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Some Causes worth considering
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We have had some requests for placement of links to sites that represent worthy causes. Having reviewed some of these requests, we thought it appropriate to create this page for this specific purpose.

Together We Can Change The World Our goal is to unite millions around the world who share the belief that TOGETHER we can have a massive impact on the world!

Protect our Amazing World
A page dedicated to increasing awareness of the world we live in and hopefully help motivate everyone to do their little bit.


Gathering the great historic and contemporary prayers from all spiritual traditions around the world into a unified Internet archive for the purpose of inspiration, study and cross cultural appreciation.

Suggesting a site

Click here to suggest an organization. Please note that we will only consider submissions where the site is clearly aimed at a worthy cause/s. Submissions that are not of this nature will simply be ignored.

Please note that we retain the right to reject or accept and thus not all suggested sites will be accepted. Your suggestion of a site also does not obligate us to notify you of success or give reasons for rejection, if so.

Approved suggestions will be placed on this page as soon as possible, and note that we do NOT require reciprocal links for a placement request to be successful.

To report a FAKE, please Click here and tell us so we can investigate.


Please note that this page has been created purely for informational purposes, and even though we attempt to review these sites as best possible before placing the links, we can by no means guarantee their legitimacy. As such any decision to support any of these organizations by you, is solely your responsibility.