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What are Indigo Souls?

{written by : Frequency Awareness}

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Article active date : 2010-11-01 -- Article views : 9094

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Article is about :
Are you an Indigo Adult or child? Do you feel like there is something wrong with you, don't fit into society. Read this article and learn there is nothing wrong with you!

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There are many labels out there for different types of human souls that have high frequency DNA templates and potentiality such as star, crystal and Indigo. For the purposes of this article, I am addressing the Indigo souls, specifically the Indigo adults that may not be totally aware of who they are and perhaps through a series of articles on this subject may better understand their soul essence and begin to get comfortable with their true nature and balance that joyfully with the communion of life here on Earth.

Indigo souls are incarnations to the earth to help humanity take the "next step" in progression of evolutional consciousness. Indigo children and adults hold great hope for the future- the promise of a new humanity and civilization. Indigo souls carry high vibrational energies, paradigms, DNA templates, and ways of thinking and feeling. Indigo children and adults have a high degree of activity in their third eye center. I have heard Indigo souls referred to as "the new souls", "Aquarian souls", and some label types of Indigos such as Indigo I, II and III. My purpose in this article is not to harp on the labels but to shed light on the energetic POTENTIALITY. Notice I did not say difference and this is important to breathe in, no one is better than anyone else. Humanity is all ONE, we are all the same, EVERYONE has the ability to REMEMBER their inner knowing and walk in the truth and light of their true self realized.

Let us start at the beginning, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. An age begins with an inflow of new energies. Shortly, after souls connected with that new energy begin to incarnate. They bring new ideas and ways of living that gradually create changes in the structure and organization of society. As a new age starts coming in, the previous age, the Piscean age, begins to wane. During this period, called the cusp, both ages are present. Two great streams of energy are meeting. It is a time of cultures in collision. The first group of Indigo energies and Indigo Souls began coming onto the planet around the early 1700"s. These early incarnators have the toughest job of "breaking the ice" and bringing in the first of the new energies. They have ushered in the Industrial Revolution, electricity, scientific thought, and the new ideals of liberty and freedom.

The second group of Indigo souls come in with energies to support and help the culture transition and make sweeping changes. Something new has been born within these souls and within the culture. This new energy became especially obvious with the incarnations that began in the 1960"s. The challenge that face the Indigo adult and children is the struggle with the outer layers of the personality and the culture, society on the outside both of which still carry much of the old. Only recently have the energies and soul nature of the Indigo Children been shared and understood in society which is an improvement, however there are many Indigo children which grew up in families and school systems who did not understand these energies and tried very hard to get these souls to conform to the normal old energetic paradigms of the time. So there are many Indigo children out there that are adults and are struggling to try and conform and fit in to an old energetic paradigm that they just do not resonate with. Inside themselves they know they were different but they don"t know why, what it means, how to handle it and more importantly what to do with it. Stuffing these feelings leads to great suffering such as feeling different, separate, alone and misunderstood. Some Indigo Adults may feel there is something wrong with them because they still don"t "fit in" which may result in feelings of inferiority, self-judgement, and so on. This is not what we came here to experience! This is why the Quantum Energy Clearings and Quantum Energy Clearing Programmed Crystals are so important to clearing the energetic imprints of the personality so that one can live from their soul nature. Auric Clearings, Karma Removals, DNA Activations and Seal Removal are just the beginning tools to peel away the layers of illusion and to blossom into ones true essence of being.

It is not easy to be an Indigo Adult. Indigo adults have incarnated into the denser vibration of the Piscean Age and have been breaking the ground and planting the first seeds of the Aquarian civilization which have taken root and are prospering NOW. You see, in the past 2,000 years the Piscean Age has formed the Piscean personality type and built a Piscean culture and civilization. The Piscean Soul is integral within the Piscean Personality. It is in balance and "right" in its time. Those of us born in the 60"s, 70"s and 80"s towards the end of the Piscean Age, the energies became crystallized, institutionalized and entrenched. This is the environment most of us arrived into. The Indigo Soul comes into a family and is brought up in a school and religious system that are primarily Piscean. These influences shape the outer personality structure, even while the inner consciousness is Indigo. This causes a discrepancy and an internal clash between the Indigo Soul within and the primarily Piscean dominated personality, which lets through a little of the Indigo energies. Presently, some of the Indigo Children and other labeled children of high vibrational energies, many of whom have been born to Indigo Parents, are more integrated, being Indigo Souls with the Indigo personality structure. They can express more of their Aquarian nature. And these children are still only an early step. As the outer society becomes more Aquarian, which is already happening, it will allow more of the Indigo nature to express.

So how do you know if you are an Indigo Adult? Well those of you who know how to use pendulums or know the Higher Self Technique can ask your I AM presence also known as your Higher Self.

The following are some characteristics of Indigo Adults.

Are inspired by a vision of a better world; at peace, in balance, and equalitarian.

Are a highly vibe sensitive, often being disturbed by the emotions from people or the energies/electricity from objects.

Have subtle or obvious psychic/intuitive sensitivities.

Have a truth sense into what is really going on behind appearances.

Feeling often disturbed but not understanding why.

Have unique ideals and ideas for the possibilities of love.

Often prefer to do your own thing, even if it may seem more difficult.

May be speedy; often your words and actions can"t keep up with your thinking.

Holistic in thought, seeing a bigger picture.

Strongly spiritual,though not necessarily religious in the traditional sense.

Have innate confidence and individualism (even if sometimes covered by surface insecurities).

Feel like you landed on the wrong planet.

Think solutions to world problems seem so obvious, so why do people make it so difficult?

Feel like a prisoner in your own skin, as if who you really are is so much more than what you are currently able to live.

Have deep empathy, may not be able to cause pain, hunt or kill.

Have refined intelligence, often expressed in non traditional ways.

Don"t do well in school (not because you"re unintelligent but because of disinterest).

Have a questing nature- a need to know and understand.

Doubt and question beliefs that are commonly held, taking little for granted.

Have a fundamentally rebellious nature.

Consider freedom one of your highest values.

Hate being controlled.

Have trouble finding your place.

Struggle with the system and rules.

Don"t easily fit in to the normal boxes of job, identity, and role.

Carry anger and frustration against "the system".

Are acutely aware of how messed up the world is.

Feel like a planetary citizen (global connectivity).

I am an Indigo Adult, Now What?

So you determined you are an Indigo and have breathed a big sigh of relief knowing that there is nothing wrong with you! The next steps are to go inward and determine if you would like to experience the rest of your life here from your Indigo Soul essence. Once you begin to live life from this true aspect of the self, the internal conflict disappears and life becomes sweeter, more fulfilling and full of passion!

Author Bio :
Frequency Awareness was created to empower clients to reach their full potential through quantum energy clearing services, trainings and products geared toward this goal. To learn more visit Frequency Awareness

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