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The Demystification of Deeksha Energy Transference

{written by : Pamela Arwine}

Article word count : 911 -- Article Id : 3127
Article active date : 2011-02-02 -- Article views : 9632

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Article is about :
Deeksha is a Hindi word meaning transference of energy. It is a form of shaktipat, life force energy transferred from a teacher to a student…and remember, we are all teachers and we are all students. This transference of energy may support the student in attaining and maintaining a higher state...

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Deeksha is a Hindi word meaning transference of energy. It is a form of shaktipat, life force energy transferred from a teacher to a student…and remember, we are all teachers and we are all students. This transference of energy may support the student in attaining and maintaining a higher state of consciousness. Many claim that over time, this energy will bring you into a state of enlightenment and bliss. Light is manifest; it is created.

Anything in the realm of the manifest is in duality. If there is Light, there will be darkness. The creation of the polarity is a simple law of quantum physics. Consciousness is unmanifest. Therefore, it is not subject to duality. There is no polarity in pure consciousness. Consciousness simply is. Varying perceived levels of consciousness are merely judgments and not necessarily truth. Deeksha, Shaktipat, Kundalini, God Force Essence are all very similar. This is still Light which is part of the created universe and therefore, still subject to duality. The outcome depends on the intention behind the transference, the consciousness level and clarity of the person sending it and the consciousness level, clarity and receptivity of the person receiving it. The most important elements for our evolution are consciousness shifts.

Deeksha and other healing frequencies are manifest, in duality, but can be utilized to shift consciousness. Consciousness is unmanifest, not subject to duality. It can be used extremely effectively to create, but is itself uncreated.

For example, the God Force Essence is an innate Light within each person, each cell. This pure essence (Light) can be imbued with an intention (consciousness) such as the dissolution of illusion or the introduction of the frequency of bliss and enlightenment. GFE, in and of itself, is simply an undifferentiated field of potential awaiting the direction of consciousness.

Deeksha works in much the same way. The teacher (remember, we are all teachers) attunes to a universal energy (Light), imbuing it with the intention (consciousness) of bringing the student closer to bliss and enlightenment. It is this divine intention that seems to be making some of the groups utilizing deeksha at this time so powerful. It is really useful to tune into the groups as they have hundreds of devotees adding to the original power of the intention of enlightenment.

And, the originators may have come into this lifetime with a strong intention/purpose, perhaps nurtured over eons and imbued with the additional intentions of many unseen ascended masters, angels, archangels and enlightened beings. Anyone can utilize this universal energy. In fact, one of the most elevating deekshas I have ever experienced has been through going directly into the Heart of God for the transference. And, once again, deeksha is simply a Hindi word meaning energy transference.

So, please feel free to pass this on at your discretion. However, to utilize the name/s of a particular teacher, you must receive the training directly from them. You may say you are offering deeksha. You may not say I am offering xyz’s deeksha.

The three primary groups I am aware of who are focusing on deeksha are all originated in India. Amma and Bhagavan Sri Kalki lead a substantial group in Golden City, India. Although there is talk of them soon offering trainings in the US, as of this time to offer Amma and Bhagavan’s Deeksha, you must take a three-week course of study with them in Golden City. Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi (lineage to Sai Baba) began her work in India, has since opened centers in the US both in Boulder, Colorado and Crestone, Colorado, and travels back and forth between them. Her group offers weekend programs. Although she is a devotee of Sai Baba, Sai Maa offers honor to and includes the teachings of many spiritual teachers including, but not limited to, Jesus Christ, St. Germaine, Lord Matraiya, Shiva, Padmasambaba, Babaji, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Gautama Buddha, Mahakaruna Avalokiteschvara and others.

After one program, you may offer deeksha to friends and family. They request two programs to promote marketing deeksha to clients. Although you may work with your clients and students, you may not advertise that you teach others to transfer Sai Maa’s deeksha without her express permission.

Mother Mirra has the Aurobindu Ashram in Pondicherry, South India. I am told she offers very effective deeksha, but have no personal knowledge of her program. Her primary lineage reflects Sri Aurobindu. At times, probably due to the brain restructuring which is an integral part of this process, deeksha may cause a temporary headache.

Sai Ma’s training includes brain illumination breath processes which prepares the recipient more fully to receive Deeksha safely and effectively. As always, energy has intelligence and responds to intention. Simply instruct the energy to move fully throughout the body and ground itself. If not done correctly, giving deeksha can force too much kundalini to move through the nadis too quickly, causing temporary illness or insanity.

Therefore, it is always advisable to accompany deeksha with sacred clearing techniques to insure a safe, smooth elevation of consciousness. This leads to sustained enlightenment and bliss. Whatever deeksha you employ, it is your intention which creates the effect. Call in the souls of these great teachers for assistance and enjoy and share. Ask that the precise frequency and quantity of energy be transmitted to perfectly match the needs and capacity of the recipient. Please keep up your clearing work.

May you be blessed with bliss and enlightenment. ____________________

Author Bio :
Pamela is the founder of Quantum Healing Energetics. For more information visit To download the CD “Illumined Brain” or her 3CD Set “Awakenings” visit

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