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The Mystic Colour Chart Amazing as it may seem, colours are not just around for beauty. In the animal kingdom, certain colours serve to attract the opposite sex; in plants - they can indicate poison or danger; when wearing certain colours, one's mood can change.
{written by : Inbaal}

Light Therapy - Part 1 Ancient medical books are filled with explanations of the importance of getting enough light. Example, the ancient Ayurvedic physician Chakra who lived in the sixth century B.C., recommended sunlight to treat a variety of diseases. For thousands of years people the world over have revered the sun as a great healer;...
{written by : Victoria}

Light Therapy - Part 2 We have shown that light levels influence the life in animals and humans immensely. Scientists have performed experiments to determine how animals will react if they are deprived of light. Of particular interest was to determine, whether they can perceive the seasons in the absence of light.
{written by : Victoria}

Rhythms and Body Clock From the Latin circa (about) dies (a day), the circadian rhythm is the twenty-four-hour cycle of light/dark, wakefulness/sleep to which most human physiologic processes are set.
{written by : Victoria}

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Your Life Song Your name is a musical sound which is repeated during your whole life like a mantra. It is therefore very important. Many people do not like the names they were given at birth, and change them.
{written by : Victoria}

What is your favourite colour? If I was a colour what colour would I be? or alternatively, What is your favourite colour?
{written by : Victoria}

Color Comfort - Not Just Going Green Going Green Out in the Woods The meaning of color in our lives.
{written by : Jerri Schlenker}

The Colors of the Mind Our minds are capable of knowing indescribable colors that bias our perceptions of events in our lives and may often lead us to crippling belief systems that disenfranchise us from our ideal destinies by teaching us to disable our powers of manifestation, powers with which we all create our lives.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

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