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What Am I?

{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

Article word count : 542 -- Article Id : 3046
Article active date : 2010-09-19 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
A simple narative description which goes beyond broad definitions, and offers a clearer picture of what we really are in our totality

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This is surely a question that has been pondered for as long as we had the ability to consider spirituality of any kind whatsoever.

For the most part it is believed by most, myself included, that our existence consist of two main parts:
* A physical and mortal body which lives in a physical universe.
* A spiritual immortal body, or being, which exists as the physical body life giving force, and which continues to live elsewhere after the physical / mortal body dies.

Ignoring the various subsets of each of these aspects for the moment, the reality is that as our body is mortal, many simply consider our mortal bodies a simple vessel, specifically there for the purpose of serving as a host for our immortal spirit, in any particular lifetime.

This leaves us with a fairly obvious conclusion, I am my spiritual body / being, which is immortal, and not bound by the laws of any particular physical universe. Or more simply put - I AM -

Simple enough? Perhaps yes, except..... this only provides a very broad definition. The real question is what is my being / or spiritual body? What does it consist of, and what makes me me (my spirit IT, so to speak)?

Without getting into the mathematical detail, as you probably already know, the building blocks of the universe (both physical and spiritual) are in fact simply energy. Ok so I have not told you anything new.

Consider this. Every form of energy in existence is measured in waves. Light - waves, sound - waves, electricity -waves, etc.... Essentially everything in existence takes the form of a wave of some sort, each with it"s own frequency (speed between each wave peak / time).

Following this train of thought, I would like to propose you consider what thoughts are? Just another energetic wave of a specific frequency, right? And so are memories.

Each and every thought and memory is simply another energetic wave (or multiple waves interacting with each other) at a frequency beyond our physical senses. There irrespective.

And therein the crux. As you have probably learnt in school energy can not be created or destroyed, only changed. And this change usually through some interaction of sorts. It also means however that these thoughts and memories continue to exist, with or without your body being alive.

Well at least the memories do (including the memories of thoughts you had). Your spiritual being does not have the ability to have conscious thoughts as we would consider them from our limited physical perspective.

So our memories survive and are essentially immortal. Our memories are also tied together by virtue of thought (and life in general) interactions, creating a cohesive entity, which is purely identified by the memories that we have accumulated for the duration of our spiritual being existence.

Yep all we really are, is a total conglomeration of all our ever experienced, and accumulated memories.

Puts an interesting spin on what Karma is, doesn"t it.

Anyway... If that seems too simple, I suggest you read this article again, and think very carefully about what it really means. I continue to be surprised myself by the vastness of spiritual understanding that comes with this simple comprehension.

I AM MEMORY... that"s it...

Author Bio :
Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki master with a passion for learning, and teaching. Pieter has established site called Esoteric Library which is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the totally free distribution of the same, to anyone with an interest in topics of an Esoteric Nature. Pieter is also the founder of The Order of Perfect. which seeks to pursue objectives of spiritual growth and enlightenment, whatever this may mean.

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