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Tantra V About, Tantra, the Science of Transcendence
{written by : G Kumar }

Tantric Love Making 101 - How to Create Sensuality and Fun Introduction to how to expand your love play with more sensuality and how to create that.
{written by : Luminessa Enjara}

Tantric Healing Enriches Relationships Healing can be on many levels, and one of the main areas for healing is human relationships. Tantric Healing is the balancing and feeling of the Divine Life Force as we draw it through us and radiate it to our partner.
{written by : George E. Lockett}

Secrets of Tantra - The Law of Attraction and the Opposite Sex Tantra is a circle of love that heals relationships. Its secret is simple and it lies in stillness. Feel the fire between you and enjoy it without rushing towards orgasm. The surprise is that when the orgasm comes it is better than anything you have ever experienced.
{written by : Sudeva Tim Hawkes}

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Yoga, Science, and Intelligent Design Brief discussion of some possible wisdom yoga and tantra might submit to calm the heated controversy between scientists and intelligent design adherents.
{written by : Charles B. Crenshaw, Jr.}

Tantra VI About, Tantra, the Science of Transcendence
{written by : G Kumar }

The Light of Consciousness Tantric yogis, mystics and physicists see reality quit similarly. When it comes to light there is no religion, spirituality, and science divide.
{written by : Charles B. Crenshaw, Jr.}

Tantra IV - The Serpentine Ascent About, Tantra, the Science of Transcendence
{written by : G Kumar }

Tantra - The Serpentine Ascent - Part I About, Tantra, the Science of Transcendence
{written by : G Kumar }

Tantra III About, Tantra, the Science of Transcendence
{written by : G Kumar }

Tantra and Magic The magical and alchemical aspects of the Tantric path are not widely discussed and are sometimes frowned upon as unspiritual. Tantra is not only a tool for the expansion of consciousness; Tantric practices can be used to effect change in both the inner and outer worlds.
{written by : Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson}

Tantra - The Serpentine Ascent - Part II About, Tantra, the Science of Transcendence
{written by : G Kumar }

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