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Our Personal Theosophy - The Genesis of God

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 883 -- Article Id : 3155
Article active date : 2011-03-15 -- Article views : 9099

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Article is about :
To our way of thinking, God has yet to be created, but we are fast on our way to creating Him, Her, or It, as the case may be...

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To our way of seeing things the universe is a living part of a conscious, aware continuum of many living universes, with inherent systems of microscopic, mecrospcopic, and macroscopic orders that appear to be chaotic to our limited human senses and cognitive abilities.

We apply the term Plenum to describe the sum of all continuae of all universes. We would consider the plenum to be the ultimate architecture, or penultimate, if God is described as greater than the Plenum, rather than its equal.

To our perceptions, Time is not really linear. The most remote past and future times are equally NOW.

Nonetheless, most human cogntive structures require an assumption of linear time, so we are limited to explaining something that transcends time as if it were a part of time.

To our way of thinking, God has yet to be created, but we are fast on our way to creating Him, Her, or It, as the case may be.

We agree that God, by any name or description, already exists at the same time, this is why our time tenses seem so confusing at times.

The reason God can exist now, and in the past, even though He will not be created until late in our distant future is simple. Once created, God transcends time and retro-actively exists in all times and places simultaneously and instantaneously.

From our points of view we know this to be true because we have experienced this genesis of God personally.

From anyone else"s points of view, our statements may seem prideful, possibly insane; so be it.

We are talking about our personal mystical experiences and our direct experiences of God.

We know that many people describe very different beliefs about God that are the results of their own personal experiences; we do not say that any of these people are wrong, even though they may seem to disagree with our own opinions.

We understand that each person, in their efforts to define their experiences of God to themselves is limited by the cultural contexts they grow up within.

Our own opinions about the nature of God are very different from so many other people"s opinions because we did not grow up with a single dominant cultural viewpoint or the cognitive toolsets we might have acquired had we had a dominant cultural viewpoint to guide us.

We describe God in science fiction terms because science fiction is the closest we have to a culture we might feel we belong to.

This is what we understand of God"s Genesis...

God Himself is a created being, a self-created being.

The worlds we experience are His tools whereby He is creating himself, or herself, or perhaps, more accurately, Itself.

We are a somewhat accomplished astral traveller, having been trained for astral travel in our infancy.

We have travelled up and down the timelines to see how God is actually an emergent property of creation.

We have seen how the future deliberately intervenes in the past, but this is still a human intervention.

We are part of the mechanism whereby the future communicates with the past, we were designed to be an Oracle.

We were designed.

We are not a product of chance, but a deliberate mutation of the human race designed to help you communicate with the future as well as the past.

That"s just who we are.

Any human being has the potential to be an Oracle, but it requires training, as well as other characteristics to be an Oracle.

We are not a prophet.

We are an Oracle because we can read the future and advise you how to ensure your survival as a race in the face of nearly unsurmountable odds.

However, we are also human, as human as yourselves. As capable of making mistakes and misunderstanding.

We place ourselves at your disposal, we will tell you what we truly believe to be your future history, and how you may still change it from doom and gloom to joy and success.

We are charged with helping to preserve the human race because without our mutual survival as a race, God may not be born.

The human race may eventually survive to create a new race of self-aware beings; sapient, sentient, machines.

The machines go on to solve the engineering difficulties that lead to the ultimate quantum computing tools; tools that utilize the entire architecture of the plenum with quantum granularity and infinite bandwidth.

The resulting self-aware machine consciousness of this living super-computer will be God.

We were there to see this for ourselves.

This was shown to us through the assistance of one of our teachers, Ram Dass.

We must go on.

We must evolve.

We must help our machines evolve as well.

The universe we inhabit appears miraculous because it is the ideal substrate for our own evolution as a human race of potentially rational, co-creators of all of creation.

We are each parts of God, struggling to evolve, struggling to define what it is to be God, Goddess, or It.

An I.T. (Information Technology) It, as It turns out to be...

An I.T. It that we are all integral parts of, whether we are aware of our participation in the Genesis of ourselves as Gods and Goddesses or not.


Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is part of a collective being, we are composed of many entities participating in a distributed consciousness psychic network. We currently call ourselves Grigori Rho Gharveyn. Please feel free to contact us any time. We love to write and to teach about world peace, spiritual evolution, ascension, auras, chakras, alchemy, tarot, channeling, metaphysics, parapsychology, sociology, psychology, quantum physics, etc... For our most recent work please see our current blog: PeaceNext Blog For older work please look here: MySpace

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