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Insight Into The Earth Matrix

{written by : Lawrence Harris}

Article word count : 1646 -- Article Id : 905
Article active date : 2008-10-23 -- Article views : 9103

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Article is about :
There has been a Matrix on the Earth for thousands and thousands of years. Many of you may realize this to some degree, yet for most people it remains unknown. From our "normal" state of mind, the realization that we have been living in a Matrix seems quite unfathomable.

Reincarnation The Neverending Journey
In Reincarnation The Neverending Journey an attempt is made to explore the conundrum of our existence. An existence that spans yesterday, today and even tomorrow. Questions surrounding the existence of the soul and our connections to the physical world, the fundamental mechanisms and the processes by which reincarnation operates through time, are carefully examined. Plausible revelations on memories and karma and their intrinsic connections to our lives today and tomorrow are explored. It is a Neverending Journey.. Your Neverending Journey....

by Pieter Heydenrych

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There has been a Matrix on the Earth for thousands and thousands of years. Many of you may realize this to some degree, yet for most people it remains unknown. From our "normal" state of mind, the realization that we have been living in a Matrix seems quite unfathomable. How can our existence be so controlled, so hidden from our consciousness? If this is so, how did it happen and why haven"t we been able to change this limited reality? These are questions that great thinkers, philosophers, religious leaders and spiritual seekers have been asking since the beginning of time. And these are the questions that lead me to the understanding that I now hold. This knowledge of the "matrix" is my truth as it was shown to me. I hope you will open your heart and mind to the possibilities that I am sharing.

My ascension work has taken me to ask these questions regarding why things are as they are. We all sense that "it isn"t supposed to be this way", so limited and difficult to create lasting joy. But it appears that life is this way, and has been for a very long time, for all, but a few. While constantly striving to reach a higher consciousness, obstacles that I could not explain, continued to be put in front of me. Being extremely sensitive to energy, I would sense subtleties in the energies in and around me, some being mine, but most not. The further I went in my own personal development and the clearer I became, the more obvious it was that most of these distortions were not coming from me. My quest to discover what was transpiring for my clients, and me led me to some unbelievable discoveries. These still seem unimaginable.

Being brought up in the business world as a professional accountant, I would always look for the obvious. When the answer was not there, I would expand my search to the less obvious. Still not being able to find the answers, I decided to look at the absurd. To my dismay, that is where I received the answers. I not only disliked them, but also soon came to realize that my life was also caught in this Matrix. The following are some of the discoveries that came to me over my seven-year journey.

The matrix is a multi-dimensional energy force that controls the energies from the twelfth dimension down. These energies are made to look and feel like Creator¡¦s energies but there is a slight deviation in the energy frequency that affects our abilities on all dimensional planes. This slight variance keeps us from the full realization of Creator¡¦s energies, in that we can tap into them, but we can¡¦t hold them. Seeing that our physical bodies are on the third dimension, it makes it difficult to escape this matrix.

The matrix was established when Opposition Forces obtained control of the Earth¡¦s domain through a number of circumstances that became irreversible for thousands of years. Opposition Forces are energy forces that work against Creator. They work through deception and present themselves as Creator¡¦s energy to cause confusion in anyone seeking ascension or evolution. They are a dense non-physical energy that is of a darker light than that of Creator with a slight energy frequency variation from the Creator¡¦s.
These forces are skilled in their abilities to masquerade as ¡§God¡¨.

I did not discover these things all at once through an epiphany, or from being guided there by some mysterious force. It took seven years of personal growth, spiritual searching and hard work to discover that there are real unenlightened, spiritual forces opposed to the true Creator creating a major influence in our lives. At one time, I felt like most of you, I didn¡¦t know any of this or that there was such a thing as an ¡§Earth Matrix¡¨. We hear about it and see movies about it, but how do we really know. It¡¦s hard to believe that this could be true. It was only by experiencing time outside of it that I realized the limiting and damaging effects it has had on the human race.

As I continued to strive for the highest understanding I noticed that more and more unexplainable things were happening to me. Through my advancement, my path grew stronger and I learned of my Soul contracts (Soul contracts are agreements that our Soul has made with Creator to accomplish certain things during an incarnation on the Earth plane). This discovery helped me to understand why I was feeling the brunt of, what seemed like attacks, similar to what many of you have experienced. Many times I experienced an unfortunate incident or accident, cloudiness of thought or inability to make decisions or a sudden unexplained injury or pain when I had done nothing to attract that level of discomfort. I have experienced this more than I choose to admit. Many times the Opposition Forces have influenced my thoughts and actions. They do their best in preventing people from learning the true reality of the situation that I have been given the difficult job of teaching. My major gifts are understanding energy and using it to assist others to heal. At times my communication skills have not been as effective as I would have liked to present this complex material yet my commitment to share with others is unyielding.

While striving to learn my Soul contracts for this life, I received the message that one of my Soul Contracts was to eliminate the Opposition Forces and take down their system. Needless to say, I was shocked and struggled to accept this information. However, as I began to accept my ¡§calling¡¨ and Soul contract, I was opened up to a world much different than I had ever experienced in this incarnation. My spiritual ¡§battles¡¨ took me throughout this universe and seven others. In my travels, I found discoveries that truly amazed me. One such experience was being shown that besides the archangels, the human race is the only race capable of multi-dimensional experiences. What became clear to me is that the human race was created on the same level as the archangels, with as much power and abilities. In time, I came to understand and believe that the human race was created to be the spiritual leaders of this universe.

Through these seven years of rapid growth, I discovered that there is an energy matrix, which has limited the human race to a third dimensional reality. It has kept us from developing into the high level beings that Creator had envisioned and which is our true birthright. We have been relegated to this third dimensional reality. Like a beautiful experiment gone badly, our vast potential to be truly powerful, divine beings capable of extraordinary things was curtailed, as Opposition Forces obtained the contract for Earth Domain.

Look around you and see what the human race is. Even the highest beings on this planet are living in the matrix. Our current healing modalities take us from a low third dimensional reality to a high third dimensional reality but not beyond to the full realization of our divine multi-dimensional ¡§God-self¡¨ that is eternal. The matrix has engineered the human race to be in the matrix and not know the extent of its presence.

The matrix goes up to the twelfth dimensional level. It affects everyone on this planet; no one is exempt. It is specifically constructed to emulate Creators world and energy, but it has a minor difference which is a major obstacle. The energies have been modified a slight bit. This makes it extremely difficult to tell the difference. Our energies in the matrix are not as Creator made, and one of the effects is that we can¡¦t hold Creators love even though he is sending it to us twenty four/seven. Also consciousness to all dimensional levels has been disconnected in our original etheric divine blueprint. Isn¡¦t it interesting that we know from science that we currently use only 10% of our brain potential. What happened to the other 90%?

Many people say that I am negative. That I focus on the negative. I am a realist. I share this information because of my desire to assist people in becoming truly free and empowered. As Christ said, ¡§know the truth and the truth shall set you free¡¨. I believe we should focus on love, happiness, prosperity, good health and joy. This is what we were created to focus on. When it is time to move through discomfort or difficulties, then it is time to focus on what is causing it. As a healer, my job is to focus on my client¡¦s and student¡¦s challenges. I am teaching what is keeping us from having love and happiness in our lives. Many people can teach you about love, but who can show you how to maintain the vibration of our Creator¡¦s unconditional love, not the vibration of the conditional love on this planet.

I would love to share with you all that I have discovered about the matrix, where it came from, how it got here and why. I do seminar and workshops to teach this material to answer the following question. If we are to become the phenomenal multi-dimensional divine beings that we were created to be then it is important to know why we are not even close to that state of reality. As in the movie ¡§The Matrix¡¨, when Neo escapes the matrix he discovered that most of what he knew was false. He also started developing amazing gifts and talents. That is what I also discovered. I know that we are all capable of much more than we currently experience. We were made in an amazing way, just like the archangels.

Author Bio :
Lawrence Harris has over 20 years of experience in Soul and Spirit level healing, energy healing, and metaphysical work. He is the founder of the Transformational Energy Institute㤠(, 954-782-2970) and developer of an advanced bio-energetic healing system called Transformational Energy Release. He carries the soul contracts to clear density and bring in a healing system to enable people to become the multi-dimensional beings as originally created, and thus enlightenment.

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