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Chakra Balancing Meditation for Clarity and Wellbeing.

{written by : Erika Ginnis}

Article word count : 1998 -- Article Id : 3429
Article active date : 2012-08-08 -- Article views : 9476

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Article is about :
This article guides you to find and cultivate balance within yourself and your energy system; using the techniques of grounding, centering, transforming energy, and balancing your individual chakras with a simple meditation.

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In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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It’s been a really wild ride lately. So much goodness and also so much to distract from the Truth of who we are! Interesting times as they say. I have been meditating on balance and was blessed with the opportunity to go deep into the silence and have some good information come forward.

This is what comes to me as important.

Remember the love, remember the balance, remember that everything around you is an ever unfolding process that looks stationary but is always in flux and in movement. Remember that even at the heart of the matter that there is movement and action and vibration and becoming-ness.

This is the place to put your wonder; the place to connect to and dance with; this is where to put your “stock”. The energy that gathers itself into galaxies and stars and quantum eddies is not separate from Its creation but it IS the creation. It is part and parcel to this incredible evolving amazingness that we call life.

Life is Good; the very essence of Life is Goodness; tap into that truth and ride it through all the shifting and changing waters that break against the shores of your consciousness.

Fear not; tempting as it is. There are so many things coming to the surface and then flowing away. Fear not because what you think of as solid is only a temporary form and it is changing even as you look at it. Trust the Love; trust the Heart; trust that there is a Divine balance in all things no matter the appearances. Remember the core; remember the Heart.

What if everything changes entirely tomorrow or the next day, what if all the structures that you worry about had no meaning, what if it all changed on a “dime”. How would that effect your position today? What if the future you are worrying about never came to pass? What if there was a moment and in that moment all expanded and melted; erasing all those things that worry you? How would that change what you are doing today? How would that change what you are thinking about; if you knew that, if you really felt that? Fear not.

Find your balance in the mystery, stand in the question, let the breezes of infinite possibility lift your heart and ruffle your hair, let it caress your cheeks and spark your interest.

Take a break from worry. Put it off for a week or two weeks, come back to it if you want to but for now, put it on the shelf next to those old photos you haven’t put into a binder yet. Let it just be for now. Turn your attention to the idea that at any moment the perfection of creation may show Its face to you, be ready, be on the look out for this, don’t be distracted, be called…be on call. The phone may ring at any time.

What if we really didn’t know how it all turns out, what if it ended up being so much grander than we could ever imagine. How would that change our thoughts and focus today? Relax into balance; the movement of the seasons, the wheel turning.


Now for a nice Chakra balancing meditation…


With your eyes closed go through the following exercise. Don"t worry if things aren"t as clear as you think they should be, simply let yourself have the concept that you are doing the practice and have patience. The awareness will increase with time.

Review: Grounding & Centering

Sit comfortably in a straight back chair or on the couch (as long as you don"t tend to nod off to sleep) have your hands and feet apart and feet flat on the floor. Start by grounding (the following section is from my article on grounding)

  • Close your eyes (this helps you to focus inward).

  • Take three nice deep breaths, breathe down into your belly and soften your belly as you breathe. It can be helpful (although not essential) to breathe through the nose, while keeping your tongue resting lightly on the roof of your mouth. This is from certain Yoga traditions and is said to help encourage the flow of energy through your system. Relax as you breathe, noticing how you feel, how your body feels.

  • Be aware of your first chakra. This is simply an energy center (vortex) that is located in the general area near the base of the spine. For women the center is usually near the area between the ovaries (note: the chakra positioning doesn"t change if you have had your ovaries removed for any reason). For men the location is slightly lower in the body because the chakra placement is associated with the testicles.

  • Be aware of this area, and allow a cord of energy to flow downward from your body: Through the chair you are sitting in. Through the floor and down through the building you are in. Through the foundation and into the deep earth beneath. Allow your grounding to flow down into the earth past all the rocks and layers of the planet, past the water, deep deep into the earth, into the heart of the Mother. Until it reaches the center of the earth.

  • Allow your grounding cord to connect securely into the center of the planet. Be aware of your grounding cord being securely connected also to your first chakra. Breathe and relax and experience your grounding, your spiritual connection to this beautiful planet. Notice how your body responds to you grounding and becoming more present in it. Release tension and discomfort down your grounding, allow it to simply drain away.

Now that you are grounded you can take the next step and center yourself. The following section is from an article I wrote on centering

  • Take a nice deep breath and bring your awareness into the center of your head. That safe neutral place behind your eyes and back a bit.

  • Notice how your body responds. It might have a reaction to you being centered. Let that reaction simply be, notice it. If you experience any discomfort, release it down your grounding.

  • Be aware of what the center of your head is like right now. Is it light? Is it dark? Is it crowded, or empty? Cold or warm, big or small? Are you aware of sensations, sounds, images, scents? Relax and breath yourself into the center of your head. Get comfortable and begin to own this safe neutral place.

  • Continue to use your grounding to release energy from this space so that you can make more room for you to focus there in the present moment. Say hello silently to yourself as spirit in the center of your head.

    You are spirit!

    Recognize and validate the essential you.

    You may be aware of yourself as a bright light, or you may notice your presence in some other way. Enjoy the experience. Be aware of your uniqueness and also your connection to all that is.

  • Say hello to your body, from the center of your head. Notice your body"s response. Take a moment and simply allow yourself to be. Allow time to explore being grounded and centered, releasing energy and gaining awareness.

Next - Create and destroy some roses and let your energy flow…

Technique review: Create and Destroy Roses

(this comes from a longer series of articles but this quick review will suffice for this meditation)

  • Check your grounding and relax into the center of your head.

  • Take a moment to release down your grounding any non-permission to create. Take as long as you like. Breathe and release. Validate your ability to create, own it for yourself.

  • Use your grounding to release any non-permission to destroy, to make change, to heal. Breathe and release. Own your ability to destroy and transform in ways that are beneficial to you.

  • Create a mental image picture of a rose out in front of your forehead about 6-8 inches. Be aware of your creation - admire it. Release energy down your grounding. Validate your ability to create as spirit.

  • Breathe

  • Destroy the rose. Blow it up like exploding fireworks or pop it like a bubble, or let it simply disappear. Be aware of your energy, notice how your body responds. Breathe deeply. If you have any trouble with either creating or destroying keep using your grounding to release the energy.

  • Begin to C&D roses as rapidly or slowly as feels comfortable. Notice how it effects your energy. Be with this for a few minutes to get comfortable with it.

  • Start to work with intention by C&D roses to enhance your grounding. Feel this shift in the energy. Breathe.

  • Next use C&D roses to clear out more room for you in the center of your head. Breathe and notice this change.

  • Now choose something that you would like to release, perhaps tension or distractions. C&D a rose for the thing you want to release. Keep doing this for a while and notice how you feel.

  • Ground and breathe. Bringing yourself back to the center of your head if you find you have drifted off.

    Something fun to do is to create a rose out in front of you, and leave it there for a moment. With your eyes closed take your physical hands and begin to feel the energy of the rose, really touch it and get a sense of what it feels like. It really exists. Breathe and release energy. Put you hands back down. Then destroy the rose. Put your hands back up and feel the space where the rose used to be. Notice how this feels. Let yourself feel the space that you just created. Breathe and ground, release energy.

  • Validate that what you are working with is real. Validate yourself as spirit.

New Technique: Chakra Balancing Meditation

(Note: for more information about Chakras, please see my article "Chakras: The Wealth Within Us" also in this library)

  • Close your eyes and imagine in front of you an old fashioned gauge, like the kind you might have found in a recording studio. The kind that measures amps with a pointer that moves from left to right.

  • Imagine that the left is black and the right is red and that right in the center straight up, is the zero point, the balance point.

  • Since we are a lot like a battery in our vibrating energy, it can be really helpful to balance ourselves now and again. The changing of the seasons and the new and full moons are a perfect time to remember to do this…

  • Starting with your awareness at your first chakra, turn your awareness back to the gauge. Let this gauge represent your balance(balancing giving/receiving, yin/yang, male/female, positive/negative poles) for this chakra. Don’t be surprised if the needle fluctuates back and forth; that is not unusual.

  • As you breathe and ground; begin to create and destroy roses to release energy, and watch the gauge; keep this up until the gauge reads straight up zero/balance point. Take all the time you need.

  • Ground off the excess energy and let the process be enjoyable as you do this. This is your balance for today, it doesn’t mean 50/50 is simply means balance for you in this moment. It can be a lovely realignment for your energy.

  • Repeat this process for each chakra 1-7.

  • After you have done the 7 main chakras, do three more things.

    • Do the same exercise for the balance between your hand chakras and your 7th chakra.

    • Do it once again for the balance between your feet chakras and your first chakra.

    • Finally create that gauge one more time and balance head & heart. This balance is the fertile ground for wisdom, and is a wonderful thing to cultivate.

    As you balance and align yourself you heal everyone else as well. Thank you, and blessed be.

    Author Bio :
    Erika Ginnis, author of Essential Mysteries: A User's Guide for the 21st Century Mystic, has served as a Clairvoyant Reader, Healer, Ordained Minister and Spiritual Teacher since 1982. Combining additional study in New Thought, Theta Healing, Astrology, and Ritual Work as a 3rd degree Sylvan HPS, her private practice draws from many energetic traditions, and is open to all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. She is available in person and over the

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