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Touch Experiment

{written by : Richard Lang}

Article word count : 352 -- Article Id : 873
Article active date : 2008-10-19 -- Article views : 7967

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Article is about :
When I touch my 'head' I see my fingers disappearing, followed by the experience of touch sensations.

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1. Touching My "Head"

A common objection to headlessness is:

“I can’t see my head, it’s true, but I can touch it, so I do have a head here!”

Let’s explore this not through debate but through direct experience.

When I touch my "head" I see my fingers disappearing, followed by the experience of touch sensations.

Touch your "head" now. What do you experience?

Are those sensations happening on the surface of your head – heads are solid, coloured, shaped things – or in spacious awareness?

For me they’re happening in spacious awareness.

Here’s Douglas Harding on this subject:

“And if it occurs to me that all this is very visual, and that I can actually feel this solid thing here, filling up the seeming void at the centre of my world, why then I start stroking and pinching and pummelling this thing. Only to find it still isn’t any thing at all, let alone a pink and white and hairy and opaque and all-together-in-one-piece thing. Instead, I find a succession of touch sensations that are no more substantial than the sounds and smells and tastes and so on, which also come and go in the same space.” (from On Having No Head)

Of course I’ve learned that a particular sensation manifests to others (or to myself when I look in the mirror) as the appearance of my mouth, say, or my ear, and so on. And of course it’s vital to know this. It means I understand there’s a direct correlation between what I feel here and my appearance over there. Without this understanding I couldn’t function in society. But this understanding, as much as it is vital for living in the world, doesn"t make me into a thing here at centre, separate from every other thing.

If sense-data are literally inside the brain we are committed to the conclusion that they are always smaller than the things to which they belong, (or else) that our own head is very much larger than it appears to be from touch. H.H. Price

Author Bio :
Richard Lang met the author, Douglas Harding, in 1970, and has been involved in sharing this method of awakening since then. He has two books published and travels widely giving workshops.

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