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The Ultimate Plan

{written by : Dr. Robert V. Gerard }

Article word count : 833 -- Article Id : 2913
Article active date : 2010-07-29 -- Article views : 9167

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Article is about :
This challenging short article presents the reader a concept about God's Original Plan? Was God's INTENT to create Earth and the Universe more significant that that for Mankind? And where does World Peace and Ascension Peace Consciousness come into play, as opposed to man's FREE WILL.

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Before the human race, was Earth. What was the purpose of such a beautiful planet? Where was its place in our Solar System; our Galaxy? What was its destiny and sought out evolution?

Other questions kept popping in and out of my head. Was the evolution of Earth greater than that of mankind? Did God really plan that Earth serve mankind’s evolution, or was it deemed that mankind was to serve Earth’s evolution? The subtle energies of thought were pounding my head. Many other questions kept arriving faster than any answers could be met.

Then I contemplated a bit more to let the stream of God’s Consciousness pass through my mind. I gathered what I could make sense of and offer it to you.

I found most of this information provoking and beyond what the ancient mystery schools have lead us to believe. If accepted in part, or even given an ounce of credence, that would be shocking and even chaotic for mankind to grabble.

What larger scenarios my mind envisioned were God’s Dream of placing Universal, or more appropriately put, Galactic Peace in motion. What I saw was not necessary based on humans or friendly aliens expansion of consciousness, but the emphasis was on the planetary systems throughout our expanding Universe.

It appears that God’s mission focuses on Earth’s pilgrimage into a higher order of Galactic survival than that for humans’ quests spiritual membership. It’s a tricky notion, but very realistic. Earth is alive and has consciousness. She has been evolving 4.5 billion years and has seen civilizations come and go. She has to have a larger and more magnificent consciousness than humans. Earth holds our DNA, and over thousands of years proliferates human DNA to migrate itself to accomplish and sustain peace. Earth has proven that she can survive civilizations and earth changes millennia after millennia. The only caveat is human caused nuclear destruction.

My mind began racing. I know that the Universe is the Physical expression of God, Goddess and the Spiritual Space for the Intellectual expansion of God. So we have Mind and Matter, but not the tools for changing either. They are separate and mutually exclusive. Then an answer arrived. It’s our Inter-Galactic civilizations that are the intermediaries. Civilizations, whether human or in some alien form, carry the mechanisms of free will and creativity that move planetary consciousness. Civilizations live and feed off their respective planets. What does the planet receive in return? Expansion or Destruction? [The concept of Collapsing can replace destruction.]

Civilizations seed the system of Galactic Consciousness expansion, and Peace is the only way. Evil remains subject to he physical laws and can only self-destruct. When the seed of humanity was conceived on this planet, it was pure and from the Light of God, without peace. Peace is a creation— a State of existence—the essence of which is absorbed by Earth for its purposeful evolution into the every expanding Galactic Consciousness of Peace. I have labeled this absorption as Ascension Peace Consciousness.

Looking out from my balcony onto the Adriatic Sea, I saw Earth vastness, her beauty and gifts. She is a generous mother who gives her heart, her seas, her land and tress, and beautiful places for her children to seed and surprise her with gifts of peace.

Yet over time, history has told us plenty how the Mother of Peace, cleansed herself from the wraths of evil thinking, greed, and misused power. Over and over, history verifies that man assumes his role to serve or enact himself for God’s purposes, but the deception is forthright. God’s love first admires the Mother. Mankind’s greatest error was to empower himself to be like God and disrespect the Mother God, Earth. The only way, and I shall repeat, the only way to God is through Peace. Wasn’t Jesus trying to convey this to us? Peace begins by respecting Earth and appreciating her gifts. To have ”Dominion over the Earth” was indeed the privilege to offer her gifts, not take from her willingly, which is actually an evil doing.

Peace is a creative process stemming from Free Will. It must be achieved in the intent to expand not only one’s self, more willingly, the Consciousness of Earth. It’s done through love and loving what you do. It’s seeing beauty in all that is and in what is being creative. Creating more beauty and peace has been our Earthly mission from before the time when Adam and Eve’s awareness knew otherwise. Their role was to live with the Mother in Peace not for themselves, but for a higher cause. When tempted to serve their own survival and purpose, they chose self-righteousness. This subtle field of energy caused their own separation from Earth and rudiments Ascension Peace Consciousness. Thus, it can be said that the so-called “Fall” of mankind formed its roots and separation consciousness from God’s Original Plan for Universal Peace.

Author Bio :
Porec, Croatia, 6 October 2008, 8 AM ©Copyright Robert V. Gerard 2008-2010

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