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Memetic Warfare, Part Ten - Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! Mind Trap Ahead! Many people protest that the mass media is brainwashing people; we would have to agree. Artists and writers are skillful at manipulating their audiences with cathartic experiences that set them up to be very susceptible to carefully made suggestions. Modern occult teachings can now help you challenge your own brainwashing.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Children and Education The question is: The new ways of dealing with education, such as home-schooling and alternative schools; are these new methods, or other different methods that help children to be educated, better than the old system of schooling?
{written by : Tony Samara}

Spiritual Power All through his life, a person uses two psychological mechanisms. He uses either projection or introjection. He projects desires, attitudes, assumptions and other states of mind onto ‘objects’:..
{written by : Ian Heath}

Identification and Self-Absorption In the early months of the infant’s life it has no ego and only experiences its subconscious mind reacting to sensations. As the mind becomes consciously tied to the physical body so the ego begins to form. The body puts psychological boundaries on the mind.
{written by : Ian Heath}

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Conflict with Idealism – the Three Stages Conflict can be experienced at three levels of confusion, corresponding to the levels of consciousness represented by the ego, soul, and god.
{written by : Ian Heath}

Conflict within Idealism – Ethics and Three Ideals Ethical ideas can focus on objectivity, or on subjectivity, or on relativity. Each focus has its place in the gradual evolution of the person, that is, the person will adhere to the particular form of ethical theory that best suits his current degree of evolution
{written by : Ian Heath}

Essence and Monad Theory The concept that there is an essence, typically called ‘human nature’, is an attractive proposition for many thinkers. However, the opposing view ..
{written by : Ian Heath}

Ego and Soul When I was 30 I heard a talk on the theory of reincarnation. I had never heard of this theory before then. It at once struck me with tremendous force that it must be true. It seemed to be the spiritual basis of justice. After that introduction, I tried to find..
{written by : Ian Heath}

A Healing Spiral for Psychological Wellbeing In our earlier article, Healing - A Spiral Path to Wellbeing, we introduced a concept of cycles of healing described as a spiral path that brings you increasingly closer to spiritual balance, good health, happiness, and success. In this article, we explore how this healing spiral applies to psychology.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

MPD vs. DID, Proposing an Associative Theory for Multiple Personalities Many people experience a sense of being more than one person. This condition was once known as MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder. The American diagnostic manual for mental disorders (DSM IV) changed this label to DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. This change may be seriously flawed.
{written by : Greg Gourdian}

Characteristics of Emotions If I detect self-pity as my present emotion, how do I know whether it is self-pity alone, or the self-pity mode of guilt or of jealousy ? . Emotions and their modes have definite characteristics which help to identify them.
{written by : Ian Heath}

Identifying Emotions Identifying emotions is very difficult. And what complicates the difficulty even more is that a person experiences two emotions at once, one being from his or her present consciousness (what I usually call the surface consciousness) and one being from the subconscious mind.
{written by : Ian Heath}

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