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8 Actions for Building Self Esteem

{written by : Ernesto Ortiz}

Article word count : 824 -- Article Id : 293
Article active date : 2011-03-05 -- Article views : 9088

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Article is about :
Here you have eight actions that can help you build up your Self Esteem....

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Accepting who we are...our strengths as well as our an important aspect of building our positive self esteem. Accepting that I"m OK just as I am; knowing IALAC = I Am Lovable and capable and that I don"t need to DO anything to be worthwhile. I can just BE. Accepting that we are all born with which never changes... thus we are all equal. At the same time we need to accept that we are also totally unique from anyone else in the universe.
*Action Step: Reflect on/Meditate on the special ness of YOU...Find times to just BE.... Accept yourself for whom you are.


We need to acknowledgment ourselves in order to build our self esteem: acknowledge our actions...our positive behaviors. Do you acknowledge your ? How often do you take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done? a kind action? an act of kindness?
*Action Steps: Keep a daily list of actions that build your self esteem and acknowledge yourself for taking those actions. Next step: tell others about your positive actions - Brag a little! Also.. Ask for acknowledgment - tell others how you like to be acknowledged; and, when you are acknowledged, listen/take it in...and simply say !

And remember to acknowledge others. We do this by giving compliments ...positive feedback.. pats on the back...hugs... How often do you acknowledge others? My clients often report that being acknowledged by me for their actions is the only time they get acknowledged during the week! The basic premise, and magic technique, from the books by Ken Blanchard is According to him, the ratio of compliments to criticisms in life should be 4:1; yet for most of us this ratio is the reverse: 4 criticisms for every 1 compliment! and we"ve even learned to accept that! Accept it no longer!

*Action Step: Make the intention to change the ratio: this week give 4 compliments each day to someone you love or care about.


The more we set goals and achieve them, the better we feel about ourselves. Self-esteem is built over the years by our continued accomplishments: this is the DOING.
*Action Step: List 100 Accomplishments - and continue to add to this list.


Affiliations are our connections/relationships with others. Connections bring us happiness and health and high self esteem. Numerous studies prove that having friends reduces the risk of death as well as increases health! We survive and thrive with our affiliations, so we need to nurture our relationships and continually build new ones.
*Action Step: Make a date with a friend today and make a new friend.. increase your affiliation bank.


Attraction is a way of life...a modus is a way of being whole and present so that you effortlessly draw into your life what you want.According to Thomas Leonard, author of , there are 28 Principles of Attraction which, if followed, will help you develop these qualities of attraction within yourself. *Action Steps: Practice Principle #1: Become Selfish...


Attitude is everything, they say; we are in charge of our attitudes. Our attitude about ourself is the cornerstone of our self esteem. We need to be aware of our it positive or negative? How strong is our inner critic? We need to learn ways to argue with our inner negative self-talk..our vulture or gremlin..and find ways to reduce or eliminate it.
Most of us need an attitude readjustment in order to build our self esteem!
Remember Eleanor Roosevelt

*Action Step: Keep track of all your negative self talk during the day...become more aware..and ARGUE with these negative statements! Replace them with positive statements such as Affirmations.


Affirmations are strong, positive statements that are said as if they are already true about you.
The theory is that by stating these affirmations, eg. I am a dynamic and interesting speaker, we see ourselves AS IF and create a gap that we are naturally drawn to close.
There are specific guidelines on how to write, verbalize, and integrate affirmations into our lives; it is a technique that can be learned. Using visualizations along with Affirmations can add even more power to the statements.

*Action Step: Write three affirmations and repeat them 20 times each per day; read Shakti Gawain"s book, CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, to learn how to integrate affirmations and visualizations into your life.


Assertiveness is a way of getting your needs met while respecting the rights of others. Assertiveness is first an attitude based upon your belief that you have the right to get your needs met. Then there are specific techniques/skills that can be learned to help you set boundaries and standards to be assertive.

*Action Step: Take an Assertiveness Training Seminar at a local community college or read BE YOUR BEST, by Linda Adams.

Additional A"s:

*BE ACCOUNTABLE - ACCELERATE your growth in building your self esteem –

Take these ACTION steps this week!

Author Bio :
Noted artist, author and healer, Ernesto Ortiz has devoted his life to exploring and communicating the language of the heart, primal movement and deep inner spaces. Over the past 25 years, Ernesto has taken thousands of people on a journey from physical and emotional inertia to the freedom of ecstasy, from the chaos of the chattering ego-mind to the blessed emptiness of stillness and inner silence. For more information email @ or

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