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A Mystic Prayer

{written by : G Kumar }

Article word count : 505 -- Article Id : 3000
Article active date : 2013-08-30 -- Article views : 8961

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Article is about :
About Universal Mysticism, the Art of Union with the Cosmic, whose essence is up at & Cosmic Humanism , a doctrine similar to Secular Humanism. The only difference is the postulate of a Self, which exists in all human beings. His great transparent mirror, Self !

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Indo-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement Kerala CM warned that more than 1 million workers in the fisheries sector will be adversely affected, if the ASEAN pact( ASEAN FTA ) is implemented. He had written to the PM on Jul 27 about his concern on liberalisation in rubber, tea, coffee, rubber, fishery products, pepper, edible oils and other commodities on the ground that it could lead to a crash in prices of these commodities, jeopardising the livelihood of millions of cash crop farmers in the state. He had voiced concern about the lack of protection of negative list, as was envisaged earlier.

Truth is there there is a 489 items negative list, whose duties will be left untouched. Coconuts fall into this negative list. Voicing fears that it will hit the tea, coffee, seafood, coconuts, rubber industries, V S said that the ASEAN pact will adversely affect Kerala economy. The Centre maintains that it is ignorance, as micro losses have to be there for macro gains.

The people belonging to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines etc have better per capita income than Indians and India will get access to their markets ! The Indian PM says that Indo-ASEAN trade is at $34 b and it will grow exponentially and that INDO-ASEAN FTA is better than China-ASEAN FTA. China-Asean bilateral trade is at a whopping $171. The Indian PM hopes that India will do well in this Free Trade Agreement Kerala economic experts opine that low quality fish will be imported, which will be mixed with high quality Kerala fish and exported from Kerala.

The foreign countries will reject this seafood and thus Kera’la’s seafood industry will be affected ! So also with other industries. The stock markets are up. Jupiter moved over from Aquarius to Capricorn today and till Dec 19, when he leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, there will be problems in the economic sector. Poor monsoon has taken its toll of the economy. Agri growth will be stunted. Many job losses has been reported in the IT sector. Industrial growth also will not be upto the mark ! Focus Kerala brings almost 4000 crores !

The just concluded Focus Kerala has brought investment to the tune of 3978 crores to Kerala. 420 investors participated in the recently concluded F K in Kochi. A big investment is the Food Park on a 250 acre plot. Investment 600 crores by Fort Knox Ventures.

 A Heritage Village of 380 cr investment by UIS Builders is another project on the anvil. 101 cr Convention Center at Maradu. Also an 83.5 cr Multiplex. Abad Group’s Heritage Village of 95 cr. An industrial project about Tea by Castle Group. A 68 cr Inland Water Terminal at Maradu by Panorama. A Container Freight Station by Pavoos for 30 cr. Along with LNG at Kochi, a Silica Wafer project is also considered. As this is the raw material for Silicon, this project can bring in investment to the tune of 100,000 cr from MNCs.

Jupiter will be moving over to Aquarius on Dec 19 and till that time, we cannot see the Stock Market entering a Bull Phase, despite the bear rallies which are prevalent now.

Author Bio :
Article by Govind Kumar, astro scholar, writer and academician of . His Google+ Profile is

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