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What Is Next? - The Council Twelve - Channel: C.N. KOR RODGERS

{written by : KOR C.N. RODGERS}

Article word count : 414 -- Article Id : 3038
Article active date : 2010-09-03 -- Article views : 7972

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Article is about :
The current conditions on our planet are promoting answers to consider following from the Council Twelve.

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We are here and we bring you much LIGHT, love and energy.

We are the Council Twelve and we speak through 12 of 12 .

So many of you are wondering what is coming up in your realization of what is being presented in the solid 3D format.

Let us say that we are moving along with you in a sense "hand in hand" with you, guiding you as you are receptive to our words.

Change is happening and along with change comes confusion in some.

Fear based confusion is not the answer, "fear" only feeds the struggle.

The process of going "withIN" and hearing the ‘still small voice’ is what we ask of you.

Without caring and nurturing of the "withIN voice" the struggle will only continue with unforeseen glitches that will prolong the confusion.

We love you much as "we are love" and impart that awareness to you.

Know that "you are love" and that our oneness with each other unfolds a path that can be observed for a smooth transition into higher levels of realization.

The time has come for these direct statements, and we speak now more directly than in the past.

No matter what system of belief you come from as to political or religious belief, love and forgiveness of self and others is a path we ask you to consider.

The process of love and forgiveness can be far easier that you would think.

A firm choice of ‘love and forgiveness’ is necessary and to reaffirm that choice day by day sometimes minute by minute until it takes hold and shows itself in your reality.

You are here because you wanted to be a part of this revolutionary time on your planet of residence and to have your place in the mass consciousness of this time frame.

Until time is no longer, you are to work with what is.

Beyond the 3D, "time" is not a factor, you are working to produce the beyond time factor.

We are with you and LIGHT is upon your path.

You have the strength and the awareness to continue.

It is not by chance that you are here.

Let us continue, rest will come but know your purpose.

We leave you to ponder this message.

A note from the channel: I sense I cannot copyright these messages. The words and energy are of the LIGHT and therefore I ask that as you pass along any of this information, please include the complete and total message.

Author Bio :
C.N. KOR RODGERS is the official channel of the Council Twelve. KOR is a walk-in from the ninth level and offers healing sessions by appointment.

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