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Munay Ki Rites

{written by : Susan Ann Palmer}

Article word count : 845 -- Article Id : 825
Article active date : 2008-10-14 -- Article views : 9839

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Article is about :
The Rites of the Munay Ki are energetic transmissions from the ancient teachings of the Incas. They are seeds of potential to allow you to become the person you are meant to be and to consciously begin to create your luminous energy field. To empower you to change your consciousness.

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Over the years I have acquired many skills and qualifications in a variety of disciplines: homoeopathy, health kinesiology, reiki, angel and ascension teaching and workshops. My spiritual journey has been a wonderful and sometimes challenging experience. But it wasn’t until the beginning of 2008 when I first received the rites of the Munay Ki from a friend, that the various threads of my life began to come together. Suddenly there was a link. The connections between my different healing modalities, the angels, spiritual development, nature and the environment fell into place. It was if I had come home!

So what are the rites of the Munay Ki? Munay Ki comes from the Quechua word meaning ‘I love you’ or ‘Be as thou art’. It is a series of nine rites that take us on a journey through personal healing and connect us energetically to the lineages of healers, wisdom keepers and guardians of the earth, to become the stewards of our planet in times to come. Their origins lie deep in human history.

40,000 years ago ancient wisdom keepers came out of the Himalayas and spread throughout the world, taking their knowledge and understanding with them, into Asia, Europe, Africa and across the Bering Sea into the Americas. This knowledge formed the basis of indigenous healers and shaman throughout the world. In South America the Incas kept the information sacred. Elders took it high into the mountains during the times of the conquistadores in order to keep this information alive. During the last few decades their descendents have come down into the villages and once again brought the ancient ways back into being. Alberto Villoldo a Doctor of Anthropology has worked with these elders for the last twenty years to bring this information into the modern world. He has established The Four Winds Society, which teachers their shamanic healing methods. Part of this teaching is the Munay Ki Rites, which can be passed on to others once you have received them yourself.

Many traditional cultures throughout the world have predictions and stories about 2012. Many imply the end of things as we know them; many others refer to it as the ‘beginning time’ or ‘times of creation’. They had visions of changes beyond their comprehension and so were unable to predict what may occur. As 2012 rapidly approaches we sense an accelerating of our spiritual development and awareness. Things are changing personally and globally: environmentally and financial for example. Rather than doom and catastrophe, many believe that 2012 will bring with it a cosmic opportunity to connect with the spiritual realms in ways that have not been available before for thousands of years. The Incas believed that part of that change was that humans would alter their energy fields, developing bodies of light: a luminous energy field and gradually over thousands of years, a new species would develop – homo luminous. The modern descendants of the Incas: the Q’ero elders and the Four Winds Society developed the Munay Ki to enable individuals to hold the potential to shift their consciousness and to allow anyone who felt drawn to the rites and who came for a heart centred place to receive them and to pass them on to others.

The nine Munay Ki Rites are passed on as energetic seeds, the mentor taking them from their own being and placing them into the energy field of the recipient. Each rite has a ritual associated with it. The rites are based on ways used by the South Americans for hundreds of years. They powerfully connect you with the ‘Bands of Power’ – energetic bands of protection placed around you. ‘The Healers Rite’ – allowing healing within and the potential to heal others. ‘The Harmony rite’ – placing the energetic pattern of the Inca archetypes into your being. ‘The Seer’s rite’ which enhances your clairvoyance and intuition. ‘The Daykeepers rite’, ‘the Wisdonkeeper rite’ and ‘the Earthkeeper rite’ – linking you with a linage of ancient healers, wise ancient ones and the guardians of the earth respectfully. ‘The Starkeepers rite’ – which energetically prepares your DNA for the times to come and .the Creator rite’, which connects you with Source itself. Together they empower you to be who you truly are, to create a wonderful life and to prepare for the times ahead and to shift your consciousness ready to take on a luminous energy field.

After I had received the rites earlier this year, my hands felt as if they were on fire, my intuition and clairvoyance has increased. I feel an even closer connection to the spirits and angels that work with me. I have felt a greater connection with nature. And the various threads of my life have come together as one. I have passed the rites onto many people already and for me the process of giving the rites seems even more powerful than when I first received them. I feel so humbled and honoured to be able to pass this gift on to others. It’s a beautiful giving with wonderful energies. For me it was the missing piece of the jigsaw!

Author Bio :
Susan Ann Palmer is an experienced angel and ascension teacher and international workshop facilitator. She is available for private consultations for healing, spiritual development and guidance from her home in Tunbridge Wells, England. Details of the dates for passing on the Munay Ki rites and her other workshops can be found on

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