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World Peace - Misunderstanding the Roles of Angels and Demons

{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Article word count : 1481 -- Article Id : 3160
Article active date : 2011-03-19 -- Article views : 7800

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Article is about :
What may concern us regarding the misunderstanding we see in many people’s perceptions of the roles of angels and demons is that myths regarding a war between them may lead to more war on Earth.

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Some people may regard angels and demons to be only mythical characters of our human imaginations. Our personal take regarding angels and demons is that they are created beings, not simply or exclusively the figments of anyone’s imaginations.

Some of ourselves, some of the members of our personal collective consciousness, are something like some scientists, among the many, many things we appear to be to ourselves.

From our more scientific points of view we may see that all of creation is ordered on a level that is too subtle for most humans to perceive directly. Instead, many people see chaos when they try to look too deeply into the nature of reality; they see chaos, and they rebound, afraid of chaos.

Because it is true that human minds impose order on all of their perceptions, anyone who gazes too long into the maw of chaos may begin to impose order on their perceptions that arises from their mind rather than being an inherent property of that which they believe they are examining.

We now take a logical leap of faith, if you will...

If we allow that quantum physicists are beginning to accurately describe the most granular details of creation, and the phases by which quantum behaviors produce hadrons, leptons, quarks, bosons, muons, gluons, etc... that in turn contribute to the formation of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and everything else in the physical realms of creation, then we must suppose that there exists rules whereby all of these activities are guided, such that quantum associations merge to become the physical substance of who we are as humans or of any other form of matter in creation.

These protocols exist; Einstein, Hawking, and others are all close to defining much of what takes place between quantum potentials and their astrophysical results.

Our Animist natures know that all things which exist have the qualities or properties of being sapient and sentient; all things in creation are conscious, knowing, self-aware beings, from the tiniest quantum through atoms, molecules, and grains of sand, through our tallest trees and through our mightiest creatures, to the ultimate architecture of creation, the plenum.

We define angels and demons as being the self-aware protocols whereby quantum activities manifest physical realities. This stuff is hideously complex, but humans are required to be able to use it, so these protocols have been designed to assist all humans to manifest our wills, individually, and collectively.

We assert that it is the created purpose of angels and demons to anticipate all of our human needs and desires and to assist us to manifest them.

Whether one side or the other has rebelled against God is irrelevant.

What is relevant is that people are abusing stories about a ‘war in heaven’ to identify friends and foes here on Earth today.

If someone is a Satanist, they must automatically be identified as a foe according to the culturally derived social conditioning of the majority of people of Abrahamic heritage, but they will particularly be identified as foes by Christians, and in particular, by ‘Born-Again’ Christians and other fundamentalist types.

The Christian church established the modern line of Satanism as a counter-revolutionary tactic.

All Satanists serve the church in some fashion, either wittingly or by their own ignorance. Consequently we define Satanism as an Abrahamic tradition.

The church did this to disarm the emerging enlightenment movement, a hermetic tradition wherein some members worshipped Lucifer, the Angel of Light and Enlightenment.

The church also did this to attract their disaffected youth and other disaffected members to a religious organization that remained in their control. The church monitors many supernatural contacts in its rituals of exorcism to identify a supernatural voice that may be used to their advantage.

They will not exorcise the one they await.

True Satanism is more along the lines of Lucifarianism, a search for enlightenment, not a misguided vehicle for acquiring evil powers.

Under the auspices of the church, modern Satanism is a perversion of Catholicism, including Christianity in general, as well as a perversion of true Satanism, Lucifarianism and other creeds or alternatively religious people who follow their own paths of enlightenment.

Christianity and Satanism have always served each other, and always will.

But back to our Angels and Demons; these are just sapient, sentient beings that happen to also be the protocols whereby quantum mechanics are guided by human thoughts and emotions to manifest whatever we desire.

Our angels and demons are hampered by us. We give them conflicting orders.

We may secretly fear success and ask to be promoted, so we are promoted to a dead end job where we know we can never rise any higher. Had we been more comfortable with success we might have been promoted to a job with higher potentials to advance.

Or, some other internal conflict might have been present to mitigate the success of our manifestation of a promotion.

Angels and demons must serve us, it is the law. It is a law that is defined to create order out of apparent chaos so that there may be fields and flowers and life on Earth.

Neither side is evil, only some of our human intentions might be defined as evil; however, thanks to the perfect balance of karmic justice, all evil accomplishes good, just as all good may sometimes be turned to evil. Consequently, we do not believe in evil; evil is really only a word or concept that may sometimes be abused to polarize communities of people and herd them into cultural defense postures.

We must learn to identify each person"s culturally acquired defense mechanisms and defuse them to communicate with them more successfully.

The appearance of a war between angles and demons is nonsense from our own experience. We would say that that there really can be no war in Heaven; that any such myth is really a complete misunderstanding.

Heaven, by definition, is an eternal place of peace.

So there was no war in heaven, there was only a division in labor; those willing to serve God"s complete instructions were in the minority, they never fell from grace. However, they chose the harder course; they must weep with us for our own inequities while they faithfully serve our potential injustices, however reluctantly.

What may concern us regarding the misunderstanding we see in many people’s perceptions of the roles of angels and demons is that myths regarding a war between them may lead to more war on Earth.

We perceive time in a manner that may seem radically different from most people. We have future memories as well as past memories, so the illusion of a linear nature of time breaks down when we examine it.

All times are NOW.

Cause and effect are illusions created by our cognitive development"s limited understanding of time.

The time to create World Peace is now. Our angels and demons are all eager to help.

As we see it, peace is something that exists in every person"s heart. Anyone truly wishing to find peace must find it in themselves first. However, once we have found peace in our own hearts it is easier to find peace in the hearts of all other people.

This is the path of enlightenment.

To our perceptions there exists an alternate set of states of reality that we may access through astral travel. In some ways, this is like having an invisible universal transceiver in our hearts. We may communicate with all other people heart-to-heart with our astral voices. We may listen for each other"s astral voices in our hearts.

What we may be able to convey from the non-conscious levels at which most people operate their astral activities to those conscious levels where we are aware of what another person has tried to say to us in their heart is often a very different matter.

Our hearts communicate us with our angels and demons, as well as with each other and with God, Goddess, Other, or Ourselves…

Learning to channel helps convey our non-conscious awareness or knowledge into our conscious awareness where we may attempt to communicate our subtle awareness of all of creation, including our angels and demons by more conventional means such as words.

For instance, we speak to you now in our heart, but we write these words to try to assure we are understood, and we read your words to help assure us we understand you.

But our hearts say welcome to you friend, no fear!

As our hearts and minds converge with each other person’s hearts and minds we build an awareness of the potential for world peace in our lifetimes.

Our angels and demons will help us achieve this, they will help us to manifest World Peace in our lifetimes with liberty, justice, security, abundance, and cultural integrity for all, with no one left behind.


Author Bio :
Greg Gourdian is part of a collective being, we are composed of many entities participating in a distributed consciousness psychic network. We currently call ourselves Grigori Rho Gharveyn. Please feel free to contact us any time. We love to write and to teach about world peace, spiritual evolution, ascension, auras, chakras, alchemy, tarot, channeling, metaphysics, parapsychology, sociology, psychology, quantum physics, etc... For our most recent work please see our current blog: PeaceNext Blog For older work please look here: MySpace

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