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The Mechanics of Reincarnation - Part 6

{written by : Pieter Heydenrych}

Article word count : 1784 -- Article Id : 6
Article active date : 2008-03-28 -- Article views : 9669

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Article is about :
It is now that we have a chance to fully investigate how it all fits together. A model of life in this physical universe. In fact all life on this planet, and on this physical plain is subjected to this.

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The body - the full picture

It is now that we have a chance to fully investigate how it all fits together. A model of life in this physical universe. In fact all life on this planet, and on this physical plain is subjected to this.

The base of this triangle is the highest in priority, and fulfilment of the each of these will follow the triangle upwards, and in order. Each must be fulfilled before the next will be addressed.

Starting from the bottom up.

  1. Survival of the species and procreation
    Surprisingly enough, and despite what some authorities might have to say on the subject this is our primary concern in life. Everything that we do or plan, is to achieve this end. Let's start with nature as an example, and you will find in general that there is one alpha male or female. This male or female, through prowess and physical strength has earned the right to father / mother all of the young. Why is this so, simply to ensure that the best genes are always passed on from generation to generation.

    Now in human society the same dynamic is at work, except our society is a far more complex one. Our measurement of strength and prowess are not the same as directly in nature, which relies purely on physical strength. The reason for this is that our survival in so-called civilized society, is measured by different standards. In our society the measures of strength and prowess are measured by various standards, and although physical does play a role, there are a number of other aspects which come into play here. The ability to provide, food & shelter, even status plays a role, and obviously not forgetting that good genes also play a role. Now this would raise the question of who is the one looking, the female or the male of the species. I think the issue here is the perspective from which this is viewed, male or female.

    Male perspective is clearly looking for the most beautiful mate, who will rear the best looking young (pass on the best genes) Note that in today's society there is another factor which has become prevalent in female companions, and that is intelligence. How would a female show this. Typically through career success. The so-called emancipation of the woman of our species. They have become strong, and intelligent, and independent. Just think how attractive this is, well at least for some. Another point to consider in this instance is that, and through no fault of theirs, woman are beginning to realize that the males of our species (the ones with the goods genes in any event), are for the most part far from adequate care givers, and they have to thus place themselves in a position to provide for in this need themselves.

    Looking at it from the female perspective. This is a multidimensional view, and depends rather on the evolution of the female in question. There are however a few issues which are considered instinctively by the females of the species.
    1. Looks - Although this is somewhat superficial, this plays a very important role in the seeking of a mate for the purpose of procreation, making babies. Interestingly enough this may not necessarily mean that the mate is required to be a care giver after conception. This since the female would either be fulfilling this role herself, or find another who could do this.

Power - This is in our society is usually ruled by a few specific situations, money or status. The first however seems to be the more important of the two, as money can buy status . Interestingly this is usually also a vice left to the physically less perfect of the species, the perfect don’t need it. So we seek to achieve as much power as possible through the money that we earn, the more the better, as this will give us a perceived capability of being a good care giver, and a show of the male's ability to survive and ensure the survival of the young, which after all and in the big picture, is the responsibility of the female of the species. It simply makes them look better. Another dynamic, which seems to be entering into this equation, to some extent is mental ability or intelligence. Although this does not play the strongest role, this does seem to help somewhat, as this could possibly earn status, which is merely another form of power. Something else which comes to mind is that although this is not totally mutually exclusive, the pretty ones are not always the most intelligent, they don't really need it. In both instances however a perceived power is created. Male and female.

Another point to consider here is that the one with the goods genes, and the care giver do not necessarily have to be the same. Considering this, is there still doubt in your mind about this being the most important aspect in the triangle of life. The most important thing to remember here is that everything we do is simply to ensure the best possible mate, so as to ensure the best possible outcome in respect of the successful survival of the species, and rearing the best possible genes. (Ever hear them say that there is someone for everyone. Hmm..)

Keeping all of this in mind you will also find that in each case, the male attempts to achieve one of the above two states in order to ensure that he would get the best mate, whilst the female will always attempt to make herself desirable to ensure that she gets the best genes for passing on to her young, whilst also ensuring their future survival. This may sound crass and without feeling, but if you really think about it, you are likely to agree that there is not much more to it than that. What about love you ask? Well simply an emotion resulting from a chemical secretion of the body, hormones designed to ensure the need to procreate and make the species survive. Especially if you think about the first amazing feeling of desire and so-called love, also known as a crush. Note also that at this level basic animal attractions play the strongest role.


  1. Food and liquid needs of the body & shelter
    These are fairly obvious needs of the body. This is fairly important for the survival of the body, and is therefore a need which requires fulfillment. An interesting thought however would be to consider why the body wishes to fulfil in this need, and it is clear that this is merely to ensure that the body can further continue and procreate, and so ensure the survival of the species. Another point which needs be considered in this instance, is that this is something which could be used to attract a mate. Can you provide food & shelter for your mate. For the most part it is also important to know that this is usually and traditionally a task performed by the male of the species, being physically the stronger of the species, as this is likely to attract a suitable mate, (your perceived best). This will also typically be used by the lesser males to attract a better mate. In our society money usually does the trick, as this makes it possible to provide both quite adequately. An interesting thought is that the female of the species usually also could catch a mate with cooking skills, can you feed my young well, if I provide the food. Feeding me also helps. Ever hear the saying that.. " the path to mans heart is through their stomach"

    The point here is that there is clearly a definitive link between this tier of the triangle and the previous one. Both these levels complement each other, and support to the bottom level is clear offered by this second level.
  2. Comfort & security.
    Once the basic body survival needs have been addressed, it could be suggested that the next step up is to become comfortable. Although this in itself plays a very small role in the basic scheme of things, and specifically survival. This is really where our human part starts coming through. We want to be comfortable, we desire what others have, we want to be able to do the things that we want to. Interestingly this does not fall totally out of the survival dynamic, which is still simply based on getting the best possible mate. Which mate does not want comfort and security. Again in our society money usually does the trick. Also this is a vice which the lesser males (physical gene appeal) of the species have to rely on heavily to get the better mate (perceived). Give the perception to the other that you will be a better caregiver or better provider, etc.
  3. Spiritual growth.
    Once all of the bodily needs have been fulfilled in, the human will now have the time to pursue other things usually spiritual in nature. The quest for understanding, and knowing our purpose, why we are here, what is the point of all of this. Again this has in our society become a tool by which the basic first survival dynamic is enhanced. Status that this could bring to the bearer has an appeal for some. This does create a very interesting second line of survival. Another thought is that this is where the definitive differentiation between animal and human starts to occur, and although some of the humanity starts to come through already in the comfort and security dynamic, our real ability to think and wonder starts to thrive here. An interesting dynamic which appears to also be forthcoming at this level seems to be the desire for other species to continue surviving, not just your own. Humans tend to become less selfish at this level.

So what is the real conclusion…
Simply this. Few of your pursuits as a human will fall outside of the construct of this basic survival dynamic. Keeping this in mind and once fully understanding this, you as a being are far more likely to understand the purpose of life, and what we are really doing here. It will also help us make better informed decisions about how we live our lives, as we now know why we do certain things. It will also help us to gain control of it and muster it's power. As this is in it's purest form the most powerful of all.

So the question then remains. Where are you placed in this scheme of things, which of your needs have been fulfilled, and which have not been?..

Author Bio :
The author, Pieter Heydenrych is a Reiki master who maintains both sites Learn how to meditate as well as The Order of Perfect. In both instances the sites are dedicated to enlightenment and the spread of knowledge to all who wish to learn.

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