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One Thought at a Time

{written by : Jeanie Marshall}

Article word count : 305 -- Article Id : 573
Article active date : 2008-09-12 -- Article views : 7802

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Article is about : a short poem about a simple approach for experiencing greater happiness as a result of intentional positive thought choices.

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I harm or heal myself
One thought at a time.
I discover myself and others
One thought at a time.
I live my life
One thought at a time.

My telephone rings,
I choose a thought.
I choose to choose from among the many positive thoughts.
A connection with the outside world.
A friend. A client. Information. Happy News.
Appreciation. Technology. An answer.

Negative thoughts are just as plentiful,
I have explored those thoughts, too.
Negative thoughts pair up with negative feelings.
Negative feelings do not feel good.
And so in the middle of a cacophony of negative thoughts,
I find the least negative thought,
It is a lifeline out of the negativity.
That one thought helps me find a slightly positive thought,
And then a truly positive thought.
One thought at a time.

I do not leap to joy in the midst of disaster,
I move myself there,
One thought at a time.
From fear or despair,
I move to joy through many thoughts,
One thought at a time.
From mild irritation,
I move to joy in a few thoughts,
One thought at a time.

Images of explosions invoke in me
Feelings of horror and thoughts of injustice.
Of all the possible sad thoughts, I choose
The one that is the least sad.
I breathe.
From that less sad thought,
I choose a slightly more positive thought.
I have a right to choose a more negative thought,
But that makes me more sad, so I move the other way,
One thought at a time.

I am gentle with myself.
When I find myself in the midst of unhappy thoughts,
I move myself out of the unhappiness
One thought at a time.
I move myself to happiness
One thought at a time.

I do this everyday,
Many times a day,
One thought at a time.

Author Bio :
© 2001. Written on September 13, 2001, originally subtitled "More Reflections on September 11, 2001." Marshall House, Jeanie Marshall, a Personal Development Coach specializing in deep transformation and personal success, writes extensively on subjects related to personal development and empowerment. She assists professional coaches and consultants to write their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.

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