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Children and Angels

{written by : Jenny Smedley}

Article word count : 483 -- Article Id : 3408
Article active date : 2012-06-11 -- Article views : 9692

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Article is about :
How children can connect to angels much more easily than adults.

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Children are always strongly attuned to their angels naturally, even though they often have no idea what they are. The evidence is all around us. You only have to look at desperately ill children to see the glow of angels in their personalities as they demonstrate incredible courage and endurance. People say that children are resilient, and their angel connection is the force behind it.

The problems come as they grow, when well-meaning parents, teachers and peers try to change the child to make them a better fit for society. Of course this often, sadly, means that their connection to their angels is dulled as they’re energies are focused elsewhere.

If your child talks of angels, or ‘imaginary friends’, never laugh at them. Instead, allow them to maintain this connection in their mind, because if you do they’ll grow up happy and fulfilled, with their angel always there to help them. Take notes of what they say to give to them later, when perhaps adulthood starts to put up barriers of logic between them and their angels.

If you can strengthen their connection – there are several ways to do this.
1. Take them to a crystal shop and let them choose 8 stones. Your child’s angel and their own attuned intuition will guide them to the stones that their angel will naturally resonate with. Help them to create a mandala at home by sticking the crystals to a piece of copper in a circle of seven, with the eighth stone in the centre. Place this next to their bed and tell them that every night when they go to sleep the mandala will call their angel to them and they will be guarded all night. This will alleviate nightmares and night fears as well as strengthening their angelic connection.
2. With a slightly older child, show them how to make a focus picture. Have them create a little brightly coloured drawing in the centre of a card – something that makes them feel happy. Then help them write eight words around the drawing in a circle – words that also make them feel happy. Place this beside their bed and tell them to look at the picture and say the words every day before they get up. This will armour them with positive energy, which in turn will keep their angel close all day.
3. Encourage your child, in a fun way, to pull on an imaginary protective silver suit each day before they leave the house. It will help their angel to protect them all day and discourage any negative people from getting close to them.

All these things can soon become habit, and this means that as your child grows up, unlike so many children, they won’t lose touch with their angels, and then have to struggle later in life to find their path, their reason for being, their reconnection to their angels.

Author Bio :
Best selling author of books on angels, past lives and animal souls.

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