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Musings on Manifesting

{written by : Zsuzsana}

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Article active date : 2008-10-16 -- Article views : 9629

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Article is about :
There are few of us who haven’t at one time or other worked on ‘manifesting’ something. The ability and the process of manifesting are mainstays of both the metaphysical adept and the spiritual seeker.

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There are few of us who haven’t at one time or other worked on ‘manifesting’ something. The ability and the process of manifesting are mainstays of both the metaphysical adept and the spiritual seeker. And I believe that the very fact that the word "manifest’ is so liberally sprinkled into the conversations and writings of today is a positive sign indicating the overall raising of the consciousness of the masses (yes, I mean all of "us"). Even if we are not always perfectly clear on what we are actually talking about.

Type the word "manifesting" into Google and the search engine will return countless pages on the subject (I received 322,000 documents containing this word), and a display of links with titles such as "Manifest Your Dreams Now", ‘Manifesting Your Potential’, and "Let Miracles Happen". There are plenty of less sophisticated titles too, such as "How to Get What You Want", "Get Success Now" and ‘Become a Magnet for Money’.

I found, as I’d expected, everything from e-books to tele-seminars, from private coaching to CDs and self-hypnosis training. It seems there"s a steady stream of interest and an even greater amount of information, sometimes verging toward hype, on this subject. And apparently there’s no shortage of participants on the manifesting bandwagon, from the myriad self-help coaches and gurus to the "let me help myself to your money" bamboozlers.

The funny thing is that when I looked up the dictionary definitions of the word "manifesting’, the traditional definitions didn’t address the metaphysical usages of the word at all. For example:

From The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

The word manifest, used as a tr verb, man·i·fest·ed, man·i·fest·ing, man·i·fests

To show or demonstrate plainly; reveal: “Mercedes... manifested the chaotic abandonment of hysteria” (Jack London).
To be evidence of; prove.
a. To record in a ship"s manifest. b. To display or present a manifest of (cargo).
and from Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary © 1996, 1998 MICRA Inc.


Manifest Man"i*fest, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Manifested; p. pr. & vb. n. Manifesting.] 1. To show plainly; to make to appear distinctly, -- usually to the mind; to put beyond question or doubt; to display; to exhibit.

There is nothing hid which shall not be manifested. --Mark iv. 22.
Thy life did manifest thou lovedst me not. --Shak.

2. To exhibit the manifests or prepared invoices of; to declare at the customhouse.
Syn: To reveal; declare; evince; make known; disclose; discover; display.

Since we"re definitely not speaking about ships and cargo here, (I have to giggle when I realize that this excludes the possibility that you are trying to "manifest" a yacht or a treasure-laden pirate ship as part of your metaphysical workings), it seems that the standard definition of ‘manifesting’ has been adulterated as it has melded into new age concept and jargon.

When we hear the word ‘manifest’ we expect it to be followed with a word such as abundance, prosperity, potential or goals. To manifest: To make something happen? To create something? This is the point where I feel we tend to go somewhat off base in our thinking.

One of my earliest experiences with self-improvement as a lifestyle choice (or even perhaps a craze) was back in the 80s when I shared office space with a young couple who were protégés of Anthony Robbins and his version of the manifesting machine. Robbins was, and is, a hugely popular motivational speaker and self-help expert, and as part of his program, he hosted workshops at exotic locales, such as Hawaii, where he showed people the techniques of reprogramming their minds in order to create and attract wealth, power and success.

A highlight of Robbins’ program involved teaching people how to fire-walk – to walk on hot coals and feel no pain, and thus empower themselves by overriding their conscious and/or subconscious thought processes and limitations. But I feel there was something lacking in this type of motivational model. Performance and results driven, this type of manifesting seems forced and artificial to me.

I personally am turned off, deep in my gut, by rah-rah tactics and anything that smacks of multi-level marketing hype, but that isn’t the only point of what I perceive to be the root of my antipathy for this type of process. Also, I am not knocking the work of Robbins or any of the self-help programs or creators, but I am discovering that the process of fighting our reality and trying to force it into something else is the hard way to go. This model often only works for the short-term and only for a few.

Happily, it seems that as we progress into the Aquarian Age, we have all, especially lightworkers, become a bit kinder and gentler, both with ourselves and with others. And part of this trend is a big step forward from what I first experienced with the frenetic and desperate attempts to create – be that prosperity, success or power. And this is because we are realizing that we don’t need to ‘create’ – we just need to ‘manifest’, i.e. display, reveal, discover that which already exists, in accordance with perfect abundance for each and every one of us.

And if we are in fact revealing or discovering, that means that there is no need to focus so desperately on creating. Rather we need to realize what is already there for the taking. Abundance is. It is the natural order of the universe. All that we desire exists; it is just a matter of revealing it.

The term manifesting, as it is often used in new age practice and protocol, actually covers a wide range of concepts and metaphysical practices, ranging from magic and manipulating energies for personal or spiritual empowerment and universal good, to coming up with a date for Friday night or $100 extra to cover the rent at the end of the month. Manifesting is used in wide-ranging issues such as realizing peace where there is war, and also in realizing personal visions, goals and desires, be that a new job, a new car, or resolving a health issue. Magic and manifesting are related but you"ll need some spiders, herbs, a cauldron and, for maximum effect, a magic wand if you want to turn your boss into a toad.

Magic is manifesting one’s desired outcome, usually through the use of ritual and spell work, often with the addition of corresponding items for added energy – items that vibrate or resonate with energies in line with the desired outcome. This includes herbs, crystals, arcane symbols and colors. In magical work, regardless of the regalia or paraphernalia, it is focus, visualization and intention that are the major requirements for success.

Magic has existed universally since ancient times and is worked anywhere from a grand scale such as calling for rain or averting a tsunami, to lesser personal, sometimes even mundane desires such as wealth, healing, protection, love, passing a test or confounding an enemy and making them stub their toes on your doorstep. Although magic is often seen as an occult art and highly supernatural, it can also be said that it is simply a matter of working with universal forces – granted, often with some mysterious bells and whistles, but it is still a matter of manifesting.

What we need to understand and remember is that we cannot effectively manifest positive events from a place or mindset of lack or want. Successful manifesting, by the very definition of the word, must come from a place of knowing that we can and do possess that which we are inviting into our lives, or that the conditions and scenarios we wish to see already do exist. And for positive manifesting, the visions we are trying to manifest need to come from knowing that those possibilities exist and we can indeed claim our chosen scenarios for ourselves.

This is where the practice of visualizing comes into the picture. By far, visualizing is the most effective tool we have for manifesting our desires. Our thoughts are vibrations that interact with all the other vibrations and energies of the universe. A thought, well-defined and either held as a belief or repeated like an affirmation, works to attract like energies, whereby the picture we desire can take form or be revealed in our lives. But, when we combine focused thought or affirmations with our other senses, and we experience a scenario as existing, then we unleash the full power of our thoughts and manifesting potential.

When we touch that which we desire, smell it, taste it, hear it and feel it in our being, when our senses combine with our thoughts, then our visualizations become the true magnet they can be.

If you can’t actively visualize well, like me, try just imagining. Think it, speak it, write it down, and try to process your imaginings with your feelings and emotions. The more attention you give to your imagery and desire, the more vibration and resonance you create. Images and the experience of them can be used to improve your health, attain your goals, and achieve anything that you can conceive of.

The metaphysical or ‘Universal Law’ that comes into play here is the Law of Attraction, which states that "like attracts like".

The Law of Attraction, as well as the Law of Vibration and the Law of Resonance, states that whatever you focus your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions upon will be drawn more and more into your experience. Thoughts are vibrations and they are magnetic, so they attract similar vibrations. To be a bit more technical, like energies attract like particles due to their electromagnetic fields. Emotions and feelings are powerful amplifiers of thought. The Law of Attraction explains a phenomenon we are all familiar with, which is that the rich tend to get richer and the poor get poorer.

Another powerful aspect of metaphysical law, The Universal Law of Fulfillment, also described as the Law of Creation, says ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’. The seeds you plant become the fruit of your harvest. This law says that the power of thoughts and words, when coupled with emotion, produces a living vibration that will bring forth its own kind. Desire is the accelerator for the seed and gives it the ability to manifest.

Manifesting is about believing. Anything that is possible can be manifested. When I was a child, I was shy and awkward, and hopeless at athletics. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that it most likely my fear and shyness which had always kept me from trying just a bit harder. I lacked a vision that it was in fact possible for me to succeed As an adult, I once again tried a few athletic activities, this time with the idea that they were fun and if others could do it there was no reason why I couldn’t. I joined a women’s volleyball league, and while there was a bit of awkwardness and clumsiness at first, and plenty of nerves, I found that with my new mindset, while I probably wasn’t ever going to be the team’s star, I could play as well as many of the other members, and have fun at it too.

Does manifesting always work? Holistic health pioneer and best selling author, Deepak Chopra, M.D., talks about the Law of Detachment in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, and explains why we sometimes don’t get what we are desiring.

According to Dr. Chopra, the Law of Detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn"t mean that you give up the intention to create your desire, but you give up your attachment to the result. The moment you let go of your attachment to the result, combining intention with detachment at the same time, you will have that which you desire. Anything you want can be acquired through detachment, because detachment is based on the unquestioning belief in the power of your true Self.

Dr. Chopra explains that attachment comes from poverty consciousness. Conversely, detachment is synonymous with wealth consciousness, because with detachment there is freedom to create. True wealth consciousness is the ability to have anything you want, anytime you want, and with the least effort. There is a Universal Law of Least Effort as well – the ‘do less and accomplish more’ formula, which we have all seen in action.

So why do our manifesting efforts sometimes fail? Chopra says that this happens when our subconscious is not in line with our conscious thoughts. The subconscious can send out powerful vibrations that override what we consciously believe we want. In fact, it is the subconscious which is in control until we identify and bring forth its presumptions, often limiting to our potential, and create from these presumptions new affirmative and beneficial ideas to replace them.

As much as one may wish to succeed, if he fears failure deeply, he will likely attract failure. The subconscious then adds another layer of reinforcing negativity and further magnetizes situations that produce failure. If the subconscious believes in joy, success and bliss, it will keep busy attracting like vibrations into one’s experience. Once you have succeeded at something, your subconscious knows you can succeed and thus, barring variations on the theme, will attract endless opportunities for you to succeed. Once you’ve hit a home run, you know you can do it, and chances are you will hit many more – especially if you focus and visualize. Athletes, top-level business people, and successful people in all walks of life use imagery and visualization to stay on top of their game and to meet each new challenge.

Manifesting is also about taking responsibility for our lives and co-creating with the universe, with the All That Is. While seeing ourselves as the co-creators that we are, though, we need to be mindful that we don’t start to blame ourselves when things go ‘wrong’. As human beings, none of us are perfect in our divinity. We all have our challenges, weaknesses and strengths that make up our unique, human selves. It is impossible to expect that the flow of energy in our lives and our manifestations will always be in line with what we perceive as perfection. We can truly be experiencing divine order even when each and every little bit of our dreams, visions and desires isn’t exactly in the place we wish. As long as we continue to try and manifest from our highest selves, we are doing great and expressing our human potential to its fullest.

The Law of Manifestation allows us to manifest our desires and needs when the intention is for the highest good of not just ourselves but for life as a whole. Identify what you want, define and state it clearly, and then let it go. The ability to manifest our desires is guaranteed when we are in synchronistic alignment with the Divine Will, and have no internal sabotage patterns running from cellular memory. There are times when Cosmic Timing will come into play with our manifesting efforts, meaning that, in line with our desire that the manifestation is for the highest possible good of all concerned, we may see delays while the universe adjusts the details of our manifestation to perfectly ‘fit the bill’. As long as we recognize that any ‘waiting time’ is a function of the Divine Will and Balance and is not to be viewed as a failure, we can celebrate it and work on our selves in preparation for our desire to be revealed, creating even more harmonious energy towards our desires.

One way to overcome subconscious self sabotage is to take detailed, regular and joyous stock of your accomplishments. Last New Year, I proposed the following simple assignment to a spiritual discussion group I was facilitating. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, everyone was asked to make a list of things that they had accomplished in the past year. They were asked to include everything they could think of, in a stream of consciousness style, from mundane items such as finding the perfect brand of laundry detergent to landing a big promotion at work; from baking a perfect souffle to finding common ground with their mother-in-law for the first time. Anything that brought them joy, love, pride and positivity was to be included on the list. Everyone was asked to keep their lists handy and to add to them each and every day for the course of the exercise. I started with my own list for the previous year, which mentioned things such as teaching my puppy to come when he was called, learning how to ground myself and therefore meditate more effectively, and finding a new home to purchase after a long hard search. By focusing on what we have done right, we are nourishing ourselves and telling our subconscious that yes, we can do and be what we wish.

The Little Engine That Could said “I think I can, I think I can”, but you can take that up a notch and not just think you can but know that you DO. If there never was a saint, a billionaire, a Christ or an unsung hero, perhaps we would have a harder time manifesting these qualities in ourselves or picturing that they do exist, but we are blessed with proof positive that dreams do come true and whatever our personal potential and vision is, we can reveal or manifest it from our spirits.

Summarized, the guidelines for successful manifesting are as follows:

Picture it. Know that it exists.

Experience it with your senses and with your emotions. This will not only send out powerful vibrations to magnetize your desires but will help program your subconscious to trust in the existence of your picture and your abilities to manifest it Believe and actively send out the ‘belief’ thought vibration

Remember your accomplishments. Know not only that you CAN, but that you ARE and you DO.

Detach your emotions from the outcome. Let go and allow. This is the stuff of miracles.

Be grateful. Grateful for what you have already manifested, and grateful for the knowledge of your power to manifest. The beautiful tapestry of manifesting is threaded with many wondrous colors, but is only truly complete when we weave in our gratitude, and frame it in Action. All the visualizing you can muster won’t be as powerful without your willingness to act on attaining your desires on the physical plane too. An unframed tapestry, while beautiful, often lies limp and lifeless until it is framed and perhaps hung up on the wall – where it becomes a thing of beauty and focus.

The Law of Activity states that Action results from attention of thought and the nature of the action corresponds to the nature of the attention. If you want a new car, you’ll increase your chances of finding the perfect car for you if you get out and about and maybe visit some dealerships, look for ‘For Sale’ signs and take steps towards inviting that car into your life. If you want a promotion at work, make sure you express it, and do your best to gain and display whatever requirements are necessary for that ideal job.

Envisioning yourself in your ideal role again creates the right vibes and synchronicity to draw your goals toward you. A hobo on the street corner, even if he wishes he may, and wishes he might, has far less chance of becoming rich and famous than someone who acts the part they are aspiring to, and makes an effort to be in the right places, and amongst the right people, that are in line with where he himself wants to be. The phrase ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ isn’t as silly or cliché as it may initially sound.

In speaking of, understanding and applying the concept of manifesting, we all benefit as humankind claims, or reclaims, its power as a conscious participant in the universal forces that govern our lives.

When we speak of or work with manifesting, we express our gift of free will to its fullest. Instead of being supplicants, simply praying for events or specific items, when we attempt to use our gift of manifesting, we aim to co-create or co-realize that which we desire in partnership with the Powers That Be -- and in doing so, we take an active part in giving and receiving universal energy and directing it toward the most positive outcomes.

So how does this focus on manifesting raise our consciousness? The simple desire to manifest change acknowledges our personal power and reminds us at each step to be the change we wish to see – and this can ultimately reveal a world of universal peace, harmony and enlightenment.

Author Bio :
Zsuzsana is a renowned professional psychic, syndicated columnist and New Age authour. Visit Zsuzsana at for everything from Angels to Wicca and lots of metaphysical goodies in between! Her new book, The Now Age - and the basics of Today's Spirituality, is available at

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