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Everything Has Frequency

{written by : Frequency Awareness}

Article word count : 634 -- Article Id : 3070
Article active date : 2010-10-28 -- Article views : 8289

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Article is about :
Article discussion of how everything is frequency. What that means and how it applies to our everyday experience.

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Everything has frequency. The only difference in frequencies is their difference in vibration or hertz. Like an X-Ray, invisible to all senses, can penetrate the body and leave an image on film, sound also penetrates the body. Some sounds bring harmony to the body, while others bring chaos. Frequencies promote healing of ones physical body, release stress, open your heart, remove resistance, give the courage necessary to experience prosperity, clear addictions, release fears, doubt, guilt and resentments.

Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the Universe is a whirling mass of molecules, vibrating at certain frequencies. Trees, plants, animals, rocks, voices, everything has a frequency. Each cell of our body is vibrating at a certain frequency, or rate. Everything is vibration, and when every tiny cell is doing its job and vibrating in harmony, we have optimum health.

Now imagine that a belief, a fear, an accident, improper nutrition, or any other form of stress, lowers our vibratory rate. Since everything is vibration and energy, this decrease in the vibratory rate causes a part of our body to alter its vibration, and it stops functioning properly. The best way to correct this situation is to remind the affected body part of its ideal resonance, or frequency. This is done by sending a specific vibration to the body part that has forgotten its role. This ideal frequency "awakens" the faulty part, and reminds it to resume its work.

Each cell takes part in the symphony of your body. Your role as a conductor is to orchestrate harmony. When musicians (organs or bodily systems) produce sour notes, they are brought back into harmony by tuning their instruments, or by refocusing their attention. Their discord is not covered up, nor are they permanently removed from the orchestra! Each musician (or part of your body), is important in its Divine Expression for the creation of the symphony.

Matter is organized by waveforms and frequencies. If we have two violins that are tuned exactly the same, and we pluck the string on one of them, it will produce a field of sound energy that will trigger the same strong of the second violin to vibrate and produce the same sound. This natural phenomenon is called RESONANCE.

Resonance is a basic principle that affects everyone, and everything, all of the time. This same principle applies for a person in need of spiritual, mental, emotional and or physical transformation. Listening to the correct frequency reminds the body"s energy field of its original blueprint and brings it back into harmony. It is important to keep this Law of Resonance in mind. It is the operating principle in our lives. No matter which body we are dealing with, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. The more we become aware of this, the more we assume responsibility for our own lives. We can consciously choose to resonate at higher levels. We do this by thinking and acting in a positive, uplifting way. We can also choose to positively influence those around us. Each of us can choose to positively resonate with an event, thought, or feeling.

It is possible to respond to anger with love and this is a good practice for each of us to do, as often as possible. Each of our cells and organs has its ideal frequency. Our innate state is that of perfection. When our ideal frequency is compromised, disease and negative events can easily become part of our life experience. We can only experience those things with which we vibrate, or resonate with. If we can keep our vibratory rate - so to speak- at a high frequency, we will not be on the same wavelength as an accident, violence, disease or any other lower vibratory energy. With this information one can EMPOWER themselves to change their life!

Author Bio :
Frequency Awareness was created to empower clients to reach their full potential through quantum energy clearing services, trainings and products geared toward this goal. To learn more visit Frequency Awareness

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