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Feng Shui Basics & Frequently Asked Questions

{written by : Kartar Diamond}

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Article is about :
With so much conflicting information, especially on the Internet, it is still necessary to post basic information about what Feng Shui is and what it is not.

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Exactly what is feng shui?
It is the art and science of how you are affected by your environment.

Where did it come from?
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese earth science that was developed over 6,000 years ago.

What do the words “feng shui” mean?
Literally, “feng” means “wind” and “shui” means water. It is an abbreviation for a whole concept: The energy which is dissipated by the wind, collects at the boundary of water.

Is feng shui a belief system?
No, the principles of feng shui are based on nature, laws of physics, common sense and good design.

What do the terms “good or bad feng shui” mean?
The term feng shui has now become synonymous with balance and harmony, so a place that is determined to have bad feng shui is a place which can undermine a person’s health and well-being. A place with good feng shui is considered an environment that supports and enhances a person’s ability to do well physically, emotionally, and financially.

How is a feng shui analysis done?
There are a variety of styles and schools of feng shui which have distinct methods for diagnosing a house or building. But all schools of feng shui will take note of the immediate exterior influences and how they might interact with the interior of a structure. An example might be noticing the street alignment to a property, the shape of the building, and the particulars of the floor plan. An advanced analysis includes insight to the personality of the structure based on when it was built.

How long does a feng shui consultation take?
Depending on the size of the structure, the simplicity or complexity of the floor plan, and the number of occupants to be included, a consultation could take anywhere from several hours to several days.

When is the best time to utilize the services of a feng shui consultant?
One of the best times to get advice is before you buy or build. Houses with naturally good feng shui will generally bring more fortune than those that need lots of remedies to fix their flaws. Most people who are new to feng shui will receive a consultation for a property they already inhabit. There are still many powerful ways to enhance your property, even if it has some problems.

What are some examples of feng shui remedies?
Using natural elements in a room in a specific way can actually alter the energy of the room to the point where it makes a noticeable change in a person’s life. Elements include water (like a fountain) and real metal objects, such as things made of copper, brass, or bronze. Other feng shui remedies may be employed in the landscape or furniture arrangement, as well as choices for color. Through interior design and décor alterations, the energy and flow of air currents in a room can have an immediate or gradual affect.

Author Bio :
Kartar Diamond is the owner of Feng Shui Solutions, a full service consultancy in traditional Feng Shui. Kartar advises, teaches, writes and can answer all your questions regarding this mysterious topic. Visit her website at Kartar also endorses the fountains sold on

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