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2012 The End and the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?

{written by : Anita Burns}

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Article active date : 2008-09-22 -- Article views : 9651

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Article is about :
Throughout my lifetime, there have been numerous times when people have become enthusiastic, excited, or anxious about an astrological configuration that was supposed to bring great awakening or great disaster to the earth. 2012 has some scientific basis and some esoteric surprises.

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The End and the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?

Throughout my lifetime of 60 years, there have been numerous times when the metaphysical community has become enthusiastic, excited, or anxious about a reported astrological configuration that was supposed to bring great awakening or great disaster to the earth. Without exception, the result has proven to be less than anticipated.

I have learned to take a wait and see stance to all the predictions of global disaster, ET invasions, the coming of Christ, the awakening of super spirituality, and the beginning of the Golden Age. As an astrologer, I check the “stars” with each prediction and usually the hype is exaggerated or even completely off-base, perhaps because of miscalculations or lack of deeper knowledge of esoteric astrology.

I also check with the living saints and sages of the world to find out what they have to say in the matter. Usually there is either no mention of the event or that it is greatly exaggerated.

However, a 2007 even--the transit of Venus between the Sun and the Earth was talked about in the circles of scientists as well as saints and sages.

This event, which will be repeated in the year 2012, espoused by many as the end of the current “age of ignorance” and the beginning of the “age of truth and enlightenment.” It is also believed by some to be the end or resetting of the Mayan calendar.

It’s not that everyone will wake up the day after the transit in 2012 and be totally enlightened. It’s that the doorway is finally open for clear and mostly unobstructed spiritual progress in the world. Those who are willing and ready to awaken will find their path clear and powerfully supported in the world.

The significance of the year 2012 is not “New Age” hype. It has some scientific basis too. The earth’s magnetic field is created by the rotating core. Spiritually, the ancient wisdom of India states that the Earth’s magnetic field is intricately connected with the consciousness of its inhabitants.

The earth’s magnetic field has been weakening over the last ten years (National Geographic News, 2004). In physics, there is something called “Schumann’s Resonance.” It is a way of measuring the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Normally it remains around 7.8 cycles (hertz) per second. In the last 8 years it has increased to 11 cycles per second and continues to rise.

If this continues as it is now, by the year 2012, the Schumann’s Resonance will be around 13 cycles per second. When this happens, the Earth’s core, it is believed, will stop rotating and the magnetic field will disappear. Then the core will start rotating again. According to earth scientist and magnetic field expert, Gary Glatzmaier, of the University of California at Santa Cruz, the field has reversed more than once in the past, and life didn’t stop.

Spiritually, this means that the “maya” mind, the lower mind that the Indians call “samskara” will be gone too. All the environmental and etheric blocks and obstacles to the higher mind from the past 11,000 years will be gone.

It is a fresh start. It is the opening of the way of the new age. In India’s Vedic astrology, Earth eras are divided into periods called “Yugas.” The Satya Yuga is the Golden Age of Enlightenment and has a span of 1,728,000 years (although this was disputed by Sri Yukteshwar, Yogi Parmahansa Yoganda’s guru). The Treta Yuga, when darkness and ignorance are beginning to encroach, lasts 1,296,000 years. The Dvapara Yuga, when the darkening continues to grow, lasts 864,000 years, and the present age—the Kali Yuga, when materialism and spiritual ignorance is the most prominent, lasts 432,000 years.

These figures are based on the astronomical precessional numbers associated with what is called the Platonic Year of 25,920 years. So what does all this mean? Without getting too technical, the Yuga system, as decoded by Sri Yukteshwar has the end of the Kali Yuga corresponding to the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius in Western Astrology and to the solstice-galaxy alignment era from 1998-2012 AD.

According to Discovery Channel in an article from December, 2003, the Earth’s rotation is definitely changing. Many people are saying that it speeding up, but according to Tom O’Brian, a physicist and chief of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Time and Frequency Division, “What has actually happened is that the rate of the rotation of the Earth has stopped slowing down.” Since the formation of the Earth, rotation has been slowing at a rate of about 1.5 milliseconds per century. Four million years ago, a day was only 20 hours long.

No one knows what this means but it is probably connected with the magnetic shift that scientists know is coming. There have been four reversals every 1 million years over the last 15 million years. The last one was 790,000 years ago, which means we’re overdo. The magnetic field has dropped significantly during the past 20 years and 10 percent over the last 150 years. A magnetic flip, according to those in the know won’t be an overnight occurrence. It will happen over 1,000 to 7,000 years, although some have lasted only a few weeks (The Observer, November 2002). So the predictions of global chaos with whales bumping into continental shelves and birds flying North for the winter probably won’t happen.

The bottom line is that whether you listen to metaphysical and spiritual predictions or scientific postulations, we are without a doubt heading for a global change of some kind. The Transit of Venus coinciding with the resetting of the Mayan Calendar, predictions by Vedic sages and ancient scripture (The Vedas and others), astrology—both Vedic and Western, and scientific evidence of great global change all point to an exciting time during the next eight years.

Author Bio :
Anita Burns has been an astrologer and metaphysician most of her 60 years of life. She has studied widely and teaches from an open mind about life, spirit, and healing.

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