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The Divine Vedic Science of Healing with Light - Part 2

{written by : Howard Beckman}

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Article active date : 2010-05-30 -- Article views : 9476

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Article is about :
In the Vedic scriptures all creation is said to begin from divine light emanating from the Supreme Being.

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Recent studies have confirmed that sunlight is the key to the "circadian system", our melatonin levels and cancer cells. The Sun"s light also affects those who are physically blind so our perception through the eyes has nothing to do with such absorption by the human body.

In the West the work of scientist Edwin Babbitt in 1878 on the principles of light and color was gleaned from Vedic texts. Unfortunately, followers of his beliefs were not taken seriously. Following him was Dinshaw Ghadiali who developed his own system called SPECTRO-CHROME Therapy. His son"s book documents his successes and relates his persecution for his ground-breaking work.

Russian scientists have researched the healing qualities of light, and determined that 660 nanometers was the most effective at sedating pain and stimulating healing. This technology has brought us LED"s (Light Emitting Diodes). Multiple diodes are also being used today in lamps specially created to treat pain.

Modern scientific experiments with crystals" superconductivity have been observed, as electrons pair up below a certain temperature. Various compounds possess these superconducting properties, from pure metallic compounds to man made crystals of various alloys. The use of gem crystals has now long been known to modern science as quartz crystal is used in clocks, watches and computers, to using ruby in lasers in medicine and for other scientific applications.

Unfortunately well-funded experimentation with crystals in laboratory environments takes place mainly in the purview of military defense contractors and production of military weapons, rather than for healing. With the exception of a few notable doctors such as Dr. Shah of Bombay, a heart specialist, who is finding great success treating specific diseases using gems clinically, only a few doctors and health practitioners in Germany and the UK are developing and using light instruments for healing. Those that are using such methods are gaining impressive results in extended clinical trials, which in some cases have become a mainstay of many health care service practitioners in those countries.

In our research at the Vedic Cultural Fellowship"s clinic, we have integrated similar light instruments and the use of gems together. These specially developed electronic instruments impose specific frequencies, such as alpha, beta, delta, etc. through thick lenses within the lamps, upon the gems, intensifying the projected cosmic ray. This concentrated light is then beamed on a particular part or area of the body.

To promote healing within the body cells, organs and glands that are overstressed must have their present vibratory frequency reduced. Alternatively, when the vibratory level is too sluggish, the frequency needs to be increased. The brain"s activity, which can be read with biofeedback equipment, will show the state of health via the brainwaves vibrations. In severe anxiety-ridden states of mind, such as panic attacks, the brain"s frequency will be a high beta state, above 25 Mhz or cycles per second. Muscles will be contracted and the adrenals will be on "overload". Often the eyes are seen as excessively dilated, and the body can go into shock. To counteract this, the brain"s vibrational frequency must be reduced toward an alpha state (8.5Mhz).

There are five basic brain frequencies:

High Beta (25MHz) - causes extreme anxiety

Beta (14-30MHz) - required to concentrate and cope with the daily affairs of life.

Alpha (7.8-14MHz) - the brains waves during meditation

Theta (3.2-7.8MHz) - hypnotic, trance like or dreaming

Delta (0.1-3.2MHz) - deep dreamless sleep

Gems have specific vibratory qualities that may be used to change and influence the brainwaves, but they can also be used to effect the cellular vibrations in the body, necessary for healthy functioning of all major organs and glands. The average frequency of the body during the day is between 62 and 68 cycles each second. If it drops below this rate, the immune system will start to shut down. Dr. Young and Bruce Tainio of Cheny University, noted that during their research cold symptoms appeared at 58 cycles, glandular fever at 52 and cancer at 42 cycles each second.

Natural, untreated gemstones, which are repositories of cosmic colors, can restore the pranic energy in the cellular structure, regaining the bodies ability to fight infection and disease. Blue sapphire can sedate or tranquilize; emerald can be used as an analgesic; Yellow sapphire has antiseptic qualities; and diamond may be used as a stimulant.

This therapy can be used to stimulate acupuncture points, to heal wounds or skin conditions with less scarring, to calm the mind, and to balance the doshas or bodily humors as well as to target biological energy and cohesion on a deep cellular level.

In our own work we have kept careful records of the effects on the mental and physical health of our patients while using the electronic gem lamps. The results have been astounding. The ayurvedic principles of treating kapha disease with pita or vata gems, pita disease with kapha gems, etc. has been shown to be extremely effective in most instances with patients in our clinic.

For example we have treated joint pain in patients" knees with blue sapphire alone or sometimes with blue sapphire and emerald together. It reduced inflammation and the pain in the knees within 20 to 30 minutes. Patients with high anxiety were also made to calm down significantly within about 10 minutes by using the blue sapphire gemstone, along with a "delta" frequency of 1-2 pulses per second imposed upon it, beamed directly upon the area between the eyes. Asthma was successfully treated with diamond.

Groundbreaking results were achieved in treating a woman with "endometriosis" (a kapha disease). She was becoming severely anemic as the disease took hold. Using ruby and cats-eye together with a beta frequency of 16 pulses per second twice a week for three months, her symptoms stopped. The symptoms did return, though, after going without treatments for six months. Treatments were then resumed twice, then once, per week until the symptoms subsided, then only once a year for two years. Ten years have past and she has had no recurrence of the endometriosis, being healthy ever since. We consider this a monumental result, as modern medicine can only offer removal of the womb or a "hysterectomy" to solve this malady and still consistent results are not always achieved.

Similarly we have been able to prove the Ayurvedic contention, that certain organs and nerve centers of the body are nourished through the chakra and nadi system by particular colors through utilizing this method of beaming light through gems with an imposed frequency.

This is groundbreaking work, and much more is yet to be done, but it is not only our belief, but also that of many who work in this area of expertise, that using light waves and color spectrum vibrations for healing is the medicine of the future. It is non-invasive, has little or no side effects and if offered with dietary and lifestyle changes can often heal the patient completely and permanently. Utilizing the wearing of gems in conjunction with this clinical method can also optimize the results gained.

The ancient authors of the science of Ayurveda told of the healing potential of gemstone crystals. Perhaps they knew that thousands of years later we would come to enhance this healing modality by combining it with our modern scientific discoveries and techniques. If they did, I hope they saw in us the courage to pursue our research and make it a safe, natural form of treatment for generations to come.

Author Bio :
Written by Howard Beckman of the Vedic Cultural Fellowship, where you can study or apply the sciences of natural Ayurvedic Medicine, Hatha Yoga (including the 8 steps of ashtanga), and gem therapy to achieve spiritual well-being. You can also learn to meditate, obtain your horoscope based on Vedic astrology signs, or practice other arts that have their origin in the Vedas. Balaji Natural Gems

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