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Secrets of Tantra - The Law of Attraction and the Opposite Sex

{written by : Sudeva Tim Hawkes}

Article word count : 586 -- Article Id : 394
Article active date : 2008-08-25 -- Article views : 7803

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Article is about :
Tantra is a circle of love that heals relationships. Its secret is simple and it lies in stillness. Feel the fire between you and enjoy it without rushing towards orgasm. The surprise is that when the orgasm comes it is better than anything you have ever experienced.

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To discover Tantra is the best thing that can happen for a couple, restoring and healing their relationship. What is Tantra? It is a circle of life energy flowing between two people.

How is it that you know when you meet someone new that you are attracted? Of course, they look good or they smell good or you like the sound of their voice. Also, you feel something. That something you feel is the flow of tantric energy.

When you first touched your partner, you probably felt that ripple of electricity flowing between you. Sometimes, you may feel it when making love. Sadly, it usually dries up after a while. How come? Why is that?

To understand, it helps to explore a little the way energy flows between a man and a woman. It is as simple as this: opposites attract. The sex centre in the male, also known as his first chakra, is positively charged: active. The female sex centre is negatively charged: receptive. The active attracts the receptive and vice versa.

When you end up in bed, the positive energy is raring to go. That is the man. The negative pole takes time to warm up; time to respond to the flow of positive energy. That is the woman. The way the story usually goes is like this: the man pushes along, appearing to have a great time and the woman feels left out.

It does not have to be like this. The solution is so simple: it is not foreplay. Foreplay creates a kind of excitement but not the deep awakening that is possible in a woman"s sex centre.

This is the secret: the man enters the woman and then the two of you lie together and enjoy the stillness. Yes, you do nothing. You simply lie there and feel each other. Do not rush towards orgasm. Feel the fire between you and be still.

After a while, the energy in the woman"s sex naturally responds. You do not want to be counting the minutes, so please don"t try this when you have a deadline. It needs a little time and no one knows how long that will be.

Once her response arises, the energy overflows upwards and the woman"s belly fills with energy, which flows from her into the man"s belly. Instead of feeling confused by her, he feels filled and satisfied. A circle of energy is created and that naturally leads the couple from stillness into movement. Now, you can move and you will both enjoy it. Let the orgasm come on its own.

The biggest difficulty with this practice is that the waiting does not work when you are full of tension. It requires a deep relaxation in both partners. The relaxation is combined with alertness, so last thing at night is not a good time to try this out for the first time. You will probably both go to sleep.

So, find a time when you can relax. A weekend alone together, at home or in a holiday cottage, where both of you can take time and care to create a beautiful environment.

So, if the life is leaking out of your relationship, don"t head for the adult toys or the divorce courts. Try a little Tantra and see what happens. Sex is a powerful energy that is always changing. The teachings of Tantra enable us to bring that energy into a balanced flow, which regenerates our love and brings us to life.

Author Bio :
Sudeva Tim Hawkes invites you to ask your questions about Tantra at his website: He will answer your questions with the insight derived from time spent in India and around the world with masters of Tantra and Tibetan Pulsing Healing. He works as a fully qualified counsellor and healer and runs Tantra weekends with his beloved Subhi Luhn. You can also explore and learn more about Tantra and healing at

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