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Students Benefit from Therapeutic Essential Oils The molecules of essential oils can have a very profound physiological and psychological effect because they go directly to the limbic system of the brain which controls memory, emotions, stress levels, hormone balance, heart rate, blood pressure, and sex drive.
{written by : Peggy Carey}

The Essential Oil of Lavender Uses for the Queen of oils
{written by : Peggy Carey}

Aromatherapy - Part I: Essential Oils Aromatherapy makes use of Essential oils. This 3-Part article will provide some detailed insight into the use of Essential oils in Aromatherapy.
{written by : Dr Danny T. Siegenthaler}

Using Essential Oils for Stress Relief People have been using the power of scent for over 6,000 years. Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than the other 4 senses. Therefore, the invisible world of scent powerfully affects our memories and our moods. By stimulating the brain, aromatherapy can ..
{written by : Susan Stewart}

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Intoxicating Incense Used in rites and rituals for thousands of years, incense sticks not only have the power to purify the environment they work as excellent healers for the soul.
{written by : Mita Bhan}

Whiffers™.... A New Craze Sweeping the Country! From New York to Florida, and from California to Maryland people of all ages are wearing a vented wood cylinder filled with essential oils, healthy plant substances that indulge their senses. The strategically placed vents release a continuous flow of the oil molecules from the cotton wick..
{written by : Peggy Carey}

Ease the Stress with Aromatherapy Massage Stress is the response that your body has to all the demands made upon it daily. Everyone has felt the effects of a stressful day in the muscles of the neck or back. Whether you have sore or tense muscles, tension headaches or anxiety, getting a massage can really help relieve..
{written by : Susan Stewart}

Essential Oil Overview Essential oils were man’s first medicine and are making an astounding comeback. Records dating back to 4500 B.C. describe the use of balsamic substances with aromatic properties for religious rituals and medical applications. Ancient medical scrolls describe a high success rate in treating 81 different diseases with aromatic and medicinal plants.
{written by : Peggy Carey}

Spruce Up Your Trip with Pure Essential Oils Your travel experience can be enhanced by using therapeutic grade essential oils or aromatherapy as it is often called. The Lakota Indians used spruce for religious ceremonies, but it also has many physical applications such as inhalation for sinus/respiratory infections.
{written by : Peggy Carey}

Balance Your Life For Stress Relief Stress is a natural part of life. We need some stress to maintain our energy for living. But we must find a balance and manage our stress or it will manage us and our lives. Stress is a very personal experience for each one of us because it is based on..
{written by : Susan Stewart}

Aromatherapy for Stress Relief at Work Most people work a 40 hour week so we can estimate that we typically spend about 2,000 hours at work each year. And many people work even more than this. Yet we often don't take the time to ensure that our job setting is a pleasant place to be.
{written by : Susan Stewart}

Love Is in the Air: Sensual Aromatherapy With a few essential oils you can create your own very personal, natural perfume that may not only improve your health, but attract that special person
{written by : Peggy Carey}

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