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What is An Angel?

{written by : Zsuzsana}

Article word count : 726 -- Article Id : 877
Article active date : 2008-10-19 -- Article views : 9693

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Article is about :
Angels are almost universally acknowledged and loved, in spite of the fact that there's no scientific proof of their existence - and they have been part of mankind's consciousness as far back as we can trace records of our spiritual beliefs.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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© 2004 Zsuzsana Summer

Angels are almost universally acknowledged and loved, in spite of the fact that there"s no scientific proof of their existence - and they have been part of mankind"s consciousness as far back as we can trace records of our spiritual beliefs.

Whatever our concepts are of God, of Heaven, of the greatcosmic mysteries, angels seem to consistently maintain their highly revered status as our helpers and guardians, and stand as our closest links to God, or to All That Is. They are our unseen helpers and guides, shining beings of light, truth and all that is good, and whether they appear wearing feathered wings and golden halos, or whether they are our unseen but ever vigilant and helpful guides on our life"s path, angels are our confirmation that we are not alone in this vast universe.

In recent decades, in spite of the increasingly practical and rational nature of modern society, the belief in angels and the acknowledgement of angelic encounters and guidance is growing in full counter-measure. What began in the latter decades of the 20th century as an angel `fad" has showed no signs of slowing, and people"s awareness of angelic presences and guidance in their lives has made angels as widely-accepted now as in the ancient eras before the dawn of modern technology and science.

Angels hold an important place in many major religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) and of course, amongst followers of New Age thought. But even more than that, atheists, agnostics and people not the slightest bit interested in religion or spirituality have been blessed by encounters with angels - and as more and more people share stories of their wondrous encounters, more and more people admit that they too believe.

Technically speaking, there are major differences between angels, spirit guides and the spirits of deceased loved ones. Angels are beings of light, created by God to be His emissaries between Heaven and Earth. In fact, the word `angel" comes from the Greek "aggelos" (pronounced ‘angelos’) meaning "messenger" - and thereby an angel is a link between humans and God. The traditional Archangels and all our named angels and guardian angels belong to this realm.

Angels of the biblical hierarchies have never experienced life on the earth plane and they live in and experience only pure and unconditional love. They do, however, understand human emotions and difficulties, and exist to protect, guide and uplift us by illuminating our existence and showing us divine grace and presence.

Spirit Guides generally have lived at least one but usually many incarnations in earthly form and as such, are well qualified to understand the human condition. In between their earthly lifetimes, and after they have completed their cycles of reincarnation, they have worked on developing their spiritual vibrations and have chosen to re-visit us in our human existence to guide and assist us. Spirit Guides usually appear to us in human form, and whether they appear as a contemporary figure, such as a tweed jacketed, pipe-smoking Brit, as an ancient, eccentric personage such as a Hopi Shaman, or an Egyptian god or goddess, or any personage from a distant but spiritual culture, the messages a true spirit guide imparts are consistently compassionate and wise.

Angelic encounters, full of spiritual guidance, comfort and protection can also come from the spirits of our deceased loved ones and relatives. While we cannot accurately gauge the level of spiritual wisdom these souls have gained, we at least know that they have experienced both the human and the spiritual realms, and these spirits, while their spiritual evolution may or may not have reached that of a spiritual master or highest vibration spirit, do appear to us to show
their love and to reassure us of their continued existence and their caring connection with us.

But for those who have had visits from deceased loved ones, for those who have seen winged beings of light and for those who have met their spirit guides in vision quests, dictionary definitions are of little importance. The feelings of love, of protection and of transcendent compassion are gifts for a lifetime and proof positive of love and life beyond the physical plane.

May you hear your angels" whispers today and every day.

Zsuzsana Summer

- "When we speak kindness, from the heart, we speak the language of angels" -

Author Bio :
Zsuzsana is a professional psychic, spiritual coach, new age columnist and author. For more about angels and new age inspiration, please visit Get angel-ized with Zsuzsana's newest book: Angels Abound: True Stories of Angelic Encounters. Available exclusively at Mailto:

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