inner darkness you have no character. How you temper your dark side to strengthen your character makes you a more loving, virtuous person. 

In alchemy, your dark side is known as your shadow.  Your shadow is the sum of all your non-conscious cognitive processes, including your sub-consciousness, unconsciousness, collective consciousness, and super consciousness.  You are entirely powerless without the dynamic interaction of light and dark within yourself. Your shadow manages your inner balance and influences all of your manifestations.  Your shadow is always completely fair. 

If your manifestations are not what you desire, something within yourself, within your energetic bodies, within your chakras, is responsible for the discrepancy. Your shadow knows exactly why you have sabotaged yourself, now you must learn from your shadow’s influences how to identify the places within yourself that are conflicted so that you may learn to consciously, willfully resolve them, on your own by working with the energies of your chakras successfully.  Your shadow always serves you by reporting on your inner state of being through its influences upon your outer manifestations. If your manifestations are terrible, then your shadow knows how to fix the problems. You must cultivate your relationship with your shadow to learn about your false inner beliefs that sabotage your efforts by keeping you in conflict with yourself. 

By learning to cleanse, align, and balance your chakras you will learn more about your shadow, you will learn to live in balance with your dark side and the mysteries within you that define who you really are.


Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is part of a collective being, we are composed of many entities participating in a psychic network. We currently call ourselves Grigori Rho Gharveyn, you can meet us in Yoville, where we give free tarot readings. We love to write and teach about spiritual evolution, ascension, auras, chakras, alchemy, tarot, channeling, metaphysics, parapsychology, sociology, psychology, quantum physics, etc... For our most recent work please see our current blog: MySpace Blog For older work please look here: Google Blog

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