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Eliminating Candida with Flower Essences, Tree Essences and Gem Essences - Part 2

{written by : Mary Kurus}

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Article active date : 2008-09-29 -- Article views : 9672

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Article is about :
Like parasitic infections, a candida overgrowth can drain you of most of your energy causing you to fatigue very easily. The major complaint for many today is their lack of energy.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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Lack of Energy

Like parasitic infections, a candida overgrowth can drain you of most of your energy causing you to fatigue very easily. The major complaint for many today is their lack of energy. Everyone wants to have lots of energy to be able to live and participate in life most fully. One of the most common causes for the loss of energy is candida. An equal cause of a loss of energy is parasitic infections. I have written a separate article titled "Eliminating Parasites". Candida and parasites literally suck your energy out of you. Your immune system has to work so hard to try and eliminate them and to keep trying to detoxify their poisons that it becomes very weak. In time, candida can unbalance your chemical system. This in turn changes your digestive system. A changed digestive system means you can no longer digest many of the foods you could digest before. Your vital energy keeps getting lower and lower and you become fatigued more and more easily.

The Spread of Candida

Candida rests in your intestinal tracts and the overgrowth begins there. It eventually spreads almost everywhere throughout including your blood system, into the membranes around your brain, into your brain, into your joints, affecting basically every system in your body. It weakens the immune system. This weakness allows other infections and illnesses to take hold. Candida can also be transmitted sexually so you need to be careful in choosing your sexual partners. Eventually over time your energy feels sapped away, you tire easily, your thinking becomes sluggish and dull, you have problems remembering things, you feel depressed and sad, things that didn’t bother you before become real problems, you become irritable and discontent.

Effects – On Emotions and Intellectual Ability
Candida has a direct and profound effect on your emotions and your intellectual capacity. It causes depression, irritability, emotional swings, confusion, the inability to concentrate, memory problems, and restlessness. It has many indirect causes as well. Insomnia and broken sleep creates fatigue that in turn affects most things in your life. This in turn leads to many other difficulties in your relationships and your overall quality of life. The emotional and intellectual effect of candida is huge.

As candida is eliminated the vital force and the energy of the person slowly and gently increases. Once the energy has increased, I have found that people are then strong enough to deal with their emotions and emotional issues in life. It"s amazing to see people almost come to life in front of your eyes and begin to find the energy, emotional strength and intellectual capacity to enjoy life again.

It"s important to note that not all emotional imbalances, depression etc. are caused by candida or parasites. There are many other causes for emotional difficulties. Candida and parasites are often major causes and should be identified and eliminated to ensure they are not the only cause of your emotional difficulties. At times, candida is the only major cause of emotional and intellectual difficulties.

Candida and Children

Children can be affected with candida in the same manner as adults. Today children are often prescribed antibiotics for a variety of illnesses. Unfortunately parents are not told they must give their children acidophilus to repopulate their intestines with good bacteria. As a result the children often begin to develop a candida fungus overgrowth at a very young age. I have worked with children from ages 3 - 12 who had a great deal of the candida fungus overgrowth.

Cancer and Candida

This is quite a controversial topic. I personally believe that many types of cancer today are caused by parasites, worms, infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Cancers of the lungs, throat, tongue, bronchial tubes are often caused by a fungus growth on the lungs. As the fungus or parasites multiply and get denser in the body, the organs and systems can no longer function normally. Parasites, worms, viruses and fungus dump toxins or poisons in your body daily. This changes the chemistry of the body completely. The digestive system can no longer digest food properly, and the cells begin to behave abnormally. And cancer is the abnormal growth of cells. The damage that fungus, parasites and worms do to the cells and organs themselves, the poisons they leave in the body are a major cause of many types of cancer.

Eliminating Candida – with Choming Essences - Flower Essences, Tree Essences, Gem Essences

Choming Essences are made from nature, flowers, trees, grasses, gems, crystals, and elements of the sea. A Choming Essence is the pure vibration of that plant, flower, tree gem or crystal which is bottled with the vibration locked in with a bit of alcohol. Essences from flowers and trees have been used for healing human illness for centuries in India and other ancient cultures. The process I use to make Choming Essences uses a modified form of ancient techniques used by alchemists for many centuries.

In the 1930`s Dr. Bach made 38 essences called Bach Essences which have become very well known around the world. Dr. Bach went to great effort to choose flowers and trees that had no physical effect in healing, but which had real effects on emotions. Choming Essences are made quite differently from Bach Essences and work very differently from Bach Essences. The process I use to make Choming Essences is called alchemy. This is an ancient practice that I have adapted to be able to help so many suffering from candida overgrowths and many other physical, emotional, mental/intellectual and spiritual difficulties.

Choming Essences affect the physical, emotional, mental/intellectual and spiritual elements within an individual. Their effects range from elimination of candida fungus and parasites, to a deep cellular detoxification of poisons, to helping individuals shift into their deeper subconscious for enhanced spiritual growth, strengthen the mental/intellectual abilities, and help people to shift and release emotions. They work in the electro-magnetic body, the auras, chakras, meridian system as well as the physical organs and systems. They affect the magnetic, electrical and electro-magnetic systems in and around your physical body.

How a Choming Essence Program Works – Healing with Vibration

Choming Essences heal with vibration. They contain no part whatsoever of the plant, tree, gem or crystal. When you take 4 drops, 4 times each day, the Choming Essence shifts the vibrations in your physical and energetic bodies. A person who is ill, who has a candida overgrowth or a parasitic infection, will have a much lower vibration that the healthy person. Choming Essences will increase the vibration within the body slowly and gently. A candida overgrowth cannot live in a higher vibration and is slowly eliminated as an individual"s vibration is raised. Choming Essences also eliminate the roots of the Candida overgrowth. It"s important to remember that fungus has roots and the candida overgrowth puts down roots that have to be eliminated. If the roots are not eliminated the candida will just grow back again.

A Choming Essence Program identifies the Choming Essence combinations you need and these are changed every 5-6 weeks. Each bottle of essence is made by hand individually to ensure the strength of the vibration is the correct vibration for you. The vibration of a Choming Essence combination increases in strength of vibration during a Choming Essence Program. This ensures that an individual’s rate of vibration continues to increase until a vibrant and healthy rate has been achieved. Candida cannot live in a high rate of vibration. A Choming Program of elimination and cleansing normally lasts approximately 40-52 weeks. This includes the elimination of roots and the cleansing of any toxins within. At times the duration is longer. This depends on how long the person has been infected, and if other issues relating to parasites, viruses, infectious bacteria etc. exist. The average person is usually amazed at their increase in energy, even after 10 weeks on a Choming Essence Program.

The Major Elements of a Choming Essence Program

1) A Choming Essence Program:

Choming Essences are made from flowers, trees, grasses, gems, crystals, and elements of the sea. Choming Essences are made quite differently from other essences, an alchemical process, and can effect healing for many different types of health problems. Choming Essences are healing with vibration. They continually shift and increase the rate and type of vibration in your physical and energetic bodies.

A Program with Choming Essences involves getting a Vibrational Assessment to identify the following: vibrations of parasites, worms, viruses and infectious bacteria; the vibrations of Candida overgrowth, and other types of fungus including cellular fungus; the presence of vibrations of metal and chemical poisons and atomic poisons; the presence of spirits, entities, negative rays and connections, underground water, and other external energetic factors that are affecting your health; the rate of blockages in your auras and chakras; the identification of 65 different emotions and emotional factors affecting your health; vitamin and mineral deficiencies; and the vibration of food sensitivities.

Choming Essences can help eliminate all parasites, candida and fungus as well as their spores and roots. They also help with deep healing in the emotional, mental/ intellectual and spiritual areas. They can often heal what no human power can touch or help. People who have used Choming Essences say things such as " they touched my soul". Confusion leaves and thinking becomes more clear and focused. Your memory often improves. Negative thinking patterns begin to shift into positive thinking patterns. People begin to feel some of the emotions they buried so deep they no longer understood they had them or knew how to bring them up. You learn how to keep your auras and chakras clear of negative energies. Choming Essences can help you shift into a new and more meaningful consciousness.

All Choming Essences are made individually to ensure that the rate of vibration is the perfect vibration for your present state of health, your weight, and your present energy level. People who are chronically ill cannot absorb the same rate of vibration as someone with a minor health problem. A man weighing 300 pounds needs a different strength to shift his vibrations when compared to the strength of vibration required by a petite lady weighing 120 pounds. Choming Essences are normally best used when combined. I normally put three different essences into one Choming Combination. Your rate of vibration needs to be raised slowly and gradually until it is high which means it is very healthy.

2) A New way of Eating and Drinking:

People with digestive food sensitivities need to develop a new way of eating. The following list can appear overwhelming and most people introduce many of these elements gradually over a period of time:

  • the incremental elimination of sensitive foods from your diet (usually wheat, sugar and yeast foods immediately);
  • the replacement of foods with organically grown foods wherever possible;
  • changing your drinking water to water that is filtered and energized;
  • eating food during each meal within groups that are compatible with each other - called Food Combining
  • taking food supplements where needed, vitamins, chelated or citrate minerals, soy based or rice based protein powder drinks;
  • using herbal tinctures in support of inner physical healing.

3) Using Herbal Tinctures To Support Inner Healing:

One of the best supports for inner physical healing while taking Choming Essences is herbal tinctures, especially those made from fresh herbs. I make a number of herbal tinctures from fresh herbs to support the healing of damaged organs and systems in the body. Tinctures made from fresh herbs contain much more healing power than those made from dried herbs. Unfortunately, most of the tinctures available today in stores are made from dry herbs rather than fresh herbs. The second best option is to make yourself a herbal infusion or tea from dried herbal leaves or roots. Herbs are a powerful healing support to Choming Essences and vibrational healing.

4) Working With Your Emotions:

Many of us go through life without having the opportunity or taking the time to learn about our inner emotional and mental lives. In North America and Europe we approach most issues intellectually and tend to avoid looking at how we feel about things. Often we are very uncomfortable or frightened of our emotions. Emotions can and do cause illness if repressed for long periods of time. We need to identify the emotions stuck within us and learn to release these emotions. It takes an enormous amount of our energy to keep emotions repressed within and makes us feel tired and fatigued if we repress emotions for long periods of time. We need to learn how to "feel" our life experiences rather than just think about them or talk about them. Thinking and talking is not "feeling" our emotional reactions to life experiences.

I recommend two books that can provide you with guidance on how to begin looking thoughtfully at your emotional lives. The first is called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz and the second is "Mind Mastery Meditations: A Workbook for the Infinite Mind" by Valerie V. Hunt. The Mind Mastery Meditations provides a comprehensive group of meditations that will guide you in a learning process to help you learn about your emotions from this life and eventually from past lives.

5) Developing Spiritual Practices:

A spiritual practice is something that we do to help us connect with a Universal Power, whatever it is you choose to call it – God, Buddha, Allah, or whatever. A spiritual practice is something we do regularly to connect us with this Universal Power. This connection is essential to vibrant long-term health.

I often suggest that people begin experimenting with different spiritual practices to find something that gives them a clear and personal connection with that Universal Power. There are so many ways of doing this including meditation, prayer, joining a prayer group or a meditation group, creating an altar in your home and having your own ceremony and worship at your altar. It can include religious practices not necessarily connected with a formal religion. Please read the article titled " Creating Your Altar and Worshipping at Your Altar" for more detailed suggestions. Some develop this connection through hiking and connecting with the spirit world of nature. There are so many different ways to develop this connection and you need to find a manner that suits you and your needs. The only essential element is that you find a way of connecting with that almighty Power of the Universe and that you feel the deep love and caring of this Power deep within you.

I caution people to be careful to avoid getting caught up in what I call false spirituality. This type of spirituality only masks emotions buried within that we don’t want to own to help us avoid facing ourselves completely. People who are caught in false spirituality often can speak very spiritually about themselves and their beliefs. However, their lives are often filled with dishonesty, anger, anguish and pain. Most are not consciously aware they are practicing false spirituality. The best gage one can use to identify if false spirituality exists is to see if a person is "walking the talk". If ones behavior does not reflect their words then it’s quite likely the spirituality is pretty superficial.

6) Looking After Your Auras and Chakras:

We need to look after our auras and chakras with as much care as we look after our physical bodies. Negative energies can flip into your aura and move into your chakras from those around you. This causes blockages in your auras and reduces the flow of energy. A reduced flow of energy means that you are less energetic.

I make a concentrate from the Black Obsidian gemstone to mix with water and then to use as a spray. This is a very powerful cleanser and more powerful than either white sage or incense. It will cleanse your aura of negative energies, entities, and spirits. By the way, it’s also a powerful cleanser for your home, car, pets, friends, children, children’s rooms, husband, whatever you believe needs cleansing.

You can cleanse your aura in several other ways. You can smudge yourself with white sage. You can smudge yourself with incense, but only very pure incense. I find that the incense made by Tibetans living in Nepal to be very pure and very cleansing. However, it does not cleanse as well as the white sage.

For a more extensive look at negative energies please visit my website at and read an article titled "Psychic Attacks and Protecting Yourself".

7) Love and laughter:

Each one of use is living a human life and being human means we need to feel wanted, needed and loved. We need to be accepted for who we are, and valued for who we are. This is essential for a healthy life. We need to laugh. A sign of emotional health is the ability to laugh at yourself, your mistakes and foibles. Laughter heals so much within us. It changes the actual physical chemistry in our bodies. The ability to laugh is deeply healing. We need to give love to ourselves, our families, our friends, our community and our country. We also need to receive love from ourselves, our friends, families, community and country. Love and laughter are essential ingredients to a happy and developed life.

A Diet To Support Eliminating Candida

Since antibiotics and oral birth control pills are key causes for the overgrowth to spread they must be eliminated. There are many other types of healing and birth control methods that do not have such negative results on your health. Candida feeds on sugar, yeast, and starchy type carbohydrates. Therefore these types of foods need to be eliminated also.

The following is a dietary guideline to follow in support of eliminating a candida overgrowth. For most it’s a major shift in diet and most people need time to introduce these changes gradually.

  • Eliminate all sources of sugar from your diet (white and brown sugar, honey, molasses, maple syrup, fructose);
  • Eliminate sugar sweet foods (cakes, cookies, desserts, candies, ice-cream);
  • Eliminate alcoholic drinks, wine, beer and malt;
  • Eliminate all sources of yeast from your diet ( catsup, mayonnaise, pickles, soy sauce, mustard, vinegar, olives, bread made with yeast);
  • Eliminate canned, frozen and fresh fruit ( loads of sugar and yeast);
  • Eliminate all starchy carbohydrates from your diet (breads from wheat, biscuits, soda crackers, potatoes);
  • Eliminate foods with yeast and mould especially all cheeses and mushrooms);
  • Left-overs from meals become mould-containing within 24 hours and should be frozen to ensure they are mould free.

Mind/Body Healing and Candida

The relationship of the body, the mind and emotions is totally intertwined and integrated and has a profound effect on our health. A great deal today has been written regarding this by Carolyn Meiss, Louise L. Hay, Deepak Chopra and many other learned people. I commend them for the awareness and knowledge they are developing with so many today.

Louise Hay in her book "Heal Your Body" talks about the mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them. She provides a listing of illnesses and affirmations to help you overcome these illnesses. She states that the probable cause of candida is "Feelings very scattered. Lots of frustration and anger. Demanding and untrusting in relationships. Great takers." and suggests a new thought pattern " I give myself permission to be all that I can be and deserve and the very best in life. I love and appreciate myself and others."

I do not believe that all candida infections are the direct or indirect result of scattered feelings, anger and frustration, or being untrusting and a taker. For years people took antibiotics without understanding that it would almost always leads to a candida fungus overgrowth and ensuing illness. This has nothing to do with emotions. This is based on a lack of knowledge and understanding of the impact of taking antibiotics. I do agree that a persons thinking and their emotions can affect their health, but we must be careful not to generalize and to take all aspects of the situation into consideration.

It is said that as you think so you act, and I believe that to be very correct. Our emotions and thoughts have a direct effect on the chemistry of our organs and systems and our overall health. But we must be diligent to remain reasonable as we think about many illnesses today. Many can heal themselves with intent and many cannot. And not all illness is caused by negative thinking and emotions.

Maintaining Good Health

I strongly recommend that everyone complete a full detoxification with Choming every 8 - 9 months. Our water and food today is so full of chemicals, metals, parasites, infectious bacteria, and other contaminants, that a regular detoxification is required to maintain a high level of energy.

Athletes of all types who need to keep themselves in top physical form should also complete a detoxification every 6 months, to ensure all poisons are flushed out. Their ability to concentrate, to focus, and to increase their strength and endurance will be greatly enhanced. Choming Essences are for those who feel healthy, and to help you stay healthy.

In addition to detoxification I recommend the following: eliminate most sugar and sugar sweet foods, white flour products, yeast, alcohol, and tobacco from your diet; attach a sound water filter to your drinking water supply (Nikkon has a very good one on the market); always wash you hands after using the toilet or changing diapers; remove all pets from your home unless they have had their parasites eliminated and are on a maintenance program to keep them clear; do not clean out cat litter from cats who are not treated; only eat well cooked meat; carefully wash all food being consumed in water you know is clear of parasites; when traveling take a portable water filter and select the food you eat with care.

Rebuilding – Healing the Damage Once Candida Is Gone
One you have completed the elimination of candida and parasites and cleansed the poisons from your body it’s important to remember that your organs and systems are quite damaged by candida and parasites and the poisons they dropped in your body. Parasites perforate the lungs, intestines etc. and organs need a lot of support for healing to occur. Candida does great damage as well to the organs and systems. Acidophilus is essential for the last 10 weeks of a Choming Essence Program to ensure good and friendly bacteria repopulates your systems. Aloe Vera juice is very healing to damaged organs. Supplements of vitamins and mineral are also essential for the first year after parasites have been eliminated, and probably for the long-term.

There are many herbs that are healing for different organs and systems. I suggest you seek the advice of a herbalist or an alternative practitioner for information on healing with herbs. It’s important to remember that herbs are medicinal and need to be used with respect and knowledge. More is not necessarily better.


Healing with vibration is the new way of healing. It is totally natural. It is a process that releases your personal vitality. It uses the healing power of nature that has an intelligence for healing humans cannot create. Drugs are developed by copying elements of the healing power in nature. The Universe has also provided us with the elements from nature to keep us healthy with vibrant energy, so that we have a high energy level and live out lives to the fullest.

Author Bio :
Mary Kurus is a Canadian Vibrational Consultant who has an active practice in vibrational healing. She conducts detailed Vibrational Assessments that identify the physical, energetic and emotional areas that are affecting your health today. Mary also makes vibrational medicines called Choming Vibrational Essences and Choming Herbal Tinctures that are used in a Choming Essence Program to increase your vibrations and energy. For more details goto or contact Mary or (613) 733-2856

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