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Working With Spirits and Shades

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 2121 -- Article Id : 2795
Article active date : 2010-04-24 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
Spirit communications are essential to our personal healing and well-being. Our higher consciousness, sometimes called Christ consciousness communicates with us in many ways, including spirit communications from angels, guides, totem animals, family, friends, teachers, and divines.

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Spirit communications are essential to our personal healing and well-being. Our higher consciousness, sometimes called Christ consciousness communicates with us in many ways, including spirit communications from angels, guides, totem animals, family, friends, teachers, and divines.

There are many ways to work with spirits, including prayer, meditation, ritual, séances, and occult tools such as astrology, tarot, palmistry, numerology, runes, etc...

One issue with summoning spirits is that amateur spirit mediums or channels are more likely to summon shades by mistake. Communications with shades may be potentially hazardous, shades are very different entities from their associated spirits, even though a shade and its spirit are both related to the same person in life.

Many people appear to be afraid of spirit communications, perhaps for good reasons. However, there are no real dangers associated with summoning spirits.

When a person dies they split into two parts, their shade, and their spirit. Their spirit is their eternal soul, their divine nature and highest consciousness. Their shade is their earthbound aspects, their accumulated earthly traits, traits with which they may have hurt themselves or others in life.

To the best of our knowledge, all people summon spirits and shades all the time, but most people appear to be unaware of doing so.

Anytime we daydream of talking with a person we know, whether they are alive or dead, we are practicing a form of spirit communications. Prayer is a form of spirit communication. Meditation is a form of spirit communication. All forms of thought are forms of spirit communications.

Summoning spirits is a powerful way to develop cognitive skills and psychic gifts. The more you practice the arts of spirit communications the more you learn about yourself and your own unique purpose in life.

It is irrelevant which tools you learn to use in order to develop your abilities to communicate with spirits. Choose whatever tools most appeal to you.

The best tools may always a matter of personal style or taste, particularly when you guide your choices by your own higher consciousness or divine inspirations. However, the tools provided by various religious practices, meditation techniques, occult studies, or other disciplines may all be useful substitutes for tools discovered by your own intuition or divine inspiration.

It helps to have an accurate model of the higher realities invoked by spirit communications and their relationships to the mundane realities of our day-to-day lives.

There are many models to choose from, but the models that are most important to you are the models that you yourself most believe in, regardless of what anyone else may choose to believe.

Your own beliefs are the most important and precious things in the universe, after your love of yourself, your family, your friends, lovers, and divines.

Your beliefs are your foundation upon which you build your life, for better or worse.

Learning the arts of spirit communications helps you examine your beliefs to make them stronger, more vital, more capable of supporting your dreams and aspirations.

However, learning the arts of spirit communications usually comes with a heavy price. We must give up many of our favorite illusions and self-deceits in order to develop our spiritual gifts, including the arts of spirit communications.

There may be other prices to be paid as well.

Too little is known or understood about spirit communications. Many people appear to regard spirit communications as dangerous.

One danger is that many religions forbid any sort of spirit communications that are not strictly in adherence to their own specific doctrines or practices. Exploring avenues of spirit communications that are taboo to your religion or culture may cause you to be socially condemned or punished.

This sort of risk is very real for many people whose families or communities may ostracize them or find other ways to punish them for violating their customs and beliefs.

It does not matter if, in the opinion of someone learning new arts of spirit communications, the beliefs or practices of their family and communities are true, rational, or valid. The punishments meted out by communities and families who condemn them may still do them serious harm.

We strongly advise working within your established cultural contexts and religious beliefs to the best of your abilities until you are strong enough to make your way in the world without the support of your families or communities.

Violating the trust of your families and communities by practicing forbidden arts is a very serious undertaking.

Most people who embark upon a serious spiritual path must eventually examine and challenge the beliefs of their religions, families, friends, and cultures.

Many people learn to challenge their own traditions without really understanding their traditions very well.

Most religions and their cultural traditions have value. However, most cultures have serious flaws as well. When the burden of examining these flaws becomes too heavy, many people turn away from their traditions before they can learn their real values.

Aside from the danger of alienation from your family, friends, and communities, there is another danger related to summoning spirits.

Most people are more adept at summoning shades, rather than spirits.

The divine qualities of love, compassion, nurture, respect, and peace are characteristics of all spirit communications. All true spirit communications will always have one or more of these virtues. Consequently, anything that may be learned by spirit communications will always be helpful or healing in nature.

However, communication with shades can be a very different matter. Shade communications reflect your own anger, pain, fear, envy, lust, etc…

Shade communications can reinforce your so-called ‘negative’ personality traits.

Alas, it is typically far easier to contact shades than it is to contact spirits.

Spirits differentiate amongst themselves easily, but to mortal perceptions, spirits all closely resemble each other because they are all aspects of higher consciousness, that part of each of us that is most like Christ, Gandhi, Mohammed, or Buddha.

When amateurs attempt spirit communications they are likelier to contact the shades of the spirits they desire to summon because the earthbound characteristics of shades are far easier to recognize or to identify with.

These earthbound qualities are attractive to our own earthbound qualities. Our egos, in particular, may be drawn to the earthbound aspects of a spirit’s shade.

Shades endure until the so-called ‘evils’ wrought by their mortal forms have been forgotten, forgiven, or atoned.

Shades eventually learn to atone for their sins. Shades may use their earthbound states to help learn how to atone. However, many shades are too often caught up in their rationalizations and justifications for their sins; they often seem to lack any sincere motives to atone.

Attachments to anger and hatred may also keep a shade earthbound. Any desire for vengeance or punishment on the part of a shade harms the shade. Wrathful shades must learn to forgive in order to heal themselves.

Shades who fail to forgive or atone are potentially dangerous. They attract those properties in ourselves that are most like the harmful properties in themselves.

When we summon shades we wind up exciting our own self-destructive impulses, we excite our own base impulses that may hurt other people, as well as hurt ourselves.

Nearly all people appear to have some self-destructive tendencies. It is very difficult to grow up without acquiring some faulty habits of logic, including irrational or false beliefs.

Nearly all people’s cultural conditioning includes mechanisms that are meant to be self-inhibitory, mechanisms whose purpose is to help them prevent themselves from violating the customs, values, and beliefs of their societies.

No society can function unless its members adhere to its rules. Those mechanisms which inculcate individuals to adhere to the rules of their societies may often put those individuals at specific disadvantages where they are at risk of inadvertently harming themselves or others.

Most cultural institutions are perverted by powerful, influential people to train lower classes of people to serve them.

The worst aspects of most religions lead to anger, hatred, and war, even though most religions are centered upon teaching peace, love, compassion, and cooperation.

All of the self-destructive traits of our personal conditioning become parts of our shades. We express these things unconsciously in ways that help us make ourselves miserable or sick. We sabotage our own dreams out of a need to punish ourselves that may be irrational because we are taught to do so for the benefit of our societies or our rulers.

Summoning spirits may seem dangerous at times because we tend to attract shades that reflect those things within ourselves that most put us at risk of harming ourselves, or our families, friends, and lovers.

For this reason, before a shade can become a healer or guide, it may appear to be malevolent in nature, because the manifestations that are attendant to a shade’s appearance are often the products of our own worst qualities.

If we are angry or fearful, then things that may make us more angry or fearful are more likely to manifest when we summon a shade.

Any fearful responses to a shade may cause more terrible manifestations.

The shades themselves are not the cause of any peril we may place ourselves in by summoning them. It is what we may allow ourselves to do unconsciously in response to the presence of a shade that may put us in any danger from ourselves.

When a spirit medium opens a channel to manifest a spirit or shade they open a channel through which chaos energy flows. Chaos energy is the formless potential of creation, anything may manifest from chaos energy. The more chaos energy present, the faster the manifestations will happen.

A good spirit medium can manifest ectoplasmic phantasmal entities that are real enough to touch and that are very capable of causing physical harm.

However, no shade can cause any harm to befall anyone who has no intent to harm themselves.

Can you be sure you have no intent to harm yourself?

Summon a shade and see.

If you sincerely wish to kill yourself you will come close to death or even die as a result of summoning a shade.

Can you be sure enough of your love for yourself to never be capable of doing yourself any harm?

If so, then you are perfectly safe to summon shades, but can you be equally sure that those other people in your presence when you summon a shade will not destroy themselves in the shade’s presence?

If they do so, then you may put yourself in harms way by assuming a burden of guilt for summoning a shade in the presence of someone who causes themselves to be harmed.

For this reason, we strongly recommend great caution in summoning spirits, to ensure that the entities summoned are indeed spirits, and not shades.

The best spirit mediums follow this simple law, ‘And it harm none, then thy own will be done’.

The best spirit mediums always seek their own virtues of love, compassion, nurture, respect, and peace within themselves. They place these divine qualities at the apex of all their desires and intentions, always.

Once you condition yourself to reflexively follow the paths of peace and love in all matters you may safely summon spirits. Until then, you summon spirits at your potential peril.

You do not need anyone to teach you how to summon spirits safely. Do not be fooled by anyone who tries to sell you a method or technique for safely summoning spirits.

You already summon spirits and shades as a daily part of your life. For the most part, things remain in balance because you are already balanced to begin with.

There are many things that may upset your balance, but in the course of events, balance is always restored. It is only in extremes of imbalance that any serious risk is involved.

If you follow the philosopher’s prime commandment to know yourself, then you will learn to maintain a healthy balance, a balance strong enough to allow you to face your own inner conflicts and resolve them successfully.

This is the benefit of practicing the arts of spirit communications, the more you practice these arts the better you learn to know yourself and the more opportunities you have to heal yourself of anything you have learned to do that unconsciously causes you to harm yourself in any way.

As you learn to know yourself better through the divine arts of spirit communications, you learn to heal yourself.

All the skills you learn to use to heal yourself by developing your skills as a spirit communicator are skills you can use to help others learn how to heal themselves.

Together, we may use these sacred arts to help heal the entire world.


Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is part of a collective being, we are composed of many entities participating in a psychic network. We currently call ourselves Grigori Rho Gharveyn, you can meet us in Yoville, where we give free tarot readings. We love to write and teach about spiritual evolution, ascension, auras, chakras, alchemy, tarot, channeling, metaphysics, parapsychology, sociology, psychology, quantum physics, etc... For our most recent work please see our current blog: MySpace Blog For older work please look here: Google Blog

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