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Do Feng Shui Remedies Work All the Time?

{written by : Kartar Diamond}

Article word count : 926 -- Article Id : 3479
Article active date : 2013-04-01 -- Article views : 9652

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Article is about :
A fair question for any consumer or student of Feng Shui to ask is whether or not the adjustments or recommendations work all the time to resolve a problem which stems from the location. This article explores the ramifications to come to a conclusion on the matter.

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The short answer to the question posed in this article title is Yes and No. For a contradictory answer like this, I need to elaborate. First of all, the general consumer needs a better understanding of exactly what Feng Shui is. This ancient tradition is a body of knowledge, which has tracked how people and other living beings are affected by their man-made and natural environment. It is one of many different influences upon us and our Earth. Just so, the laws of gravity affect absolutely everyone, but some apparently more so than others just based on appearances.

If Feng Shui affects everyone, then it is logical to conclude that the remedies will work for everyone and in theory, all the time. But here’s the clincher: We still have other influences upon us which are separate from Feng Shui, as evidenced by two people living in the exact same space, but having different experiences and even a different life path entirely. We still have free will. We also have a destiny which supersedes our immediate physical surroundings. So, at one end of the spectrum we have free will which can be over riding and changing and on the other end of the spectrum, we come into each life time with certain non-negotiable lessons to learn and a destiny to fulfill. Feng Shui sits in between these two extremes.

Since we are all cosmic dust and made up of similar ingredients, with all of us having a skeletal system, nervous system, blood, etc, we may all respond similarly to our environments as well as the adjustments or “remedies” which we apply to those spaces. The degree in which these adjustments work will be reliant on many other factors which can change the outcome from slightly, to significantly. A specific example may be a house which sits vulnerable at the end of a T-juncture. This is a well-known potential problem in the placement of a house in relation to a street. And yet, if we had two houses with this circumstance, the results may vary after an adjustment has been applied. If both houses were to put up a wall or hedge to buffer the air currents coming directly to the house, one household may still fare better than another depending on how heavily trafficked each oncoming street is. There are many nuanced and subtle differences which make every single environment unique.

To sum up my point, I can say that Feng Shui remedies always work, but the degree to which they work may vary depending on no less than a dozen other factors in every case. To further elaborate on my “no” response, as to whether remedies work all the time, fact is that people have different expectations. This is a big consideration because based on a person’s subjective expectations, they will then report that a remedy is working or not working. After more than twenty years of consulting and seeing the responses and feedback from clients, I don’t know how else to address this issue.
In a theoretical example, let us say that Person A does an adjustment to their home to help increase their income.
Person A may then see a gradual increase in income that is sustained over time at about 10% increase. Person A might be satisfied on some level, but as is with human nature, he may wonder if his income would have increased without any Feng Shui adjustment involved.

Now we have Person B, with a very similar environment, apply the same prosperity remedy and he sees a sudden, dramatic increase in income. This person may be very impressed with their Feng Shui advisor and also get a feeling that the adjustment had to have something to do with it because of such a quick response. And yet, if the increase in income quickly subsides, and appears to be only an isolated event, the Person B may later doubt that their remedy had anything to do with it, and call it coincidence, or just wonder why the increase in income was not sustained.

Person C may be very adventurous in this experiment and find themselves applying and taking away their prosperity remedy numerous times to see if there is a consistent correlation, where they can really attribute the remedy applied with the increase in income. We have seen people do something as simple as turn their fountains on and off over time to see if flowing water works better than still water.

Then there is Person D, who applies the prosperity remedy but sees no change at all in their income. Perhaps their income even decreases. This Person D is quite justified in concluding that Feng Shui remedies do not work all the time. However, we can’t rule out that the remedy is still working, just not on the level of the expectations. Perhaps the remedy is simply keeping things from being worse, were there no remedy applied at all. In this regard, I have known some people who verified that once remedies were removed, things got worse, so they had to admit that the adjustment was working, but just on the level we all would have hoped for.

To conclude, I can say with confidence that Feng Shui adjustments work for most of the people, most of the time. But we have destiny on one end and free will on the other, factored into the results. And we also have subjective expectations influence the impressions people have about what is working or not working in their favor.

Author Bio :
Kartar Diamond has been a classically trained and full time Feng Shui consultant since 1992. Her website showcases Kartar's many learning tools. Kartar is the author of Feng Shui for Skeptics, The Feng Shui Matrix and The Feng Shui Continuum. Kartar also has an on-line Case Study Club for serious students and fellow practitioners. Visit her website at

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