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Insights into Diet and Health

{written by : Josef Graf}

Article word count : 665 -- Article Id : 55
Article active date : 2008-06-24 -- Article views : 7805

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Article is about :
An Insight21 resource for alternative nutrition drawn from the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner and the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

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The sense of taste, in its higher, more refined state, is capable of discerning what the body most needs at any given time. However, when blunted or debased, it discerns not what is wholesome in a given moment, but what is tasty, or even what will feed a health-undermining craving.

A de-based sense of taste can be redeemed, returned to its higher purpose.


There are different times of the day when the body craves different elements.  It varies with each individual, but there is also a general pattern.


In the morning, the body most craves whole grain; at noon raw vegetables; in the evening lightly cooked vegetables, with greens as a staple nutrient-bearer.

The more “live” a vegetable or fruit is, the more enhanced is its etheric energy, the life force of the plant world.  However, predominantly raw food diets are met best by a healthy etheric force in the individual eating them.  If one’s etheric is depleted, by either illness or exhaustion, lightly cooked foods are easier to assimilate.  For most people a balance of raw and cooked works best.


Experiments with live foods (raw, sprouted, and such) show that graying hair can be reversed.  Also, there are numerous accounts of the reversal of debilitating illnesses.

Plants can be looked at as the inverse of the human form. 


Root  - head

Stem, leaves,  - rhythmic system

Flowers, fruits - metabolic


If a person is suffering from an ailment that resides principally in the head region  - headaches, etc - then the body will benefit from ingesting more root vegetables.  If the lungs or heart are an issue, then more of leafy and stem parts of the plant.  And if the issue entails the metabolic organs, or limb system, then the body can benefit from more fruits and “flower” vegetable portions  - such as broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

The potato is not a root, but a tuber.  Roots are far more optimal for nutrient needs.


The potato feeds a part of the brain that causes one to become more materialistic in one’s thinking.  Further, potatoes are debilitating in a general way, and also specifically debilitating for eyesight.   One would make out better if one ate the skins of potatoes and threw away the white portions  - but unfortunately, the other way around is the usual custom.

Mass meat products, including “prison-raised” chickens, pigs, beef, and other crowded and abused species, carry negative karma for those engaged in the trade, support, or consumption. Is it really worth it to buy such products on the basis of “it’s cheaper”?


Further, the “cheaper” turns out to be quite the opposite - when one considers overall costs to health and shortfall of nutrients per volume purchased.


In the end, both the karmic price and the health price is exponentially higher than the monetary price.

The same is true for most non-organically raised food of all kinds.  Do we want to contribute to depletion of the Earth, or sustain and amend the Earth?  Even when one frames the issue purely in terms of self-interest, one only needs to consider the masses of overweight people who are continually stuffing themselves, yet always hungry  - they are not getting the nutrients the body needs, so they keep eating, caught in a vicious cycle.

A further note on the meat industry: beef has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  Because of the spongiform condition (Mad Cow related) created by both foolish cattle feed practices and long term debilitating animal husbandry, consumption of beef could be creating the spongiform condition in the human brain, a condition that may not show up for many years.


Better options include bison, wild game, organic poultry, or fish.  In the case of fish, the smaller the better, as toxins augment in the food chain (which means the lowly sardine is now king).  Some tins of tuna now contain the maximum level of mercury recommended to ingest in a year (in a single tin!).

Author Bio :
An article from Insight21 and Earth Vision - presenting answers for the 21st Century. To explore more on diet and health follow the links from the Insight21 home page.

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