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The Bermuda Triangle In Slovakia

{written by : Juraj Sipos}

Article word count : 1288 -- Article Id : 3339
Article active date : 2011-09-29 -- Article views : 9680

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Article is about :
I have experienced quite a big number of paranormal accounts. I will share one such paranormal account with readers, but I will also write about a place where inexplicable disappearances of people occur. The article is therefore divided into two parts - 1) Personal account (a paranormal story), and 2) Tribeč - the Slovakia's Bermuda Triangle.

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1) Personal account

DOP, if you do not know, is a paranormal phenomenon when things disappear. It is tightly co-related with AOP (Appearance Object Phenomenon), when things inexplicably appear.

I have a friend, a Himalayan climber (Fero Kele is his name). He also led the first Czechoslovak expedition to Mount Everest (1984). I had met him overseas a really long time ago, where he had visited me on his journey around the world. After I returned home, we sometimes meet as friends. One our meeting occurred in autumn in 1988 (October) at Fero"s workplace. His workplace was near mine and we both sometimes exploited our lunchtime this way. I did not want to return late to my workplace, so I looked at his watch all the time, as I did not have any wristwatch. This made him a little bit nervous. He suddenly took off his watch and gave it to me.

My first impression was that he was joking. When he persisted that I keep his watch, I decided to keep it, although he surprised me very much (with his kindness). Here the first part of the story ends and the second begins.

A month later, he phoned me and suggested a meeting. I agreed, but I knew that there must have been a reason, as one month was a short time interval between our meetings. We usually meet after much longer intervals. This time we met at his home. He made me tea and then, for about half an hour, he kept asking me whether we were really alone at the time he gave me his watch. He looked anxious, or even frightened. Fero kept asking me if anybody could listen to us. I am sure that all Feros" co-workers went out for lunch that day. Had I seen any third party there, I would have certainly told Fero about it, as it was a small office with three or four rooms only.

I had no idea why he asked me the same question so many times. Then he suddenly got up, went away to another room and returned with something in his hand. Bejesus, it was the same watch he gave me when we were in his office! I was looking at exactly the same watch I had on my hand.

What actually happened, he said, was that after about a week he found the same watch on the table at his office. His watch must have appeared there from heaven! The face of AOP is spooky, too.

2) Tribeč - the Slovakia"s Bermuda Triangle

The list of people who are reported to have disappeared in the Slovak mountain range called Tribeč grows. The difference between "just a disappearance" (that is, anywhere) and "a disappearance associated with a certain place" is very important in this article, as it makes the place look spooky.

We can explain a number of disappearances by simply saying that, for example, "he was just a boy". Some people disappear from their own will and some do not. Many young people feel really like "big boys" (or "big girls"?) and they often leave their parents without saying them a word. If some offenders are behind disappearances of people, they leave at least some psychological traces behind, or some logical clues (sexual or financial motive, etc.).

You will be surprised to learn that quite a number of people behave strangely. However, finding a car (of someone who was on his way back home to his family) with several thousand dollars in it is in opposition to logic. This is Tribeč. It is the place where behavior of strange people disappears together with the people.

Tribeč, a wider country area, is part of the mountain range in Slovakia, and Slovak cities Trenčín, Topolčany, Partizánske, Nitra, and Zlaté Moravce surround it. The satellite picture of Tribeč will tell you that it has the face of a triangle elongation that extends into the Danubian Lowland. Some eight castles / relics of castles are in Tribeč - the most famous of them is Gymes, which was built around the year 1253. Black Castle (built at the end of 13th century) is black as it sounds and also as it looks. The castle, built most probably on a much older prehistoric fortification site, is mentioned only in one historical document from 1516, when the Forgac family asked King for permission to wash gold in the region.

As I am interested in paranormal phenomena, I sometimes search the Internet and I keep updating my collection of them. One such "Internet excursion" led me to a source that was not wedged into any "New Age music", so I decided to pay more attention to it. What I found was mostly information from someone"s travel diary - a personal homepage without any special focus on paranormal topics. This made me believe it was a source worth to get familiar with. The author informs readers about his travel experiences, but one particular page of his travel diary was dedicated to paranormal phenomena. I checked the information in other sources and found that they confirm the stories.

I found that the disappearance object phenomenon (DOP) in relation to Tribeč has its record already in the year 1250 when a guy reported that his building material constantly disappeared in the region.

People here have disappeared throughout a longer period of time, but I do not have all the relevant newspaper postings at hand, so all I can say is that the first such a case (mentioned in the above-mentioned travel-focused source) is reported to have happened in the year 1929 when, in a very tough winter (end of November), a 47-year-old forester (Mr. Samasly) disappeared here. The police searched the place afterward, as the forester"s neighbors reported that Mr. Samasly vanished.

In December 1930, a family from a village in Tribeč reported a similar case of inexplicable disappearance. A mother sent her 18-year-old daughter to a nearby village with food. Maria, her daughter, has never come back.

Although the same source about disappearances in Tribeč contains a bigger list of persons who disappeared here, one of the cases is really striking. One day in 1995, the police stopped their car here near a bungalow court on their random patrol, as they saw an unmanned BMW parking just near the road (near a village in Tribeč). They stopped here only because the car looked like it had slipped off the hill. The BMW was empty (the car was not locked) and the police found a lot of money in it (thousands of dollars). The police decided to wait for its driver but when he did not return in more than two hours, they gave up. He has never returned. This case of disappearance has never been solved either.

The list is surely bigger, but I think that only a few people associate these disappearances with the mystical power of Tribeč and most newspaper postings about disappearances of people in Tribeč remain consequently unnoticed - that is, the relationship between Tribeč and these disappearances.

Although the police have a similar case (and cases) on their records from the region when they found an empty car in a village in Tribeč in 1966 (two people disappeared and nobody has ever seen them since then), all these accounts have a few things in common - the disappearances in Tribeč mostly occur in winter; no one has ever explained them; there is no record of violence; and all information about them is based on police data of missing persons. No esoteric soup, no New Age.

I was surprised to learn that Slovakia has its own Bermuda Triangle and I happily share this information with the public. The winter is knocking on the door.

Author Bio :
Juraj's esoteric karma

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