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Working With Auras & Chakras, A Primer

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 2501 -- Article Id : 2784
Article active date : 2010-04-16 -- Article views : 9777

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Article is about :
By learning to work with the auras and chakras of your energetic body, you can completely change your life, improving your health, happiness, and sense of security.

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Auras and Chakras are parts of your energetic body. Your energetic body helps create your physical body, it manages all the forces required to create who you are physically from the quantum level up to the plenum level. By learning to work with your energetic body, you can completely change your life, improving your health, happiness, and sense of security.

All living organisms have energetic bodies. These energetic bodies channel the energy that becomes the constituent atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and organs of your body. Creation did not happen at some distant time in the past. Creation is always happening right now. Your energetic bodies channel the forces of creation that manifest your physical body.

You have many physical bodies. The body you are familiar with in this world is only one of many similar or vastly different bodies you wear in other lives. Similar bodies belong to the alternate reality iterations of the incarnation you currently perceive yourself as being; different bodies belong to other incarnations, past and future, terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

All people are evolving spiritual beings of pure energy. The physical bodies we create for ourselves are the products of what we learn to believe or desire. The things each person feels and believes are fundamental to each person manifests themselves.

Learning to work with your auras and chakras helps you to learn how your energetic bodies are able to create everything you experience in your lives. Mastering the alchemical arts related to refining and purifying yourself spiritually helps you become capable of consciously, willfully creating miracles in your life every day.
The power that is your birthright, the power of a divine supernatural being, a creator of new universes, can never be taken away from you. However, this ultimate power remains hidden from you until you learn how to use it safely.

All occult arts and sciences exist to help people learn to discipline themselves, to temper their characters and ennoble their souls to become beings of peace and masters of creation.

All people always participate in the processes of creation. Evolutionary sciences study the amount of time it requires to sequence DNA in particular structures, beginning with the big bang that creates the initial forms for subatomic particles, and then combining these particles to build the initial element of hydrogen and helium that leads to star formation and the nuclear fusions within stars that create all of the remaining elements.
All of these evolutionary events happen right now.

The big bang wasn’t an event billions of years in the past. It just takes us billions of years to see it in our telescopes. The big bang happens now.

Time is an illusion; there is only this present moment, now.
You are creating yourself now.
If you are creating a version of yourself that is currently unhappy or unhealthy, you are still the creator of your misery. However, as you learn why you make yourself miserable, you will learn how to heal yourself and make yourself happier, healthier, and wealthier.

Of all the occult arts, the alchemical arts, in particular, help you learn to transform yourself into the being you most desire to be, living the life that you most desire to live.

Alchemy works by training your energetic bodies to become healthier.

The primary way to learn to work with your energetic bodies begins with ‘visualizing’ your auras and chakras. Your auras are a series of seven shells of energy surrounding your physical body; each nested one inside the next in the manner of Russian dolls.

Each of your auras relates to one of your seven primary chakras. The aura permeating your physical body extends just barely past your skin. This initial aura relates to your root chakra.
We perceive all root chakras and their related auras as primarily red in color. However, you may see root chakras as a different color, or perceive them more strongly with other senses, such as your hearing, taste, touch, or smell.

The more popular texts about auras and chakras seem to favor a system of seven energetic bodies composed of pairs of auras and chakras whose associated colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and clear. However, be eight or more primary chakras may be described in many less well-known texts about chakras, auras and energetic bodies.

Chinese medicine describes over three hundred chakras used for acupuncture. The apparent size of the primary chakras appears significantly larger than the more numerous ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’ (pronounced key or chee) energy centers.  These myriad smaller chakras are often a pinpoint in size, vanishingly small.
The seven primary chakras correspond to changes in energy vibrations. Energy frequencies increase as you move up the central energy channel to successively higher chakras. Thus, people who are visually oriented will tend to see chakras and auras in terms of a scale of color, while audially oriented people may perceive them as a scale of musical tones.

We suppose a scale of smells might include qualities like smoky, earthy, flowery, etc…
Each successive aura seems to end or merge into the next a little farther from the surface of your skin, with the clear aura extending invisibly from a point just a bit farther than your reach.
Each of the seven primary chakras related to your auras may appear to have unique external and internal forms. The details of these forms vary from text to text, we believe it is better to perceive the forms of chakras on your own, learning to describe them in whatever manner is most meaningful or functional for you. However, having many different models described by other people can help you learn how to describe your own perceptions of auras and chakras.

Most of the popular texts describe the primary chakras as having internal forms like a vortex, surrounded by geometric details; the outer forms are often described as being something like flowers with many petals.
Your root chakra and its related aura govern your vitality and physical health. You draw energy into yourself from the earth through your root chakra. Root chakras are typically described as red. Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine slightly forward of your anus. There are four petals typically described as part of the outer form of the root chakra, the internal geometry may resemble a square within a circle.

Your second chakra, your creative chakra, governs your emotions, imagination, and sexuality. Energy for this chakra flows upward from your root chakra. Your creative, emotional energies are higher in frequency; they are typically described as orange colored. Your creative chakra is located above your root chakra on a level near the top of your bladder, close to your reproductive organs. The outer form of your creative chakra may have six petals, the inner geometry may resemble a moon and sun within a circle.

Your third chakra is related to your ego, social instincts, and intellect. The higher vibration of your energies in this chakra may appear to be a yellow hue. Your ego chakra is located along the central column of your energy flow above your creative chakra on a level near the bottom of your stomach between your navel and solar plexus. Ten petals are typically associated with your intellect or ego chakra; the internal geometric form may sometimes be described as resembling a triangle within a circle.

Your fourth chakra is your heart chakra. Your heart chakra and its related aura is associated with your compassion, mercy, and ability to heal. These energies may appear to be a bright green color, a sort of intensely saturated near apple-green hue. Your fourth chakra is located near the lower end of your sternum on a level with your heart. There are typically twelve petals associated with the outer form of your heart chakra; the inner form may resemble a six-pointed ‘Star of David’ inscribed within a circle.

Your fifth chakra is your throat chakra. Your throat chakra governs your self expression, This chakra manages templates for you ideal states of physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being, etc... The higher energy vibrations of your throat chakra may appear to be a deep, rich sky-blue hue. Sixteen petals may be associated with the outer form of your throat chakra. The inner form may resemble a circle within a triangle inscribed in a circle. Your throat chakra is located on the level of a hollow depression just below your larynx above the notch at the top of your sternum.

Your sixth chakra is your brow chakra. Your sixth chakra governs your third eye, perceptions, and judgment. The hue commonly associated with the higher vibration of the energies of your brow chakra is a rich violet or light purple color. Only two petals are described in association with your brow chakra. The petals of your brow chakra terminate in the beginnings of energy channels that return downward crossing back and forth through each of your lower chakras in a manner resembling the medical symbol called a caduceus. Your brow chakra is located on a level just above the ridge of bone at the base of your forehead.

Your seventh chakra is your crown chakra. Your crown chakra governs your awareness of yourself, your divinity, and all other divines, including a being whom many may describe as an ultimate divine creator. The higher vibration of energies in your crown chakra is considered to extend beyond the range of human perception and is described as being clear. For illustrative purposes artists often choose gold, silver, or a light pinkish orchid hue to represent the crown chakra and its related aura. The number of petals associated with the crown chakra may be infinite. Some representations of the crown chakra depict only forty or so petals. The inner form may be depicted as a series of rings of overlapping pointed petals based on patterns of the number five. Your crown chakra is located at the top of your head where infants are born with a soft spot that slowly hardens up.

There are three primary techniques for working with the energies of your chakras and auras. These three techniques are aligning, balancing, and cleansing.

All work you do with your chakras is reflected in your auras, however, work done within your auras will not be reflected in their associated chakras unless you deliberately link back to their related chakras and work with them as well.

Aligning your chakras is a process whereby you move energies from one chakra to another.
Any congestion of energies in your chakras results in muddy forms of energy with abnormally lower vibrations collecting in stagnant pools to block the natural flow of energies through your chakras. These slower vibrating muddy energies need to move to your lower chakras where they will share a common frequency of vibration.
Aligning also applies to energies produced by agitation in your chakras. Agitated energies vibrate at a higher frequency, moving swiftly about within your chakras in a muddy manner that is poorly controlled. Agitated higher frequency energies need to be moved to their appropriate higher-level chakras where they will share a common frequency of vibration.

Chakras can only process energies within their own appropriate, unique ranges of vibrations.  Energies outside these ranges of vibrations will not move out of a chakra until they have changed frequency to match their chakra’s natural energy range.

The natural rate of change for stagnant or agitated energies to improve may be very slow, at best. Sometimes the changes in your muddy energies are for the worse because there are typically active processes within your chakras that maintain these muddy energies in stagnant or agitated states.

Another alignment technique is to adjust the frequencies of energies that are higher or lower than the required range of their chakra so that they begin to oscillate with vibrations within the required range, instead of simply moving those energies to their more appropriate chakras.

Balancing energies in your chakras requires you to examine the Yin or Yang properties of these energies. Dark yin energies appear as shades of the natural hue of the related chakra. Light yang energies appear as tints of their respective chakras’ hues.

When regions of tints and shades are evenly balanced, the appearance of being tinted or shaded may seem to disappear. However, when these yin and yang energies are not balanced the entire chakra may take on a tinted or shaded appearance.

For people whose preferred mode of perception is geared more towards sounds rather than visions, tints and shades may seem to sound more like notes that are sharp or flat.

Cleansing energies in your chakras and auras is a process of removing energies. To release these energies you may either ground them to the earth or radiate them to the heavens.

A law of conservation of energy applies here, so any energies you remove form your auras or chakras must be replaced. Cleansing your auras will increase the energy flows required to replace any energy you remove. If you have not aligned and balanced your chakras before cleansing them, the remaining distortions in your chakras will adversely affect the energies you draw into yourself to replenish the energies you cleansed from your system.

Cleansing without alignment or balancing can have very dramatic effects. Watching the rapid influx of energies transform as they move through your energetic bodies can show you how your chakras are using or misusing the energies with which you replenish yourself.

Remember that cleansings always result in dramatic changes. These changes may be less than ideal if your chakras remain muddy or out of balance.

The patterns of behavior underlying the flow of energies through your body can be extremely persistent. These patterns will reproduce themselves unless you discipline yourself to change them. To change anything within your chakras and auras effectively you must always change the underlying habits of behavior as well.
Habits of behavior include physiological behaviors such as respiration, eating, elimination, and procreation. Social, Emotional and Intellectual behavioral habits may include expressions of love, appreciation, anger, contempt, indifference, interest or curiosity, etc…

Each of your chakras has a range of behavioral patterns that express their respective states of health.
By retraining your physical, emotional, mental, and social habits you can train your first four chakras to help them become healthier.

By retraining your manners, self-expression, perceptions, and prejudices you can effectively improve the health of your fifth and sixth chakras.

By retraining your religious practices to bring you closer to your awareness of your own divine nature, and the divine nature of all other beings, you improve the health of your crown chakra.

All improvements in the health of your chakras are reflected in the health of your auras and improvements in their related aspects of your life.

You can learn to retrain yourself to become a happier, healthier, more successful, more secure person by learning to work with the natural flows of energy through your chakras and auras.


Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is part of a collective being, we are composed of many entities participating in a psychic network. We currently call ourselves Grigori Rho Gharveyn, you can meet us in Yoville, where we give free tarot readings. We love to write and teach about spiritual evolution, ascension, auras, chakras, alchemy, tarot, channeling, metaphysics, parapsychology, sociology, psychology, quantum physics, etc... For our most recent work please see our current blog: MySpace Blog For older work please look here: Google Blog

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