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The Purpose of Astrology

{written by : Andrea Grieveson}

Article word count : 487 -- Article Id : 695
Article active date : 2008-10-01 -- Article views : 7804

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Article is about :
My own ideas on the purpose of astrology after 36 years of work and study

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After studying and working with astrology since 1972, I have decided that the true purpose of astrology is to show us ourselves.
After talking to – and arguing with, discarnate spirits since 1979, through my husband’s trance mediumship, I have decided that the true purpose of life is to show us ourselves.
So, you may ask, why do we need to ‘know’ ourselves?

From the human, physical point of view, a knowledge of our own strengths and weaknesses can only improve the quality of our lives. By accepting our personal responsibility and endeavouring to become more in balance and less extreme, surely we will gradually have a more harmonious effect upon our environment?
As we gain a better perspective – as we see how unimportant many worldly things are, every area of our lives improves, especially our relationships with others.

Knowing yourself is not easy. Accepting the many weaknesses takes courage but I can assure you that it does lead to true peace of mind, and a more relaxed attitude as each day brings more opportunities to practice ‘getting it right’.
Not everyone will study astrology as a subject of course, but most astrologers are happy to prepare and interpret birth charts.

Not everyone is inward looking, so it will be more difficult monitoring yourself than if you were naturally introspective. However once you do start to ask yourself what your motives are and get into the habit of listening to your own words and how you are saying them, your progress will be powerful.

From our spirit’s point of view, the more we know about ourselves – our ideas, our habit patterns, our emotional responses, our values and how we react – the easier it is to communicate with us, and help guide us through life.

Our spirits do not expect us to become ‘perfect’ – no person could upon the earth – but the act of trying to control the animal responses, is all that is necessary.
As we begin looking within we are in fact raising our energies, and our spirits are able to communicate more easily with us. We also become aware of different levels of energy, which in turn helps us gain more control of our physical selves.

So it is a simple fact that astrology, along with many other systems of divination were given to us on the earth in order that we might find ourselves. In order that we can find harmony and balance.
Finding this harmony and balance increases our ‘awareness’. Increasing our awareness helps us to take charge of our own lives.

All of you wanting to become healers, channels, mediums, psychics – whatever, should realise that you are all of these things already. It is your lack of communication with your own spirit that is holding you back. Focusing too strongly on the physical world is preventing you from looking at yourselves and finding the peace of mind you need.

Author Bio :
Andrea Grieveson is a practising astrologer,psychic channel, and hypnotherapist, specialising in past life clairvoyance and past life regression. I have channelled 'Read How We Died' - a book telling the experiences of almost 30 discarnate spirits when they left the earth behind them.

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