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Sun's Transit of Alpha Orionis

{written by : G Kumar }

Article word count : 476 -- Article Id : 2950
Article active date : 2010-10-11 -- Article views : 8961

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Article is about :
About Astro Meteorology, which is astrologic weather forecasting

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Thiruvathira Njattuvela, the most famous of all Njattuvelas, begins today. Amongst all solar transits, Thiruvathira is most favoured, as it gives equal proportion of rains and sunny days. The ancients used to preserve the water during this solar transit of 14 days. This water was used to prepare medicinal concoctions. It was believed that it was Ambrosia that rained during Thiruvathira. The India Meteorological Dept says that Monsoon is 28% more than normal in the South and it is less 8% than the average in the North and East. Only after observation of the Monsoon in the East and North, will they declare it as a good monsoon. The ancients believed that anything sown during this Sun’s transit of Alpha Orionis ( Aridra ) will fructify. There is an interesting story about this phase. One Kerala King gave pepper seeds to the East India Company. One of his ministers said ” If we give them the seeds, they will stop buying from us “. To which the King replied ” They can take away pepper seeds, but not Thiruvathira ” !

 I was woken up at 0100 AM today by the sound of lightning. It was raining heavily at that time. In Malayalam, there are many sayings about this golden phase. ” Thirimuriyathe peythu nirayum Thiruvathira” ( It will be raining golden water all the time ) and ” Kairviral vare odichu nattal mulakkum” ( Even the fingers cut and sown will fructify ). This is the maximum rain yielding Njattuvela. The ancients believed that the rainwater of Thiruvathira can cure diseases and this water was used to makemarunnu kanji or medicinal rice soup ! They believed that rains used to pour according to the raga ” Thiru Thiru Thakritheya ” ! Kerala farmers love this solar transit because rains will not be there all the time but with sunny interludes, in balanced proportion of 50:50.

Unlike the devastatingMakiryam and Pooyam Njattuvelas, which are characterised by fierce downpours. We do not know what Physical Science says about these transits. But to Keralites, weather cycles are inextricably linked to the Sun’s transits ! Makiryam exited with a bang. Torrential rains from 0730 to 0830 PM characterised its exit. When Thiruvathira dawned it was mild rains and sunshine. The solar transit of a constellation or asterism is 14 days, as the arc of the asterism is 13 degrees and 20 minutes. The solar transit of a Zodiac Sign is 30 days, as a sign is 30 degrees. Solar transit of the Zodiac, 365.25 days, is an year, as everybody knows. Since the precession is 72 years per degree, an Age Cycle is 2160 years( 30*72) and twelve such Age Cycles constitute a Precessional Cycle which is 25920 years ! All these solar transits of asterisms, signs, Age Cycles and Precessional Cycles have been precisely calculated by the Great Geometrician of the Universe and all terrestrial events obey the divine order of the celestial bodies and this is beautifully expressed in the prayer ” Thy Will be done, as in Heaven, so on earth ” !

Author Bio :
Article by Govind Kumar, astro scholar, writer and academician of His Google+ Profile is

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