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The Universal Community Switchboard Project

{written by : Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph. D.}

Article word count : 2016 -- Article Id : 3529
Article active date : 2014-09-23 -- Article views : 9512

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Article is about :
Pooling of resources and inter-community work/share projects are fostered via the Switchboard. Linking of existing intentional communities, general assemblies in the Occupy movement, and seekers of an alternative paradigm to that of dependence upon inter-corporate provision of goods and services is the underlying purpose for the Switchboard.

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Presentation for the 2013 International Metaphysical Ministry Convention
at the Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona

by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D., Msc.D.
Date: Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
Time: 11:10 a.m.

In 2005 I started to develop the concept of Unified Decentralism, which is an eventual synthesis of human co-operative evolution as reflected in localized economic and political systems founded upon the One Life principle of Metaphysics. Personal interest the idea of Intentional Community started in 1970 with a Social Ecology course at the University of California, Irvine followed by my discovery of the “back to the land” movement in The Mother Earth News that same year. In 1972 began visualizing creation of a rural intentional community in northern New England, eventually designated as The Commonwealth of Lanternshire and later purchased 20 acres of land in Stetson, Maine as the site for a teaching center and community house. The “schoolhouse” as I called it was partially constructed in 1978 until funding was exhausted and the project abandoned. I visited The Farm Community in Summertown, Tennessee in December, 1980 and attempted to “soak” and integrate as a new member, but my ego obstructed me at the time.

Then in October, 2011 my visit to Occupy Boston proved to be a catalyst for recognizing a common bond of consensus democracy in general assemblies of the protest movement and the decision-making process used in many intentional communities. I eventually brought this concept of fusing the two movements together into one dynamic entity with me to the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia. I spoke about transforming unequal hierarchal systems of governance into a network of localized intentional communities with horizontal consensus democracy as a tool for allowing everyone to have a voice in making decisions.

This is collective individual sovereignty. All humanity is considered as equal, having horizontal relationships between one another and eliminating the need for hierarchy. Now is the time for us to awaken into Collective Individual Sovereignty on a mass scale here on planet Earth through Cooperative Decentralism; the synthesis of Economic Interdependence and Direct Consensus Democracy based upon the One Life Principle of Applied Metaphysics! Economic and political power are both vested within every sovereign individual as one aligns with the sovereign rights granted equally to all others with whom they relate. Power is not wielded through a vertical or pyramid structure as found in hierarchal systems of corporations and government. Leadership positions rotate and are shared equally by participants in community organizations at the local level. To facilitate this,community switchboards are established to serve as decentralized hubs for communication, pooling resource information, and connecting people with each other.

Individual Autonomy is a key structural component within Collective Individual Sovereignty. This reflects the One Life principle of Applied Metaphysics that postulates all of humanity is joined at the heart being aspects of Source manifesting individually in multiple locations and allowing for expression of autonomy by every human being, respecting the rights of all others. Hierarchy, on the other hand, elevates the rights of some human beings over others through creating an artificial dependence upon them to provide material needs necessary for survival. Mutual interdependence and co-operative decentralism manifests within an environment of collective sovereignty, allowing individual autonomy to transcend human dependence upon hierarchy and thereby dissolve the financial control pyramid of a select few over the masses.

Intentional Communities mutually share Labor and Resources through interactive Networking. Popular Assemblies and Worker Cooperatives synthesize Collective Decisions by Consensus. Localized Decision-Making is made by Consensus on a Human Scale eliminating the need for hierarchy anywhere! When interacting with other people in any relationship involving exchange of goods and services the structure of such needs to be decentralized in order to be fair to everyone. Hierarchies or pyramid management models (corporate organizations) create inequality, giving advantage for some people over others who work for them. Learning models (apprenticeships) are for teaching purposes only and should be temporary and never permanent. When the student has reached a satisfactory level of understanding in a particular field of knowledge he/she and the teacher are equals. Co-operative business models should mirror this with rotating management in production where supervision is a role that everyone within the model shares equally upon receiving full knowledge of how said business operates.

Political decentralization at its base level in human interactions is full sovereignty of the individual as long as this does not interfere with the sovereignty of another human being. In the event of conflict between two or more individuals, compromise is negotiated face-to-face. Agreement is reached by consensus with mutual acceptance by those involved as the ultimate result. Local decision-making in an intentional community or co-housing organization usually transpires at meetings of its membership with open discussion of issues and agreement by group consensus. A rotating chair in group discussions via use of a baton, wand, staff, etc. determines who currently has the floor and may speak while others in the group listen.This tool is passed around to everyone so all participants have equal opportunity to share his/her views on the particular subject of discussion by the group.

The time has come for Humanity to collectively create a Universal Community Switchboard. An alternative resource repository of connective information for building a localized and interactive global community is required to shift Humanity from dependence upon inter-corporate monopoly to Earth-based sharing of goods and services, upholding the concept that all people are individually sovereign in collective balance with each other. This Switchboard is designed as a teaching tool for unplugging human consciousness from mass media programming through commercial advertising, and thus fostering a collective switch to local resources in the cities, towns, and villages where people live and that environmentally compatible with the planet. This process is intended reveal options for building an alternative economy which is horizontal instead of hierarchal, as demonstrated by traditional corporate structure.

This switch is conscious choice made on an individual level, and is not intended to be an organized boycott of any particular or groups thereof. Instead, it is collective withdrawal from hierarchal commercial enterprises that only share profits at the shareholders level and pays minimal salaries and wages to employees. Co-operatives are encouraged where all workers in said enterprise share equally in duties and surplus (profit) because the structure is horizontal.

Pooling of resources and inter-community work/share projects are fostered via the Switchboard. Linking of existing intentional communities, general assemblies in the Occupy movement, and seekers of an alternative paradigm to that of dependence upon inter-corporate provision of goods and services is the underlying purpose for collective human creation of the Universal Community Switchboard. Here is access to the necessary tools for building a new world of co-operative decentralization.

A call is sent forth for initiation of discussion on how to best compile information from diverse sources and then categorize it, so working groups may be formed for further expansion within each category. Establish multiple conference calls for local Switchboard development, plugging into the category working groups as they are formed and expand. Alternative means of energy production and distribution via the collective commons for the purpose of creating a caravan-style transport network independent of the inter-corporate state is crucial for jump-starting transformation of the economy.

Integrated with the Universal Community Switchboard project is localized teaching of Economic Democracy through co-operative decentralization at the community level. Disconnecting from the overwhelming influence of consumer oriented mass media is crucial to opening our eyes to home grown alternatives and sharing options with neighbors as we make conscious choice to exchange goods and services in our local communities, using local currency and/or barter. Teach investment and participation in local co-operatives to provide quality goods, services, and create collective employment opportunities everywhere. Teach non-partisan political and economic independence and explain that natural sovereignty exists at the individual human level in co-operative harmony with everyone else living here on Earth. Everyone is considered equal, with a sovereign right to share resources and live in peace while protecting and preserving the planet for future generations.

Within the Universal Community Switchboard are collective resource and labor pools, organized by geographic location. People who have skills to offer are invited to post, and also people who need to have work performed are invited to post. Then the work/share concept based on units of time (hours) is used as alternative currency for labor and resource exchange via these pools.

Local Switchboards each have a virtual bulletin board for facilitating material swaps; mainly used manufactured products for re-distribution. Lists of items available and lists of items wanted should be tabulated at each Switchboard for potential exchange within each local community. Also a \"free\" area for giving surplus items away with no expected return should also be included on these virtual bulletin boards. An online interface connecting all local Switchboards within the Universal Community Switchboard network, via the connective power of the Internet, is the ultimate goal of this project. We are all interconnected with each other and with the Earth our planetary home!

Work/Share exchange units are based upon hours, whether or not the specific task has been already performed, or is “in commitment” (I e. pledged to be done). Mutually agreed production time limits are set by individuals involved. Hand-made goods, prepared foods (on site), or craft items/artwork (provided by artisan) set value of Work/Share exchange by amount of time (hours) required to create said product. Local community Switchboard locations hold fairs offering these products for exchange via Work/Share. Donated (i.e. second-hand mass market items manufactured by corporations) are given away free to anyone who needs them, as such have no known Work/Share value that may be traced. Products made by local manufacturing co-operatives (i. e. cottage industries), are given Work/Share time value in hours per each and all individual participants in said co-operative share equally in exchange value per total products manufactured. These co-operatives offer products at Switchboard locations for Work/Share exchange with other co-operatives using an hours-based share system. These systems should be interchangeable whenever possible.

The foundation of this Switchboard is intended to be multi-directional whereas the networking hub is decentralized in multiple locations and then continues to generate more locations, via shared information. The transfer vehicle for spreading this information is the Internet, with amateur radio and citizens band as back-up systems for augmenting this. Decentralization is the key to its survival. This model for a Universal Community Switchboard reflects my original concept of Unified Decentralism, which is the eventual synthesis of human co-operative evolution as reflected in localized economic and political systems founded upon the One Life principle of Applied Metaphysics.

There is only One Life in the Universe, originating from the primal First Cause. Our Source refracted into multi-dimensional Aspects to experience himself/herself in a variety of ways through individuated soul vehicles. By choosing descent into material forms our Source created the ultimate game of hide and seek, and soon became lost in the illusion. More souls refracted and entered the material plane, some for the purpose of extracting those first ones from entrapment due to ignorance. They too, were lost in it. This game of life came to be a substitute for the true reality. Those who played soon forgot their origin as Aspects of the One Life who chose to refract into the many. Separation had eclipsed Unity. Throughout the aeons of time in three-dimensional space, messengers chose to illuminate the path of return for all who are willing to ascend and reclaim their cosmic birthright. We are all One Life, unified at the heart center with Source. Silence the mind and experience true peace and joy through the practice of mystical meditation regularly. This is the key... I AM in you is the same I AM in me... Namaste.

\"On this Tenth Day of May in the Year Two Thousand and Thirteen of the Common Era I, Joseph David Henry Ware Bryan-Royster, hereby submit my Declaration of Absolute Freedom and DO establish The Universal Community Switchboard Project with my Oath and Bond as Servant to the One People.\"

Author Bio :
9th ARCHETYPE: THE HERMIT. Light shines from within the Soul; the view from the Summit which puts life into its proper perspective. This vantage point is accessed via looking to God who dwells within us; the infinite Creator being the reservoir of all the answers which the Seeker pursues. Each one of us is symbolized by the Lantern image; God\\\'s Light of inner awareness being the Universal Source of Life... Lantern of the Hermit

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