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Is Vala, The Hindu Demon, The Slavic Deity Called Veles? The article compares few Slavic words with Sanskrit and Tamil, suggests possible connection with Slavic deities and Hindu gods; some similarities between Russian and Sanskrit are presented as well.
{written by : Juraj Sipos}

Has Disappearance Object Phenomenon Its Logic? The article describes a paranormal phenomenon of appearance and disappearance of objects - DOP (Disappearance Object Phenomenon) - and tries to find a link between it and a religion. Described are also a few author's experiences with DOP. The author suggests that it may be related to Mother Divine (Hindu Goddess Durga).
{written by : Juraj Sipos}

Bon Bibi - One Goddess, Two Religions Described is the religion of the Sunderban region at the border of India and Bangladesh where Hindus and Muslims, in spite of different religions, worship the same gods. Bon Bibi is the most important Goddess here - she has power over all tigers.
{written by : Juraj Sipos}

Who Is Manasa Devi? Manasa Devi is one of the oldest, pre-Aryan Goddess of snakes. Snakes symbolize power, fear and respect. Manasa Devi has about 1 million devotees and She is not a mainstream deity and is mostly worshipped in Bengal and in rural areas. The article highlights some specifics of this Goddess.
{written by : Juraj Sipos}

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Devi Karumariamman The article introduces Devi Karumariamman, an ancient goddess of South Asia. She is the most ancient form of Durga, Indian Mother Goddess.
{written by : Juraj Sipos}

The Agarthean Gods and Goddesses Agartha is an underground kingdom believed to exist in the Hollow Earth, which is an esoteric concept that upholds a belief in a supreme and technologically advanced underground civilization. Nagas are mentioned in numerous Hindu texts like the Puranas. The presented article will go deeper into the Agarthean kingdom.
{written by : Juraj Sipos}

A Few Most Sacred Mountains Of India The article presents a collection of mountains in India sacred to the Hindus and Buddhists.
{written by : Juraj Sipos}

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