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Feng Shui and the Laws of Attraction

{written by : Kartar Diamond}

Article word count : 477 -- Article Id : 2903
Article active date : 2010-08-19 -- Article views : 9641

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Article is about :
The words Feng and Shui literally mean "wind" and "water" and the term comes from a whole phrase regarding how energy can be dispersed (by wind) and collected (by water). Regarding the laws of attraction, Feng Shui is a science.

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People often wonder how a feng shui element remedy works. The premise begins with the understanding that the human being is a porous creature who interacts with the environment. Whatever environment you spend the most time in, the essence of that space will cling to you or merge with you. On a mundane level, if you stay in a cold room your own body temperature will go down. If you sit next to a smoker, you will get the odor all over your clothes and hair and breathe it into your lungs. Wherever you go, you pick up on the energy of that space and can be affected by it.

From a feng shui perspective, if you sleep all night in a negative or unbalanced room, then there will be a residual affect on you. If you pass through a door numerous times per day, you will also merge with the “chi” of that space.

By placing physical objects in a room, to correct its imbalance, the changed space will change its affect on you. This might be similar to a person who has long been deficient in certain vitamins, with predictable health problems, regaining their health and inner balance once the person supplements their nutritional deficiency.

What surprises many Westerners, is that humans can be affected by objects or materials outside of their bodies. “How can a metal bed frame affect my moods or health? How can a water fountain affect my income or legal battles?” This phenomenon is just an extension of the principle that we are very porous beings. While we may filter or deflect some energies, mostly we absorb what is around us.

I have seen many types of people affected by a particular environment in similar ways. It may not matter if the person is healthy or unhealthy, “spiritual” or not, they will react similarly to the feng shui ingredients of their environment.

I have always downplayed the psychological aspects of feng shui, but even emotional/subjective experiences will eventually turn physical. As an example, if you were subjected regularly to something in your environment that caused you personal stress (like the hideous color of your neighbor’s house), then eventually it would affect your nervous system or glandular system, contributing to minor or major health problems.

Some feng shui remedies are so subtle that it is astounding how well they work. A clock with a metal-moving pendulum can change the energy of a room, as well as a mirror, a vase of water, a live plant, even the location of a picture on a wall. Natural crystals, prominent colors, the shape of furniture, and the dimensions of a room can also influence the flow and vibrancy of that space. These are just a few examples of perhaps hundreds of feng shui remedies, which can be as powerful as they are inconspicuous.

Author Bio :
Kartar Diamond is a classically trained Feng Shui practitioner, owning the company Feng Shui Solutions since 1992. Visit her website at to see all of Kartar's products and services. Kartar also endorses the elegant and affordable wood pyramid fountains to be found at

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