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Robin’s Encounter: An Unusual Ghost Story While researching possible subjects for the film project, Robin came across some comments posted on a message board regarding an alleged haunted house in a Los Angeles suburb. The posting asked for help or advice. After going back and forth with a couple of postings and several emails,..
{written by : Bill Knell}

The Mutiny That Never Ended Controversy has always surrounded the infamous tale of the HMS Bounty. It’s most famous, ill-fated and final voyage began out of England in 1787. Touted as a voyage of scientific importance by the shy British, the reality was that the ship was sailing to Tahiti for the collection of breadfruit saplings.
{written by : Bill Knell}

When Ghosts Attack, Part One Anyone that has been involved with hands-on paranormal research for any length of time has probably experienced the physical manifestations of ghostly activity. Whether it’s merely a tap on your shoulder or a hard slap on your face, it’s something that happens without any easy or sensible explanation.
{written by : Bill Knell}

Case 5-The Ghost that Saved my life I have never talked much about my cases as I could just see the people with a strait jacket and butterfly net chasing me around even when I had witnesses. I have been encouraged to do this by my friends who are into the paranormal. I also feel more people will understand this is hard work and not easy for someone to do.
{written by : Nita Hickok (c)2008}

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Mary Jane's Dead Ex-Husband Just Won't Leave What do you do when your ex-husband dies but still wants to be an active part of your life? Mary Jane found out just how difficult and even disturbing that can be.
{written by : Martha Jette}

Understanding Ghosts, Apparitions, Spirits, And Poltergeists In the non physical world interacting with our physical world there are ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and poltergeists.
{written by : John Culbertson}

The Haunting History of Ghosts The belief in life after death is a common denominator among most of the world’s major religions. According to the available archeological and anthropological evidence, this concept grew out of the earliest forms of adoration.
{written by : Bill Knell}

19-year-old sees, hears, senses spirits Ever since she was a little girl, Aly Vanderboegh of Nebraska has been seeing spirits. Now at just 19 years of age, she’s probably had more paranormal experiences than most of us do in a lifetime.
{written by : Martha Jette}

Haunted Skies: Ghosts of the Eastern 401 Disaster At sixteen, I was an experienced traveler and made most of my own airline reservations and arrangements. I hated crowds and loved red eye flights. Traveling at odd hours was no big deal for me. During the middle of Summer Break 1973, I was aboard a Sunday afternoon EAL flight that..
{written by : Bill Knell}

The Ghost of Julie Dodge It was a warm and quiet October in Saint Petersburg, Florida during 1971. My family had moved there just a year before to escape the hassle, bustle and crime of New York City. Being an only child with two working parents, I knew what it meant to be home ..
{written by : Bill Knell}

The Ghost Children Of San Antonio When I first began to speak of the Ghost Children of San Antonio in my seminars, the story was largely unfamiliar to people outside of Texas. But it’s more then just a ghost story, it’s a part of American history. In 1949 a school bus ..
{written by : Bill Knell}

The Moonville Railroad Tunnel Ghost Most people don't think of Ohio as a very haunted place. But that's an incorrect assumption. Some of the scariest and most haunted places in the USA are located in Ohio. One of those places is an old railroad tunnel near ..
{written by : Bill Knell}

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