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Comments to article entitled :
New Wave Intelligence
{written by : Mark Berkery}

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Article is about :
Reflections: On the pure sense Nature is and the beauty and instinctive intelligence in it. And on the Nature in Human Nature emotionalised and the solvent God Nature is to it.

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Comment ID: 95 2010-05-01 Comment By : Mark
Comment to comment by Greg Gourdian, aka Grigori Rho Gharveyn, Roger Holler... on 2010-04-06

No need to apologise Greg, you did what you wanted to do.

As to the title being misleading, that depends on what intelligence is. Unlike you I see nothing outside of the compass of intelligence. It"s all intelligence.

All the best mate.
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Comment ID: 80 2010-04-06 Comment By : Greg Gourdian, aka Grigori Rho Gharveyn, Roger Holler...
Mark we apologize for finding fault with this artcle, we enjoyed your flowery descriptions of the cycles of life of dragonflies as a metaphor for the cycles of life. We appreciate that these cycles meaningfully apply to all people, however we feel your title for this article is very misleading.
Only two sentences appear to discuss intelligence, and these sentences are poorly constructed and seem to interrupt, rather than enhance, the monologue that forms the better part of your article. We are experienced enough with your subject matter to be able to read into your article the thoughts you were trying to convey, but we suspect other readers may be been lost by a lack of clearer definitions of the relationship of intelligence to these cycles of life.
We liked what you said about life in general, but because this article had so little to do with intelligence in a specific, clear manner it is more like poetry about life, rather than prose about intelligence. We think you may need to connect the dots for your readers a bit more in order to more clearly demonstrate the intelligence you perceive to be underlying these cycles of life.
Thank you.
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