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The Universal Medicine - Commonly called The Philosopher’s Stone This formula was taken from a 16th century text. It has appeared in various places since then. There are a few words and initials in it that need better understanding, but there are no real barriers to anyone who takes the time and trouble to concoct it.
{written by : Jennis Strickland}

An Octet to the Nourishing Mother It is Creative Intelligence, which is relatively Absolute and absolutely relative, which sustains the universe. The entire Cosmos is Her play and display ( Chit Vilasa Prapanchoyam ).
{written by : G Kumar }

The Eightfold Verse about the Master ! Sankara, the Apostle of Oneness, had prescribed the Fourfold Yoga for Cosmic Union. He advocated the traditional Method of studying under a Guru for Self Actualisation.
{written by : G Kumar }

Jupiter, the divine planet of Wisdom Jupiter is the greatest benefic in the astrological hierarchy. He is the biggest planet in the solar system. He is a whirling mass of Hydrogen and Helium and is the fifth planet in the solar system. He is gaseous giant, like Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These four planets..
{written by : G Kumar }

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The Eight Symbols of the Eightfold Prosperity The Eightfold Prosperity has been represented by Vedic Symbolism as the Ashta Lakshmi
{written by : G Kumar }

The Human Journey Esoteric knowledge of the human being.
{written by : Dr. Alicia R. Marroquin, PhD}

Namology, the Science & Art of Naming Children Namology is the science of naming children using Astrology and Numerology. The names are suggested by Astrology and checked for Numerological Compatibility.
{written by : G Kumar }

The Venusian Law ( Shukra Neeti ) About Astrology, the Science of Time, an indicative science which indicates events happening in the Four Dimensional Space-Time Continuum, the Eternal Continuum in which we exist, live and breathe. Financial Astrology has many branches, Stock Market Astrology, Astro Lottology, Forex Astrology and Gold Astrology.
{written by : G Kumar }

The Kerala School of Astronomy and Maths About Astronomy, the Science of the Heavens and Mathematics, the science of Magnitude. Both play a big role in the Wisdom of the Heavens, which is Astrology.
{written by : G Kumar }

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