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Dark Energies and Humanity For many years I have been attempting to understand why things are as they are. I was, and still am, unable to accept that this is the “reality” that humanity must resign itself to. When we look at politics, world affairs, and daily corporate life, it is apparent that...
{written by : Lawrence Harris}

Spiritual Alchemy, Sacred Geometry, and the Creative Self It may not be readily apparent what all three of these subjects have to do with each other, but for me, one common denominator they share is consciousness.
{written by : Neal Ryder}

Two-way pointing Having seen that you are capacity for the world, the next time you are in a complicated or confusing situation, attend to that situation from this capacity, this clearness.
{written by : Richard Lang}

Spiritual Health What is spiritual health? Even spirit guides have to be concerned with spiritual health. Finding meaning in life aids us in finding spiritual health. The article is by my guide Hethball.
{written by : Joseph Schwartzman}

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Lightworkers with Gratitude While we are on our journey here, have gratitude! For every lightworker you meet, say "I"m glad your here". We have been living in a gray world that is now filling with light! Be thankful you found each other and appreciate each other"s talents and gifts.
{written by : Rev. Judi A. Lynch}

Blessings for Life When you take time to Celebrate the Blessings of life, you will increase the blessings in our world.
{written by : Lumari}

Soul Purpose Our souls are so unique in every way, our experiences so vast and varied, our purposes known and unknown. Sometimes we find ourselves crashing into each other in a big sea of confusion. Some souls know when they are children just exactly what they’re doing and why they came....
{written by : Rev. Judi A. Lynch}

Letting Go is the Way to Go The fight we all fight - the war between Ego and Intuition and how to win it.
{written by : D. Muller}

Transformation Itself This is an excerpt from “A Conversion from Mind to Soul”, regarding "Transformation Itself", speaking of the changing of seasons and the pending death of her beloved brother. Enjoy. Namaste!
{written by : Judy Miller Dienst}

One Upon a Creation A guide to Ascent and Survival for these End Times of the Old Matrix. Preparing for the New Beginning
{written by : Gerald O'Donnell}

We are all Human Angels A look at the relationship between humans and angels
{written by : George E. Lockett}

Death on the Wing Encounters and Reflections: On the pure sense Nature is and the beauty and instinctive intelligence in it. And on the Nature in Human Nature emotionalised and the solvent God Nature, or being, is to it.
{written by : Mark Berkery}

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by Pieter Heydenrych
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