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Star Encounters January 2011

{written by : Aphrodette North}

Article word count : 2404 -- Article Id : 3109
Article active date : 2011-01-06 -- Article views : 7801

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Article is about :
The Lunations, Planetary Alerts and A synopsis for the expression of each sign for the month of January 2011.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on January 4, 2011 at 04:02:37 AM EST
The Lunation chart of this Solar Eclipse presents with the Lights kissing in Capricorn and in square to Saturn, the ruler of that sign, exalted in Libra. The emphasis is on the Cardinal quality, that which aspires to its highest ideal. The Sun, or our radiant light and the Moon, our reflective nature - are each challenged to respond with integrity and justice with this powerful angle. Because the Sun will be occluded, ego or projection will be dimmed and the soul will reflect the truth in this cycle. Venus, the planet of love and the arts, is in Scorpio and is the most highly aspected planet in this chart. It forms a square with both Neptune and Chiron conjunct in Aquarius as it forms a trine to both Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Pisces. The esoteric arts and modalities of health and healing will be in the spotlight until the next Solar Eclipse which does not occur until June 1, 2011!

FULL MOON occurs on January 19, 2011 at 04:21:25 PM EST
This Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in the Anaretic degree of Capricorn and Cancer respectively. This intensifies the desire to overcome and instills a need to make a mammoth effort to strive toward our personal best in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The Moon is in trine to both Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces as it opposes the Capricorn Sun. The Capricorn Sun sextiles the same conjunction inferring that even the practical and often taciturn qualities of Capricorn can see the potential in breaking free from old statutes that prevent progress. The brilliant or outrageous solution may just be ideal with this configuration! Expect some surprises, not only in the rhythm of your life, but in the news at large!


Mercury Direct but Still in its Shadow Alert!
Mercury, the planetary energy that orchestrates perception and communication stationed retrograde in Capricorn on December 10th at 07:06 AM and will stationed direct on December 30th at 02:21 AM. Be aware that Mercury will not return to the degree of its station and will still be “in its shadow” until January 18th! Proceed – but do so with caution and foresight! False optimism as a slingshot effect can occur when a little bit of good news peeks through the clouds of the storm. Blend qualified optimism with realism until that date!

Jupiter enters Aries!!
Jupiter, the Greater Benefic of the Zodiac, will enter Aries on January 22 at 12:11 PM EST! Jupiter is the largest planet and generally is thought to bring good fortune as it magnifies everything it touches! This year it will be in Aries only until the 4th of June. Normally, it is in and out of a sign for nearly a year. The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, blood, war and libido! Many are concerned with increased volcanic activity, forest fires and a heating up of the warlike factions on the planet. This is consistent with the forces the will be activated. It is important to remember that Aries is the sign of the Ram – but also the sign of the Lamb. Often sacrifices need to be embraced to create peace. Jupiter’s early entrance into Taurus this year will prevail – even in its typical retrograde cycle. Common sense and stability will accompany this shift. BE who you are, strive to reach your goals in a strong forward launch! You have six months to create your inspiration with a smooth landing in manifestation in June.

Saturn Retrograde Alert!
Saturn, exalted in Libra will station retrograde on January 25th at 01.11 AM EST and will remain so until June 12th at 11:52 PM EST!! It retrogrades but a few days after Jupiter enters Aries and remains so until after Jupiter makes its entrance into Taurus. The balance between the expansive energy of Jupiter and the constraints of conservative Saturn will be off kilter for two seasons. The beauty of this cycle is that injustices can be corrected due to a dramatic realization of the TRUTH. Agreements can be reworked; negotiations can fall into delay but are fairer in the final outcome. On a socio-economic level, the trend will be to return to a time when the World was more at peace and we embraced more peace within ourselves. To feed your soul in this cycle be sure to read some of the great diplomats, philosophers and poets of the past. Listen to the music that soothes your soul. Mend weak bridges in relationships by remembering the great blessing that many have been in your life.

The Month Ahead For Each Sign!

This Solar Eclipse reveals that it is important for you to meet your obligations and live life by established rules and regulations. If you are working hard you will be aptly rewarded. If you have been facing difficulty with finance, taxation or dealing with matters of state, your progress is assured if you speak to qualified experts to get your bearings. Love the listeners in your life as you will need them now. On the Full Moon your spirit of independence returns as you have brought some nagging issues to completion. Everyone around you seems as busy as you are and this can actually quicken your inspiration to get a lot done yourself. Enjoy social activities and the great outdoors with those you love. Make time to laugh! Joy has no price!

This Solar Eclipse reveals concerns about your health and well-being. You may aspire to change your lifestyle but experience a great deal of inner resistance even though you have done your research. Beware of cure-alls at this time. Listen to what others may be doing but know if it is not your style to really feeling healthier and happier. Family will be a treasure in this cycle! Those closest to you will benefit from your wisdom and relationships deepen in this cycle. On the Full Moon, spend some precious time amusing yourself with what YOU really want to do. Take the independent trail to pursue your interests and do your best to make each day a small adventure in fulfillment. Awake to the precious individual you are!

This Solar Eclipse your will find the spirit of optimism rising within you in spite of the obstacles you face in the New Year. The patterns and restrictions of the past may still haunt you but you can feel the dreams for your future forming within you. Although the security of your past may seem dim, the freedom to create your future is growing. Be still with this energy and let your thoughts flow. On the Full Moon, you are empowered by a new sense of discipline both within yourself and in the activities of daily living. Your energy may be a little low so it is wise to eat a high energy diet and allow yourself some sweet sleep. Your illusions about others can be dispelled by some harsh realizations. KNOW that this is all good information!

My Dear Cancer! This is your lowest biorhythmic cycle as the Lights oppose you! Know that you must prioritize your duties and obligations at this time and minimize stress! Be prepared to say “no” or “later”! Your sense of industry seems to find itself comfortable preserving that which you have already created. Stand firm if change is not what you desire. This Full Moon hovers in the last degree of your sign calling you to be joyful as you complete the final touches on the new you! Close relationships at this time are more important than work or service. Keep close contact with those who love you and support you. They might blurt out the key to open up new doors to your future. Remember that with faith – ALL things are possible and miracles DO happen every day!

LEO JUL 22 - AUG 22
On this Solar Eclipse it is important to know that you can be one of the important factions making the rules. There is minimal fire available in the Heavens so you must be prepared to fuel your own dreams from deep within. The powers that be and the structures in your World can support you but not necessarily help you expand in love or prosperity. Creating a strategy that can unfold by spring is your wisest choice. Do not take the limiting thoughts of others too seriously. Know in your heart what awaits you. On the Full Moon, you can feel a phenomenal release! Love in many forms seems to find you purring! Good friends and a sense of warmth lurk around every corner. Let others do some of the work as you seek some fun and embrace healthy thoughts and a renewed positive attitude!

This Solar Eclipse finds you working in a closely knit group with high ideals and firm goals for the future. You will be working your butt off – but you will love every minute of it! Do your best to ignore distractions at this time and keep your schedule tight but doable. Exercise caution in overindulgence in work, food and festivities! On the Full Moon, it will be crystal clear to you how others perceive you! Your power comes from those who acknowledge and appreciate your wit, wisdom and organizational skills. You will realize that your ability to be an active member in varied social environments is a great asset! Love your freedom to move quickly from one project to the next. Love meets you on the run!!!

This Solar Eclipse will prove to be very illuminating to you regarding your closest and deepest personal relationship – both past and present. You are NOT responsible for the emotional past of others. You are not necessarily designated to be their healer. Make it a priority to spend time with those who have vision and a sense of humor. Those who have met challenges and have overcome can make your heart sing now! Shower affection on your greatest support! On the Full Moon, it is time for you to rest on your laurels and realize all you have accomplished. If you are expert in your field renewed interest will abound. If you are aspiring to continue your education or start a new company it is a good time to finish up all paperwork surrounding finance. This is actually GOOD stress! It bears fruit!

This is a powerful Solar Eclipse for you, Scorpio! Others will see that you set the standard for excellence in all that you do – and you will be doing MUCH! Accomplishments both in solitude and in groups are highlighted in this lunation chart for you. Do not break any rules of engagement for best results. Rekindling your desire to become more active in politics or community is seen. Prepare your portfolio and run for office! Passion awaits you at home. On the Full Moon, you will want to get out and play. Socializing with those who share your interests and dreams can be most fulfilling. Make time for these important relationships in your life and you will have no regrets. Step out!

This Solar Eclipse brings love in abundantly to you!! Expect some unexpected surprises and emotions overflowing as you just live the life you have created. Great fun is waiting for you near water – whether you take a trip to the Bahamas or are skiing down snowbound slopes! Sporting events and social activities allow you to reconnect with family but new friendships also emerge at this time. On the Full Moon, you may feel spent! The activities early this month may find you looking for a place to curl up and be more quietly entertained. Take every opportunity to do just that! Others around you may be running off to pursue new interests. Bless them as you rest!

Happy Solar Return, Capricorn! This is your month! You will find yourself in excellent company in both work and play. There is much work to do but you are empowered in this cycle. You will find resources are available around every corner! Be sure to demonstrate respect to those who have worked as hard as you to make a difference. You may choose a new mentor in this cycle or become one! Intellectual growth is highlighted and satisfaction is guaranteed! Spend social hours with those who have a passion for life! On the Full Moon, you will need to quickly finish up many projects. Order will be a command performance that you cannot ignore. Complete those things that are truly imperative and then catch up with those you want to share good times with!

N this Solar Eclipse – simply love abundantly! Whether you are planning a fabulous romantic evening, cuddling a sweet child or frolicking with your pets – take this time to let your heart be filled! All the responsibilities in the world can stand waiting! Others will step in to free you up if you are aware. If the weather proves to be challenging, settle in and let the good times abound! On the Full Moon, find great diversions off the beaten path. You may want to do something just for you whether it is taking in a performance or getting into a personal project that will reap a sense of accomplishment. Ignore distractions if you can. The days fly by near this Full Moon – but time seems less important. Let it flow!

This Solar Eclipse is intense with compassion – both coming from you and to you. If you are involved in the healing arts or just devoted to those who surround you, your kindness is magnified and your fulfillment in this cycle can be outstanding! Be aware that others may not feel as deeply as you do or be as understanding. Be YOU anyway! Psychic and psychological topics may interest you now and you may choose to fine tune your skills through actively learning more. On the Full Moon, be very conscious about finding the funding you need to stabilize your future both professionally and domestically. Resources you have not even been aware of may suddenly appear. Embrace one cheerleader of optimism in your life – but follow through with practical work to move forward best!

Author Bio :
Aphrodette North is the Creatress of Inner Mysteries Profiled, a full service astrological entity. Each month she provides guidance and inspiration taken from the lunations and the integrity of each sign!

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