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April 2010 Tarotscope

{written by : Suzi Dronzek, Starcana Insight}

Article word count : 1433 -- Article Id : 2787
Article active date : 2010-04-08 -- Article views : 9644

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Article is about :
April tarotscope message with individual tarot insight for sun signs.

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ARIES (March 21-April 19) Six of Swords: Peaceful negotiations. Moving past difficulties. Finding a new understanding. Grateful for this new sense of calm. We"e invited into a fresh direction. Travel. All is crystal clear. Conscious of what lies in-front of us now, and being much more careful in our approach. Seeing everything in a new perspective. Analyzation. We travel over calm waters, but be prepared for anything. Everything is making sense. We have found our truth. We"re much more cautious now in the way we express ourselves. We"re back to life, and do something enjoyable. Possible journey. We change our course to leave trouble and pain behind. We are what we think. Focus on the positive now.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Queen of Swords: Perception and quick-wit is delivered. Pay attention to all that is around you. Commanding. Listen to what is being said, but also tune-in to what is not being said. Have your "thinking cap" and "listening ears" on in order for your vision to become crystal clear. Unprocessed information or interesting news comes your way that helps steer your direction. Communicating keeps you mentally active and quick, allowing you to become clever, confident and brave in your presentation. Assumption and avoidance confuse you from reaching your goal. Dominance. To separate the nonsense from the facts... you must ask the right questions, to get the right answers.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) King of Cups: Listen to your intuition. Creative expression. You don"t need to try so hard now. Step back and allow unseen forces to find you. Trust your heart. A new sense of happiness approaches us. Forgiveness becomes us. This is a quieter period for you, relax and release the need to control. Your greatest gift comes from listening well. Experience compassion. Love is in the air. A gentle approach is in your favor. We let our guard down. We yearn to pursue a new artistic project. We"re flooded with emotions. Daydreaming allows you to imagine possibilities. Your heart is beginning to open. Consideration and tolerance is quiet power.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) The Hierophant: Listen to your inner self. Quiet the mind. Following traditional ways. You already have the answers, quit searching on the outside and come within. Returning to our heritage. Turn toward your personal belief system or moral standards for guidance. Outdated, worn-out ways win over change. Seek out advice from your spiritual guides. An older individual comes to share wisdom. Look for the signs and read between the lines now. It"s time to "own" it. A tendency to hold onto old thoughts and patterns. We step out of the limelight to talk with our conscience. The path you choose must come from your true self.

LEO (July 23-August 22) Two of Pentacles: We submit to our duties and responsibilities. We"re quite capable of whatever we do now. Keep nose to the grindstone. Distraction could lead you off-course. We do better when we play by the rules. We"re doing a balancing act to keep up with life. A lesson in determination and focus. Self-esteem is on the mend. Empowered by a financial promise. I know I can, I know I can. We learn that every action has a reaction. Multi-tasking draws out a deep force within us. Money returns. It"s a time to work hard as well as play hard. Life is balancing for us. Learning how to utilize our skills.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Six of Wands: Achieving goals. Success comes our way. Triumph over difficulties. Our hard work pays off. Blessings rain on us. Glory is ours, but watch out for the ego. Confidence returns. Good health returns. We have a reason to smile again. Gain is in our hands. Laughing at our troubles. Facing our fears. We bear fruit that should be shared to avoid self-importance. Transforming a negative situation into something good. We are rewarded for our efforts and for trying. Admiration and self-respect is earned. The sun shines on you. It"s a beautiful day.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Ace of Cups: A beginning of an artistic endeavor or creative project. New love available. Emotionally available to others again. Overflowing with an abundance of inner joy. Beauty. Harmony. Everything is in-sync. Self-love. Allowing ourselves to be creatively expressive. Nurturing our inner self. Fidelity and trust revived. A gift from God. Our positive outlook returns. Hope arrives when we need it the most. Spiritually in-tune. We lend or receive a helping hand that creates a magical bond. A fresh emotional cycle with a brand new start. A new friend added to our circle.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Nine of Swords: A cycle is about to end. Endless suffering causes us to feel trapped. Threats and fears become overbearing, forcing us to react. Worries over tomorrow overwhelm us. Fear that we may be revealed in some way. Sleep deteriorates. Agitation. Unable to separate the nightmares from reality. Secrets do not become you now. Hiding in our own darkness. We"re worried about what others will think. Trouble always finds me. We think that people care too much about our private affairs. Our past still haunts us. We seclude ourselves. Waiting for the worst to happen. Be careful of what you believe now.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Ten of Pentacles: All falls into place. We are greeted by the riches of the world. Student turned teacher. Great success finally comes after all the hard work. Empowerment. Family matters. Achieving each of our goals. Harmony. We are in-sync with the Universe. Changes in the home front. Wealth is granted in all forms - intellectually, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Tradition and our roots grow much importance. We reach prosperity. We are reconnected with people from our past. Material gift delivered. We have learned much, and it is time to teach it to others. We can now walk the walk.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Eight of Pentacles: Apprenticeship. You are learning much now, and this information is worth great value. Modest gain. Wisdom and knowledge is priceless, stay focused on your goal. Invest all that you learned and experienced, to guide you toward a rewarding future. Save something for a rainy day. You are working your way up the ladder, slow and steady. Patience is profitable. Your determination and effort are the steps to your success. Commitment and loyalty allows you to progress into great growth. Understand that it takes time to develop. Standing at the top of the hill and winning is not what gives one self-respect, for it is the climb, and surviving when everything was working against you. You are so close to blossoming.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Four of Cups: Self-Realization. Solitude. Boredom becomes overwhelming. Turning away from generosity and kind acts. Searching for understanding. Self-focused energy develops into self-awareness. Unconsciously asking for help from a higher source. Having nowhere else to go. Leaning on ourselves. Opportunities available but may be ignored as we turn into ourselves. Time to ground and center. Necessary steps taken to calm our inner emotions. Nurturing our soul. Dissatisfaction with current situation and taking time to reevaluate. We"ve become self-questioning. Privacy becomes us. Taking things personally. Mending hurt feelings. Big doubts become overwhelming. We"ve given too much of ourselves away and we must pull back to replenish our own resources. Self-healing energy available to us. We"re focused on our own feelings, and unable to see what is truly available to us. We"re very defensive now. Introverted. Personal need for solitude, can produce brilliant creations. Alone time becomes grounding, leave out the emotions, and think it out.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) Five of Pentacles: Miserly. Shattered. Material struggle. Poverty stricken. A change in your stable surrounding, which can be professionally, personally romantically, or spiritually. Financial loss. Loneliness. Misfortune. Disorderly conduct. Being an outcast, left out in the cold. We"re not as important to someone as we thought we were. We finally figure out where we stand, realizing that there are necessary changes that must be made to regain our personal power back. Important to prioritize now, as what you have been clinging to what has not brought you the peace or self-respect that you have been searching for. In some cosmic way, you got what you wanted. When one door closes, another opens. Personal development comes from the courage to grow and leave the rest behind. You have something important to learn about what you are capable of, and you can"t learn it unless you stray rom your comfort zone.

It"s not the cards that we are dealt in life, but how we play them!

Author Bio :
☼ Suzanne "Starcana" Dronzek, is a Spiritual Tarot Astrologer with over 20 years of practice and experience in spiritual astrology, intuitive tarot, and the mystical arts. "My passion is to help others help themselves, thru awareness and their true potential". Professional astrological consultations and spiritual tarot reading services via telephone, for personalized inner guidance, self-growth, spiritual enrichment, and/or relationship advice and compatibility. For complete information, call Suzi (724) 832-9283, or visit her website:

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