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Achieving your Maximum Potential

{written by : Ernesto Ortiz}

Article word count : 453 -- Article Id : 282
Article active date : 2011-02-21 -- Article views : 9093

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Article is about :
A few questions to ponder: Are you stuck in a job or relationship you hate? Are you afraid of making decisions? Are you unable to make the changes you want in your life?

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A few questions to ponder:

Are you stuck in a job or relationship you hate? Are you afraid of making decisions?
Are you unable to make the changes you want in your life?

How can you achieve your true potential?

A number of years ago I was attending a seminar and the facilitator asked a question, she said what do you feed the most your to your personal saboteur?
I found myself thinking of the many ways in which I sabotaged myself and the personal saboteur did not jump at me once but many times that evening. I realized that for a long time I was allowing life to rule me and to manipulate the results instead of me having complete control over my life.
Control in a way that is so loose that allows complete freedom o express and create. I have taken many personal development workshops and seminars over the years and one thing I have come to realize is that High Achievers assume responsibility, attributing positive results to their actions. (I learned this from Leslie Fieger from Delfin Int.) High Achievers maintain a balance an equilibrium in their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, these in return affect their life in all aspects of their being. On the other hand Underachievers feel very little control over their lives, and they don’t have the same motivation to make things happen. They are the victims, the poor me, the I wish I could but…. I can’t type of individual. The one that lives their life in fear instead of surrendering to the process of life and to live life like an adventure taking risks to feel and be totally alive.

Are you letting your self - saboteur rule your life?
· Do you procrastinate and put things off?
· Do you hold back rather than engaging passionately in your life?
· Do you miss deadlines?
· Do you fail to complete projects?
· Do you try to get by with the minimum amount of effort?
· Do you quit things just before you start seeing success?
· Do you let others persuade you, that your ideas are not good enough?
· Are you stuck in what you thought might be a temporary situation?
· Do you blame others when you don’t succeed?
· Are you uncomfortable with yourself when you think about what you are making of your life?

The more times you answer yes, the more likely you are getting in your own way of succeeding.

So what do you do about it? Achieving is something that we must practice daily it is like good diet and exercise we have to do it every day.
We develop habits all the time and Underachieving is just a bad habit.

Author Bio :
Noted artist, author and healer, Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart, primal movement and deep inner spaces. Over the past 25 years, Ernesto has taken thousands of people on a journey from physical and emotional inertia to the freedom of ecstasy, from the chaos of the chattering ego-mind to the blessed emptiness of stillness and inner silence. For more information email @ or

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